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What's New at www.TextBookDiscrimination.com!

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001Points SystemA point system has been implemented throughout the website5/21/2023
002Downloads ServedDiscover how many downloads TBD has served to the public!5/1/2023
003Pages ServedDiscover how many HTML pages TextBookDiscrimination.com has served to the public!5/1/2023
004People ServedDiscover how many different people have been getting booked up on justice!5/1/2023
005Top-10 PagesDiscover the 10 Most-Frequented Pages on TextBookDiscrimination.com5/1/2023
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041Reply BriefHow-To Guide for Writing a Reply Brief (appellate)5/28/2023
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051Law ReviewsLaw Reviews on Judicial Immunity5/7/2023
052Pro Se Handbook (FL Bar)Pro Se Handbook from the Florida Bar4/23/2023
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061Crooked CourtNew docket entries in the lawsuit regarding USFLND's discriminatory/unconstitutional local rule5/14/2023
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082DefendantsBrand New Listing of Civil Rights Defendants4/30/2023
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091FARUpdated Entries from the Florida Administrative Register5/14/2023
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111TBD.CUpdates/Additions to TBD's reporter series which contains FCHR Charges of Discrimination5/7/2023
112TBD.DUpdates/Additions to TBD's reporter series which contains FCHR Determinations5/7/2023
113TBD.NUpdates/Additions to TBD's reporter series which contains FCHR Notices of Determination5/7/2023
114TBD.PUpdates/Additions to TBD's reporter series which contains Petitions for Relief5/7/2023
115TBD.RUpdates/Additions to TBD's reporter series which contains FCHR Recommended Orders5/7/2023
Samples Court Documents
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131Reply BriefsSample Reply Briefs (Appellate)5/28/2023
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151Reply BriefTBD's template for an Appellate Reply Brief (11th Circuit, US)5/28/2023
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