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Equal Pay Act of 1963, as amended

#SectionStatutory EquivalentTitle
1Section 2[Not Reprinted]Declaration of Purpose
2Section 4[Not Reprinted]Effective Date
3Section 629 USC §206Minimum Wage
4Section 629 USC §255Statute of Limitations
5Section 729 USC §256Determination of Commencement of Future Actions
6Section 929 USC §209Attendance of Witnesses
7Section 1029 USC §259Reliance in Future on Administrative Rulings, etc.
8Section 1129 USC §211Collection of Data
9Section 1129 USC §260Liquidated Damages
10Section 1329 USC §213Exemptions
11Section 1329 USC §262Definitions
12Section 14[Not Reprinted]Separability
13Section 1529 USC §215Prohibited Acts
14Section 15[Not Reprinted]Short Title
15Section 1629 USC §216Penalties
16Section 1729 USC §217Injunction Proceedings
17Section 1829 USC §218Relation to Other Laws
18Section 1929 USC §219Separability of Provisions
Source: https://www.eeoc.gov/statutes/equal-pay-act-1963

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