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Icon-UpArrow Lookup Table: Cause of Action

"Cause of Action" Codes

10---No Cause Code Entered
202:043152 USC §30101Federal Election CommissionFailure Enforce Compliance
302:043752 USC §30105Federal Election Commission
405:0075Contract - Reduction in Grade
505:05515 USC §551Administrative Procedure Act
605:0552fi5 USC §552Freedom of Information Act
705:0552pa5 USC §552Right to Privacy Act
805:0554Constitutionality of Maritime Statutes
905:0701Maritime Subsidy Board
1005:0702Administrative Procedure Act
1105:0704Labor Litigation
1205:77035 USC §7703Discrimination - Review of Agency Act
1307:00067 USC §6Federal Commodity Exchange Regulation
1407:00257 USC §25Fraud - Commodities Leverage Contracts
1507:01817 USC §181Packers & Stockyard Act
1607:04997 USC §499Agricultural Commodities Act
1707:06017 USC §601USDA Condemnation
1807:23217 USC §2321Plant Variety Protection Act
1908:287 8 USC §287Petition to Enforce INS Subpoena misc
2008:11058 USC §1105Aliens: Habeas Corpus to Release INS Detainee
2108:12528 USC §1252Injunction for Deportation
2208:1260Aliens: Access to Records
2308:13248 USC §1324Aliens: Complaint for Forfeiture
2408:1329Writ of Mandamus to Adjudicate Visa Petition
2508:14468 USC §1446Petition for Naturalization Hearing
2609:00019 USC §1U.S. Arbitration Act
2709:0009Motion to Confirm Arbitration Loan
2809:00109 USC §10Petition to Vacate Arbitration Award
2910:155210 USC §1552Armed Forces: Action to Correct Records
3010:1553Armed Forces: FOIA General
3110:230510 USC §2305Review of Federal Contract
3211:010111 USC §101Bankruptcy
3312:0022Securities Fraud
3412:0635Breach of Insurance Contract
3512:146112 USC §1461Homeowners Loan Act
3612:170312 USC §1703Default of HUD Loan
3712:1725Collection under Contract Guaranty
3812:1730Collection under Contract Guaranty
3912:1819Default of Promissory Note
4012:1821Default of Loan by Promissory Note
4112:197112 USC §1971Relief under Bank Holding Act
4212:341012 USC §3410Right to Financial Privacy Act
4315:000115 USC §1Antitrust Litigation
4415:0002atAntitrust Litigation
4515:0002flFair Labor Standards Act
4615:0005Fair Labor Standards Act
4715:001515 USC §15Antitrust Litigation
4815:0025Clayton Act
4915:0044Trademark Infringement
5015:004515 USC §45Federal Trade Commission Act
5115:005215 USC §52Federal Trade Commission Act
5215:005315 USC §53Federal Trade Commission Act
5315:0077Securities Fraud
5415:0078Securities Exchange Act
5515:063115 USC §631Small Business Act
5615:071715 USC §717Natural Gas Act
5715:105115 USC §1051Trademark Infringement
5815:111415 USC §1114Trademark Infringement
5915:112115 USC §1121Trademark InfringementLanham Act
6015:112515 USC §1125Trademark Infringement
6115:112615 USC §1126Patent Infringement
6215:112715 USC §1127Trademark Infringement
6315:160115 USC §1601Truth in Lending
6415:164015 USC §1640Truth in Lending
6515:168115 USC §1681Fair Credit Reporting Act
6615:169215 USC §1692Fair Debt Collection Act
6715:1938Fair Labor Standards Act
6815:198115 USC §1981Fraud-Motor Vehicle (Odometer)
6915:198815 USC §1988Fraud-Motor Vehicle (Odometer)
7015:198915 USC §1989Fraud-Motor Vehicle (Odometer)
7115:230115 USC §2301Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act
7215:280115 USC §2801Petroleum Marketing Practices Act
7315:53(b)15 USC §53Preliminary & Permanent Injunctive Relief & Other Equitable Relief
7416:066816 USC §668Bald Eagle Protection Act
7516:070316 USC §703Migratory Bird Act
7616:153816 USC §1538Endangered Species Act
7716:337116 USC §3371Wildlife under the Lacey Act
7816:337216 USC §3372Conservation: Complaint for Forfeiture
7916:337316 USC §3373Conservation: Appeal of Decision - DOI
8016:337416 USC §3374Conservation: Complaint for Forfeiture
8117:010117 USC §101Copyright Infringement
8217:050117 USC §501Copyright Infringement
8317:050417 USC §504Copyright Infringement
8418:024118 USC §241Conspiracy Against Citizen Rights
8518:196118 USC §1961Racketeering (RICO) Act
8618:196218 USC §1962Racketeering (RICO) Act
