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Florida Constitution

All-in-One Document
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0000logoAdobeAll-in-One[Official] PDF containing the Florida Constitution.
0001logoAdobeDisclaimerPDF/Page containing TBD's copy of the Florida Constitution.

Front Matter
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0010logoAdobeIntroThe introduction to the Florida Constitution (from FLDOS)
0011logoAdobePreambleThe preamble to the Florida Constitution
Article I: Declaration of Rights
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0100logoAdobeArticle IPDF/Page containing Article I of the Florida Constitution.
0101logoAdobeArt. I §1Political Power
0102logoAdobeArt. I §2Basic Rights
0103logoAdobeArt. I §3Religious Freedom
0104logoAdobeArt. I §4Freedom of Speech and Press
0105logoAdobeArt. I §5Right to Assemble
0106logoAdobeArt. I §6Right to Work
0107logoAdobeArt. I §7Military Power
0108logoAdobeArt. I §8Right to Bear Arms
0109logoAdobeArt. I §9Due Process
0110logoAdobeArt. I §10Prohibited Laws
0111logoAdobeArt. I §11Imprisonment for Debt
0112logoAdobeArt. I §12Search and Seizures
0113logoAdobeArt. I §13Habeas Corpus
0114logoAdobeArt. I §14Pretrial Release and Detention
0115logoAdobeArt. I §15Prosecution for crime; Offenses Committed by Children
0116logoAdobeArt. I §16Rights of Accused and of Victims
0117logoAdobeArt. I §17Excessive Punishments
0118logoAdobeArt. I §18Administrative Penalties
0119logoAdobeArt. I §19Costs
0120logoAdobeArt. I §20Treason
0121logoAdobeArt. I §21Access to Courts
0122logoAdobeArt. I §22Trial by Jury
0123logoAdobeArt. I §23Right of Privacy
0124logoAdobeArt. I §24Access to Public Records and Meetings
0125logoAdobeArt. I §25Taxpayers' Bill of Rights
0126logoAdobeArt. I §26Claimant's Right to Fair Compensation
0127logoAdobeArt. I §27Marriage Defined
Article II: General Provisions
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0200logoAdobeArticle IIPDF/Page containing Article II of the Florida Constitution.
0201logoAdobeArt. II §1State Boundaries
0202logoAdobeArt. II §2Seat of Government
0203logoAdobeArt. II §3Branches of Government
0204logoAdobeArt. II §4State Seal and Flag
0205logoAdobeArt. II §5Public Officers
0206logoAdobeArt. II §6Enemy Attack
0207logoAdobeArt. II §7Natural Resources and Scenic Beauty
0208logoAdobeArt. II §8Ethics in Government
0209logoAdobeArt. II §9English is the Official Language of Florida
Article III: Legislature
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0300logoAdobeArticle IIIPDF/Page containing Article III of the Florida Constitution.
0301logoAdobeArt. III §1Composition
0302logoAdobeArt. III §2Members, Officers
0303logoAdobeArt. III §3Sessions of the Legislature
0304logoAdobeArt. III §4Quorum and Procedure
0305logoAdobeArt. III §5Investigations; Witnesses
0306logoAdobeArt. III §6Laws
0307logoAdobeArt. III §7Passage of Bills
0308logoAdobeArt. III §8Executive Approval and Veto
0309logoAdobeArt. III §9Effective Date of Laws
0310logoAdobeArt. III §10Special Laws
0311logoAdobeArt. III §11Prohibited Special Laws
0312logoAdobeArt. III §12Appropriation Bills
0313logoAdobeArt. III §13Terms of Office
0314logoAdobeArt. III §14Civil Service System
0315logoAdobeArt. III §15Terms and Qualifications of Legislature
0316logoAdobeArt. III §16Legislative Apportionment
0317logoAdobeArt. III §17Impeachment
0318logoAdobeArt. III §18Conflict of Interest
0319logoAdobeArt. III §19State Budgeting, Planning and Appropriations Processes
0320logoAdobeArt. III §20Standards for Establishing Congressional District Boundaries
0321logoAdobeArt. III §21Standards for Establishing Legislative District Boundaries
Article IV: Executive
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0400logoAdobeArticle IVPDF/Page containing Article IV of the Florida Constitution.
