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Title VII Lookup Table (Act-to-Statute)

Public Accommodations
#SectionStatutory EquivalentTitle
001Section 20142 USC §2000aProhibition Against Discrimination or Segregation in Places of Public Accommodation
002Section 20242 USC §2000a-1Prohibition Against Discrimination or Segregation Required by any Law...
003Section 20342 USC §2000a-2Prohibition Against Deprivation of, Interference With, and Punishment for...
004Section 20442 USC §2000a-3Civil Actions for Injunctive Relief
005Section 20542 USC §2000a-4Community Relations Service; Investigations and Hearings...
006Section 20642 USC §2000a-5Civil Actions by the Attorney General
007Section 20742 USC §2000a-6Jurisdiction; Exhaustion of Other Remedies; Exclusiveness of Remedies...
Employment Discrimination
#SectionStatutory EquivalentTitle
101Section 70142 USC §2000eDefinitions
102Section 70242 USC §2000e-1Exemption
103Section 70342 USC §2000e-2Unlawful Employment Practices
104Section 70442 USC §2000e-3Other Unlawful Employment Practices
105Section 70542 USC §2000e-4Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
106Section 70642 USC §2000e-5Enforcement Provisions
107Section 70742 USC §2000e-6Civil Actions by the Attorney General
108Section 70842 USC §2000e-7Effect on State Laws
109Section 70942 USC §2000e-8Investigations
110Section 71042 USC §2000e-9Conduct of Hearings and Investigations...
111Section 71142 USC §2000e-10Posting Notices; Penalties
112Section 71242 USC §2000e-11Veterans' Special Rights or Preference
113Section 71342 USC §2000e-12Regulations; Conformity of Regulations with...
114Section 71442 USC §2000e-13Application to Personnel of Commission of...
115Section 71542 USC §2000e-14Equal Employment Opportunity Coordinating...
116Section 71642 USC §2000e-15Presidential Conferences; Acquaintances of...
117Section 71742 USC §2000e-16Employment by Federal Government
118Section 71842 USC §2000e-17Procedure for Denial, Withholding, Termination...

Source: https://www.eeoc.gov/statutes/title-vii-civil-rights-act-1964

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