8718:196418 USC §1964Racketeering (RICO) Act
8818:4208Agency Action Review
8919:130519 USC §1305Custom Duties: Forfeiture-Immoral Articles
9020:108020 USC §1080Student Loan Recovery
9120:140020 USC §1400Civil Rights of Handicapped Child
9220:140120 USC §1401Education: Handicapped Child Act
9321:084121 USC §841Forfeiture Property - Drugs
9421:088121 USC §881Forfeiture Property - Drugs
9521:0881a21 USC §881Forfeiture Property - Aircraft
9621:0881re21 USC §881Forfeiture Property - Real Estate
9723:0134P.I.- Auto Negligence
9823:1441Contract Real Estate
9924:1000Hospitals & Asylums: Withdrawal Liability
10025:064025 USC §640Indian Tribal Rights
10125:190125 USC §1901Indian Child Welfare ActInjunctive Relief from IRS Lien
10226:621226 USC §6212IRSInjunctive Relief from IRS Lien
10326:621326 USC §6213IRSEnforcement of tax liens
10426:650226 USC §6502IRSRefund of Tax Penalty
10526:653226 USC §6532IRSRefund of Income Tax Penalty
10626:670226 USC §6702IRSRefund of Tax Penalty
10726:670326 USC §6703IRSTax Liability
10826:740126 USC §7401IRSPetition to Enforce IRS Summons
10926:740226 USC §7402IRSSuit to Enforce Federal Tax Lien
11026:740326 USC §7403IRSRefund Taxes
11126:7422rt26 USC §7422IRSRefund Excise Tax
11226:7422rx26 USC §7422IRSWrongful Levy for Taxes
11326:742626 USC §7426IRSTax Jeopardy Assessment
11426:742926 USC §7429IRSPetition to Quash IRS Summons
11526:760926 USC §7609IRS
11627:0185Enforcement of Arbitration Award
11728:0157c28 USC §157Findings, Conclusions & Proposed Judgment
11828:0157d28 USC §157Motion for Withdrawal of Reference
11928:015828 USC §158Notice of Appeal re Bankruptcy Matter (BAP)
12028:0185Suit to Compel Arbitration
12128:045128 USC §451Employment Discrimination
12228:0794Rehabilitation Act
12528:133028 USC §1330Breach of Contract
12628:133128 USC §1331Federal Question JurisdictionAirline Crash
12728:1331al28 USC §1331Federal Question JurisdictionAnti-trust
12828:1331at28 USC §1331Federal Question JurisdictionAuto Negligence
12928:1331au28 USC §1331Federal Question JurisdictionBivens Act
13028:1331b28 USC §1331Federal Question JurisdictionBreach of Contract
13128:1331bc28 USC §1331Federal Question JurisdictionFederal Communications Act of 1934
13228:1331ca28 USC §1331Federal Question JurisdictionInterstate Commerce Act
13328:1331cm28 USC §1331Federal Question JurisdictionOther Civil Rights
13428:1331cv28 USC §1331Federal Question JurisdictionEmployment Discrimination
13528:1331ed28 USC §1331Federal Question JurisdictionEnforcement of Administrative Subpoena
13628:1331es28 USC §1331Federal Question JurisdictionFair Labor Standards
13728:1331fl28 USC §1331Federal Question JurisdictionInsurance Contract
13828:1331in28 USC §1331Federal Question JurisdictionMedical Malpractice
13928:1331mm28 USC §1331Federal Question JurisdictionPersonal Injury
14028:1331pi28 USC §1331Federal Question JurisdictionReview Agency Decision
14128:1331rd28 USC §1331Federal Question JurisdictionReal Property
14228:1331rp28 USC §1331Federal Question JurisdictionRailway Labor Act
14328:1331rr28 USC §1331Federal Question JurisdictionSecurities Violation
14428:1331sv28 USC §1331Federal Question JurisdictionTrademark
14528:1331tr28 USC §1331Federal Question JurisdictionTort Action
14628:1331tt28 USC §1331Federal Question JurisdictionViolation 5th & 8th Amendment
14728:1331v28 USC §1331Federal Question JurisdictionEPA Waste Lien
14828:1331wl28 USC §1331Federal Question JurisdictionWater Rights
14928:1331wt28 USC §1331Federal Question JurisdictionAccount Receivable
15028:1332ac28 USC §1332Diversity of CitizenshipAirline Crash
15128:1332al28 USC §1332Diversity of CitizenshipAsbestos Litigation
15228:1332as28 USC §1332Diversity of CitizenshipAuto Negligence
15328:1332au28 USC §1332Diversity of CitizenshipBreach of Contract
15428:1332bc28 USC §1332Diversity of CitizenshipConversion
15528:1332co28 USC §1332Diversity of Citizenship(Citizenship)
15628:1332ct28 USC §1332Diversity of CitizenshipForcible Detainer
15728:1332det28 USC §1332Diversity of CitizenshipContract Default