0401logoAdobeArt. IV §1Governor
0402logoAdobeArt. IV §2Lieutenant Governor
0403logoAdobeArt. IV §3Suppression to Office of Governor; Acting Governor
0404logoAdobeArt. IV §4Cabinet
0405logoAdobeArt. IV §5Election of Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Cabinet Members...
0406logoAdobeArt. IV §6Executive Departments
0407logoAdobeArt. IV §7Suspensions, Filling Office During Suspensions
0408logoAdobeArt. IV §8Clemency
0409logoAdobeArt. IV §9Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
0410logoAdobeArt. IV §10Attorney General
0411logoAdobeArt. IV §11Department of Veterans Affairs
0412logoAdobeArt. IV §12Department of Elderly Affairs
0413logoAdobeArt. IV §13Revenue Shortfalls
Article V: Judiciary
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0500logoAdobeArticle VPDF/Page containing Article V of the Florida Constitution.
0501logoAdobeArt. V §1Courts
0502logoAdobeArt. V §2Administration; Practice and Procedure
0503logoAdobeArt. V §3Supreme Court
0504logoAdobeArt. V §4District Courts of Appeal
0505logoAdobeArt. V §5Circuit Courts
0506logoAdobeArt. V §6County Courts
0507logoAdobeArt. V §7Specialized Divisions
0508logoAdobeArt. V §8Eligibility
0509logoAdobeArt. V §9Determination of Number of Judges
0510logoAdobeArt. V §10Retention; Election and Terms
0511logoAdobeArt. V §11Vacancies
0512logoAdobeArt. V §12Discipline; Removal and Retirement
0513logoAdobeArt. V §13Prohibited Activities
0514logoAdobeArt. V §14Funding
0515logoAdobeArt. V §15Attorneys; Admission and Discipline
0516logoAdobeArt. V §16Clerks of the Circuit Courts
0517logoAdobeArt. V §17State Attorneys
0518logoAdobeArt. V §18Public Defenders
0519logoAdobeArt. V §19Judicial Officers as Conservators of the Peace
0520logoAdobeArt. V §20Schedule to Article
0521logoAdobeArt. V §21Judicial Interpretation of Statutes and Rules
Article VI: Suffrage and Elections
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0600logoAdobeArticle VIPDF/Page containing Article VI of the Florida Constitution.
0601logoAdobeArt. VI §1Regulation of Elections
0602logoAdobeArt. VI §2Electors
0603logoAdobeArt. VI §3Oath
0604logoAdobeArt. VI §4Disqualifications
0605logoAdobeArt. VI §5Primary, General, and Special Elections
0606logoAdobeArt. VI §6Municipal and District Elections
0607logoAdobeArt. VI §7Campaign Spending Limits and Funding of...
Article VII: Finance and Taxation
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0700logoAdobeArticle VIIPDF/Page containing Article VII of the Florida Constitution.
0701logoAdobeArt. VII §1Taxation; Appropriations; State Expenses; State Revenue Limitation
0702logoAdobeArt. VII §2Taxes; Rate
0703logoAdobeArt. VII §3Taxes; Exemptions
0704logoAdobeArt. VII §4Taxation; Assessments
0705logoAdobeArt. VII §5Estate, Inheritance and Income Taxes
0706logoAdobeArt. VII §6Homestead Exemptions
0707logoAdobeArt. VII §7Allocation of Pari-Mutuel Taxes
0708logoAdobeArt. VII §8Aid to Local Governments
0709logoAdobeArt. VII §9Local Taxes
0710logoAdobeArt. VII §10Pledging Credit
0711logoAdobeArt. VII §11State Bonds; Revenue Bonds
0712logoAdobeArt. VII §12Local Bonds
0713logoAdobeArt. VII §13Relief from Illegal Taxes
0714logoAdobeArt. VII §14Bonds for Pollution Control and Abatement and
0715logoAdobeArt. VII §15Revenue Bonds for Scholarship Loans
0716logoAdobeArt. VII §16Bonds for Housing and Related Facilities
0717logoAdobeArt. VII §17Bonds for Acquiring Transportation Right-of-Way
0718logoAdobeArt. VII §18Laws Requiring Counties or Municipalities to Spend Funds or Limiting Their...
