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#LinkDescriptionDate Added
001DatabaseDatabase Updated (records & analysis refreshed to 9/30/2022)10/27/2022
002Rulepage FaceliftUpdate to the look & feel of TBD's pages which contain rules & regulations11/6/2022
#LinkDescriptionDate Added
101FCHR VotingUpdated analysis on FCHR voting10/30/2022
102Demographics (DOAH)Updated Demographics analysis on civil rights litigants at DOAH10/30/2022
103Pro Se Status & DemographicsUpdated analysis on the demographics of pro se civil rights litigants at DOAH10/30/2022
#LinkDescriptionDate Added
301FCHR DiscriminationTBD's statistically-based explanation of how the FCHR discriminates against itself11/20/2022
#LinkDescriptionDate Added
501FARUpdated Entries from the Florida Administrative Register11/27/2022
#LinkDescriptionDate Added
601Civil DiscoveryFlorida Courts Technology Standards (from the Trial Lawyer Section of the Florida Bar)10/30/2022
602Graph: Interest Ratesupdated graph for Florida's pre-judgment interest rates11/13/2022
603Table: Interest Ratesupdated lookup table for pre-judgment interest rates11/13/2022
#LinkDescriptionDate Added
901Panel CreatorTBD's quick & easy tool for creating an FCHR Panel11/20/2022
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