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Sitewide Implementations
#LinkDescriptionLast Updated
001FAQAdditions to TBD's list of Frequency Asked Questions2/11/2024
002How to Helpdiscover the simple/free way that you can help TBD's Founder get justice!2/11/2024
003SurveyUpdates to the survey on the FCHR's case handling process2/18/2024
004UniApp 1.0Universal Application for obtaining legal representation (exclusive! free!)12/24/2023

#LinkDescriptionLast Updated
051Petition - CertiorariHow-To Guide for writing a Petition for a Writ of Certiorari2/4/2024
#LinkDescriptionLast Updated
061USSC's Pro Se HandbookThe Pro Se Handbook from the USSC2/18/2024
#LinkDescriptionLast Updated
071ALJ PerjuryNew docket entries in the saga that surrounding the perjury of a Florida judge (Edward Gary Early)2/18/2024
072FCHR ObstructionsNew docket entries in the saga that's uncovered the way the FCHR obstructs discrimination cases1/28/2024
#LinkDescriptionLast Updated
081Federal LawsAdditional federal statutes pertinent to civil rights litigation (+19)2/18/2024
#LinkDescriptionLast Updated
091GlossaryGlossary updated with new terms (+9)2/11/2024
092Reading ListsListing updated with new items/opinions (6+)1/28/2024
#LinkDescriptionLast Updated
101FARUpdated Entries from the Florida Administrative Register2/25/2024
#LinkDescriptionLast Updated
121DOAHUpdates/Additions to the Official Government Reports from Florida's Division of Administrative Hearings2/18/2024
#LinkDescriptionLast Updated
151Table: Courthouses (US)updated contact info for pertinent federal courthouses2/4/2024
#LinkDescriptionLast Updated
161Letter to the JudgeTemplate for drafting the letter that'll help TBD's Founder's get justice2/11/2024

Routinely Updated
#LinkDescriptionLast Updated
181Downloads ServedDiscover how many downloads TBD has served to the public!2/1/2024
182Pages ServedDiscover how many HTML pages TextBookDiscrimination.com has served to the public!2/1/2024
183People ServedDiscover how many different people have been getting booked up on justice!2/1/2024
184Points SystemUpdate to the sitewide point system/values2/25/2024
185Top-10 SearchesDiscover the Most Commonly Searched Material on TextBookDiscrimination.com2/1/2024
186Top-10 PagesDiscover the 10 Most-Frequented Pages on TextBookDiscrimination.com2/1/2024
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- 7/19/23 | Anonymous User 088-***-***-099

If you travel to '#071', and hover around this same place (iconBook), you will uncover your new reward...

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