0719logoAdobeArt. VII §19Supermajority Vote Required to Impose, Authorize, or Raise State Taxes or...
Article VIII: Local Government
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0800logoAdobeArticle VIIIPDF/Page containing Article VIII of the Florida Constitution.
0801logoAdobeArt. VIII §1Counties
0802logoAdobeArt. VIII §2Municipalities
0803logoAdobeArt. VIII §3Consolidation
0804logoAdobeArt. VIII §4Transfer of Powers
0805logoAdobeArt. VIII §5Local Option
0806logoAdobeArt. VIII §6Schedule to Article VIII
Article IX: Government
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0900logoAdobeArticle IXPDF/Page containing Article IX of the Florida Constitution.
0901logoAdobeArt. IX §1Public Education
0902logoAdobeArt. IX §2State Board of Education
0903logoAdobeArt. IX §3Terms of Appointive Board Members
0904logoAdobeArt. IX §4School Districts; School Boards
0905logoAdobeArt. IX §5Superintendent of Schools
0906logoAdobeArt. IX §6State School Fund
0907logoAdobeArt. IX §7State University System
0908logoAdobeArt. IX §8State College System
Article X: Miscellaneous
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1000logoAdobeArticle XPDF/Page containing Article X of the Florida Constitution.
1001logoAdobeArt. X §1Amendments to United State Constitution
1002logoAdobeArt. X §2Militia
1003logoAdobeArt. X §3Vacancy in Office
1004logoAdobeArt. X §4Homestead; Exemptions
1005logoAdobeArt. X §5Coverture and Property
1006logoAdobeArt. X §6Eminent Domain
1007logoAdobeArt. X §7Lotteries
1008logoAdobeArt. X §8Census
1009logoAdobeArt. X §9Repeal of Criminal Statutes
1010logoAdobeArt. X §10Felony; Definition
1011logoAdobeArt. X §11Sovereignty Lands
1012logoAdobeArt. X §12Rules of Construction
1013logoAdobeArt. X §13Suits Against the State
1014logoAdobeArt. X §14State Retirement Systems Benefit Changes
1015logoAdobeArt. X §15State Operated Lotteries
1016logoAdobeArt. X §16Limiting Marine Net Fishing
1017logoAdobeArt. X §17Everglades Trust Fund
1018logoAdobeArt. X §18Disposition of Conservation Lands
1019logoAdobeArt. X §19[Repealed]
1020logoAdobeArt. X §20Workplaces Without Tobacco Smoke or Vapor
1021logoAdobeArt. X §21Limiting Cruel and Inhumane Confinement of Pigs During Pregnancy
1022logoAdobeArt. X §22Parental Notice of Termination of a Minor’s Pregnancy
1023logoAdobeArt. X §23Slot Machines
1024logoAdobeArt. X §24Florida Minimum Wage
1025logoAdobeArt. X §25Patients’ Right to Know About Adverse Medical Incidents
1026logoAdobeArt. X §26Prohibition of Medical License After Repeated Medical Malpractice
1027logoAdobeArt. X §27Comprehensive Statewide Tobacco Education and Prevention Program
1028logoAdobeArt. X §28Land Acquisition Trust Fund
1029logoAdobeArt. X §29Medical Marijuana Production, Possession and Use
1030logoAdobeArt. X §30Voter Control of Gambling in Florida
1031logoAdobeArt. X §31Death Benefits for Survivors of First Responders and Military Members
1032logoAdobeArt. X §32Prohibition on Racing of and Wagering on Greyhounds or Other Dogs
Article XI: Amendments
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1100logoAdobeArticle XIPDF/Page containing Article XI of the Florida Constitution.
