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Analysis of Federal Case Management Reports

Disclaimer: This analysis is based on very limited data.

Takeaway #1: Your federal civil case will probably flow in the order outlined below
{eg, (A)(B)(C)(D)(E)(F)(G)}

Takeaway #2: The average column is the most useful column here ("average column" = "μ column")
it shows the relationship between deadlines


Ltr Field N μ σ Min Max
(A)Initial Disclosures Deadline4329212107640
(B)Deadline for 'Motions to Add/Amend'4341200124654
(C)Plaintiff's Expert Witness Report5490202201808
(D)Defendant's Expert Witness Report5524205231843
(E)Deadline for the Close of Discovery5589208292906
(F)Deadline for filing Dispositive Motions5632206335947
(G)Deadline for completing Mediation5643212342976

TBD's Commentary

These numbers are very high!
Likely Reason: Small sample size, old cases, foreign court (see data limitations below)

Due to these limitations, please pay more attention to the sequence of deadlines (ie, (C) happens after (B), etc.)


Even though the sample size is too small for broad use, this analysis still yields value — substantiating how the different procedural deadlines relate to one another (eg, "(A) comes before (B)").

The greatest benefactor of this analysis is probably the pro se litigant (especially the first-timers).


Data Definitions
Note: hover your mouse over each column header to get slightly more information
Data Limitations


Congratulations! You're now booked up on what to expect from federal Case Management Reporting!

Please get the justice you deserve.


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