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TRANSCRIPT 0:00 = Intro
The Honorable E. Gary Early is a perjurer. A perjurer with malice and wanton disregard for people’s rights. The most troubling thing about this is that Mr. Early is a judge. A judge who lies about things he has no power to lie about. Perjuring himself to perpetuate a stereotyped propaganda.
Now, I’m using the term “perjury” in its legal sense. In Florida law, it means telling the government a known-false statement of material fact.
Judge Early did that on April 18, 2019. He told the Florida Commission on Human Relations that my civil rights case was not based on sex discrimination. It was. He knew it was. He lied to the government. He did so to establish the basis for his false narrative to violate my constitutional rights (due process, equal protection).
Here’s how it happened:
1:12 = Underlying Complaint (Plaintiff's Charge)
1. On June 30, 2017, I filed an employment discrimination complaint with the FCHR. I charged Allstate Insurance Company with race and sex discrimination. The first page of that complaint says race discrimination and sex discrimination. The first page.
1:40 = Underlying Complaint (Defendant's Response)
2. On September 8, 2017, Allstate filed its response. The first page of its official position statement acknowledged that my complaint was “based on race and sex discrimination”. Allstate also stated that it fired me “solely” because I failed an actuarial exam. You’ll see why that’s pivotal in a moment.
2:15 = Underlying Complaint (Agency's Affirmation)
3. On December 15, 2017, the FCHR concluded its investigation into my charges against Allstate. Notably affirming that my employment discrimination complaint was based on race and sex discrimination.
2:36 = Underlying Complaint (Hearing Transmitted)
4. The next month, I requested a hearing. The FCHR then transmitted my complaint to DOAH. DOAH, of course, has administrative law judges who hold hearings. E. Gary Early is one of those judges.
It’s important to note, that my request for a hearing – what they call a “Petition for Relief” – listed only race and sex as the protected characteristics in my complaint.
3:17 = Judge Early's Involvement (Hearing Held)
5. In November 2018, we went to trial. By this time, Judge Early had already taken over my DOAH case. He did so after a series of irregularities (deposition sit-ins, recusals, personal attacks against me, etc.). At trial, however, the facts continued to fall in my favor.
a. You can watch this video to get a deeper look into Allstate’s discrimination against me.
3:49 = Judge Early's Involvement (Material Facts)
6. One crucial fact was that Allstate made me pay $1,025 for an actuarial exam fee, but never made any of its other employees make that payment. None of its other actuarial employees, of course, were in my demographic. A second material fact was that Allstate never fired any of its other employees for failing exams (and there were many). These facts made my suit against Allstate a textbook case of employment discrimination.
Unfortunately, though, these facts also ran counter to widespread propaganda. Propaganda spread by the Ku Klux Klan itself. So, Judge Early went on the attack.
4:50 = Judge Early's Involvement (Destruction of Evidence)
7. One of the first things Judge Early did was try to conceal the fact about the thousand dollar payment disparity. At trial – as it was being revealed – he ordered me to cease questioning. After trial, I asked him for redress of the cessation order. In January 2019, the Court Reporter sent DOAH the trial transcript. Mr. Early intercepted it, and scanned it in – a job that’s mainly done by non-judges.
The 1,200-page transcript was missing one page (and one page only). The only missing page was the one pinpointing the thousand dollar payment disparity – and his cessation order. Based on the facts & circumstances, Judge E. Gary Early willfully and knowingly hid evidence.
And I must repeat: scanning & docketing transcripts was not his job.
5:52 = Judge Early's Involvement (False Statements)
8. The second crucial attack was his perjury. On April 18, 2019, Judge E. Gary Early committed perjury. He did so in his self-authored “Recommended Order”. The first page had a section titled “Statement of the Issues”. In it, he excluded my sex discrimination complaint. The second page had a section titled “Preliminary Statement”. That’s where he made the fateful declaration that I never complained about sex discrimination. He wrote:
“The Petitioner also, for the first identifiable time, alleged that Allstate, and in particular Lisa Henry, engaged in sexually provocative and inappropriate behaviors, which Petitioner alleged to be “sexual harassment and discrimination”.”

He repeated that line “for the first identifiable time” several more times throughout his written piece. That statement, of course, was false (please see Parts I-III).
Crucially, those two statements formed the basis for his recommendation. A recommendation based on his perjury; a recommendation that devolved into a fictional, stereotyped slander.
7:27 = Judge Early's Involvement (Perjury)
9. Of course, it’s also important to note that Judge Early knew he was lying. Prior to authoring his recommendation, Judge Early deliberately acknowledged that the sex discrimination charge was in my originating complaint.
On February 6, 2019, Allstate moved Judge Early to take official recognition of the FCHR’s determination. That determination letter read as follows:
“Complainant worked for Respondent as an Actuary. Complainant alleged that Respondent discriminated against him based on his race and sex.”

On February 18, 2019, Judge Early granted the motion. Thereby cementing – unequivocally – that he knew that I charged Allstate with sex discrimination. He wrote, this document “provided the point of entry to Petitioner for this proceeding”.
Thus, Judge Early’s repeated “statements” to the contrary were a known lie (a massive lie).
8:57 = Judge Early's Involvement (Outro)
So, that’s how Judge E. Gary Early perjured himself.
He couldn’t handle the facts of my case so he took the law into his own hands; following the propaganda of the Ku Klux Klan.
He hid evidence and he committed perjury.
9:35 = Legal Note
As a legal note, Mr. Early’s first statement - in which he excluded my sex discrimination complaint - was what is called a “condition precedent”. It required no judgment; no discretion; and no fact finding. It was just a non-judicial act that anyone could have completed.
In fact, he didn’t even have the power to change the condition precedent. The FCHR has repeatedly said that only the FCHR has substantive jurisdiction over what’s been charged. DOAH has acknowledged this, too. Florida’s appellate courts have, and so have federal courts.
Yet, Judge Early, in his personal quest to infringe my constitutional rights to due process, decided he’d take the law into his own hands.
Judge Edward Gary Early of Tallahassee, FL perjured himself in 2019.

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