1101logoAdobeArt. XI §1Proposal by Legislature
1102logoAdobeArt. XI §2Revision Commission
1103logoAdobeArt. XI §3Initiative
1104logoAdobeArt. XI §4Constitutional Convention
1105logoAdobeArt. XI §5Amendment or Revision Election
1106logoAdobeArt. XI §6Taxation and Budget Reform Commission
1107logoAdobeArt. XI §7Tax or Fee Limitation
Article XII: Schedule
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1200logoAdobeArticle XIIPDF/Page containing Article XII of the Florida Constitution.
1201logoAdobeArt. XII §1Constitution of 1885 Superseded
1202logoAdobeArt. XII §2Property Taxes; Millages
1203logoAdobeArt. XII §3Officers to Continue in Office
1204logoAdobeArt. XII §4State Commissioner of Education
1205logoAdobeArt. XII §5Superintendent of Schools
1206logoAdobeArt. XII §6Laws Preserved
1207logoAdobeArt. XII §7Rights Reserved
1208logoAdobeArt. XII §8Public Debts Recognized
1209logoAdobeArt. XII §9Bonds
1210logoAdobeArt. XII §10Preservation of Existing Government
1211logoAdobeArt. XII §11Deletion of Obsolete Schedule Items
1212logoAdobeArt. XII §12Senators
1213logoAdobeArt. XII §13Legislative Apportionment
1214logoAdobeArt. XII §14Representatives; Terms
1215logoAdobeArt. XII §15Special District Taxes
1216logoAdobeArt. XII §16Reorganization
1217logoAdobeArt. XII §17Conflicting Provisions
1218logoAdobeArt. XII §18Bonds for Housing and Related Facilities
1219logoAdobeArt. XII §19Renewable Energy Source Property
1220logoAdobeArt. XII §20Access to Public Records
1221logoAdobeArt. XII §21State Revenue Limitation
1222logoAdobeArt. XII §22Historic Property Exemption and Assessment
1223logoAdobeArt. XII §23Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
1224logoAdobeArt. XII §24Executive Branch Reform
1225logoAdobeArt. XII §25Schedule to Article V Amendment
1226logoAdobeArt. XII §26Increased Homestead Exemption
1227logoAdobeArt. XII §27Property Tax Exemptions and Limitations on Property Tax Assessments
1228logoAdobeArt. XII §28Property Tax Exemption and Classification and Assessment of Land used for...
1229logoAdobeArt. XII §29Limitation on the Assessed Value of Real Property Used for Residential...
1230logoAdobeArt. XII §30Assessment of Working Waterfront Property
1231logoAdobeArt. XII §31Additional Ad Valorem Tax Exemption for Certain Members of the Armed Forces...
1232logoAdobeArt. XII §32Veterans Disabled Due to Combat Injury
1233logoAdobeArt. XII §33Ad Valorem Tax Relief for Surviving Spouses of Veterans who Died from...
1234logoAdobeArt. XII §34Solar Devices or Renewable Energy Source Devices; Exemption from Certain...
1235logoAdobeArt. XII §35Tax Exemption for Totally and Permanently Disabled First Responders
1236logoAdobeArt. XII §36Additional Ad Valorem Exemption for Persons Age Sixty-Five or Older
1237logoAdobeArt. XII §37Eligibility of Justices and Judges
1238logoAdobeArt. XII §38Prohibitions Regarding Lobbying for Compensation and Abuse of Public...
1239logoAdobeArt. XII §39Prohibition on Racing of or Wagering on Greyhounds or Other Dogs
1240logoAdobeArt. XII §40Transfer of the Accrued Benefit from Specified Limitations on Homestead...
1241logoAdobeArt. XII §41Ad Valorem Tax Discount for Surviving Spouses of Certain Permanently...
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