15828:1332df28 USC §1332Diversity of CitizenshipContract Dispute
15928:1332ds28 USC §1332Diversity of CitizenshipEmployment Discrimination
16028:1332ed28 USC §1332Diversity of CitizenshipBreach of Fiduciary Duty
16128:1332fd28 USC §1332Diversity of CitizenshipFraud
16228:1332fr28 USC §1332Diversity of CitizenshipInterpleader Action
16328:1332ia28 USC §1332Diversity of CitizenshipInjunctive & Declaratory Relief
16428:1332ij28 USC §1332Diversity of CitizenshipInsurance Contract
16528:1332in28 USC §1332Diversity of CitizenshipDeclaratory Judgment
16628:1332jd28 USC §1332Diversity of CitizenshipLibel, Assault, Slander
16728:1332lb28 USC §1332Diversity of CitizenshipLegal Malpractice
16828:1332lm28 USC §1332Diversity of CitizenshipMiller Act
16928:1332ma28 USC §1332Diversity of CitizenshipMedical Malpractice
17028:1332mm28 USC §1332Diversity of CitizenshipMotor Vehicle Product Liability
17128:1332mv28 USC §1332Diversity of CitizenshipNegotiable Instrument
17228:1332ni28 USC §1332Diversity of CitizenshipNon-Motor Vehicle
17328:1332nm28 USC §1332Diversity of CitizenshipOther Contract
17428:1332oc28 USC §1332Diversity of CitizenshipProperty Damage
17528:1332pd28 USC §1332Diversity of CitizenshipPersonal Injury
17628:1332pi28 USC §1332Diversity of CitizenshipProduct Liability
17728:1332pl28 USC §1332Diversity of CitizenshipPetition for Removal
17828:1332pr28 USC §1332Diversity of CitizenshipPetition to Quiet Title
17928:1332qt28 USC §1332Diversity of CitizenshipRacketeering (RICO) Act
18028:1332ri28 USC §1332Diversity of CitizenshipSecurities & Exchange Commission Act
18128:1332sa28 USC §1332Diversity of CitizenshipSecurities Fraud
18228:1332sf28 USC §1332Diversity of CitizenshipStockholders Suits
18328:1332ss28 USC §1332Diversity of CitizenshipTorts to Land
18428:1332tl28 USC §1332Diversity of CitizenshipTort/Motor Vehicle (P.I.)
18528:1332tm28 USC §1332Diversity of CitizenshipTort/Non-Motor Vehicle
18628:1332tn28 USC §1332Diversity of CitizenshipWrongful Death
18728:1332wd28 USC §1332Diversity of Citizenship
18828:133328 USC §1333Admiralty
18928:133428 USC §1334Bankruptcy Appeal
19028:1334c28 USC §1334R&R Re Motions for Abstention (non-core)
19128:133528 USC §1335Interpleader Action
19228:133728 USC §1337Sherman-Clayton Act
19328:1338cp28 USC §1338Copyright Infringement
19428:1338pt28 USC §1338Patent Infringement
19528:1338tr28 USC §1338Trademark Infringement
19628:134028 USC §1340IRS: Custom Duties
19728:1340er28 USC §1340Recovery of Erroneous Refund
19828:134128 USC §1341Complaint for Forfeiture
19928:134328 USC §1343Violation of Civil Rights
20028:1345co28 USC §1345Replevin & Conversion
20128:1345db28 USC §1345Debt to US - FHA/HUD Title I
20228:1345df28 USC §1345Default of Promissory Note
20328:1345er28 USC §1345Recovery of Erroneous Refund
20428:1345fc28 USC §1345Foreclosure
20528:1345ff28 USC §1345Complaint for Forfeiture
20628:1345hl28 USC §1345VA Home Loan Guaranty Debt
20728:1345mc28 USC §1345Medical Care Recovery
20828:1345mi28 USC §1345Mining Claim Ejectment
20928:1345pd28 USC §1345Property Damage
21028:1345pe28 USC §1345Property Ejectment
21128:1345rc28 USC §1345Recovery of Debt to US
21228:1345st28 USC §1345Default of Student Loan
21328:1345tp28 USC §1345Trespass on Public Land
21428:1345va28 USC §1345Recovery of VA Overpayment
21528:1346bc28 USC §1346Breach of Contract
21628:1346rc28 USC §1346Recovery of IRS Tax
21728:1346tc28 USC §1346Tort Claim
21828:1346wd28 USC §1346Wrongful Death
21928:135228 USC §1352Miller Act
22028:135528 USC §1355Petition for Return of Property
22128:135828 USC §1358Land Condemnation
22228:136128 USC §1361Petition for Writ of Mandamus
22328:1362ic28 USC §1362Indian Tribal Controversy
22428:1362iw28 USC §1362Declaration Re: Indian Tribal Water Rights
22528:136428 USC §1364Auto Negligence
22628:139128 USC §1391Personal Injury
22728:140228 USC §1402Medical Malpractice
22828:140728 USC §1407Airline CrashAccount Receivable
22928:1441ac28 USC §1441Petition for RemovalAirline Crash
23028:1441al28 USC §1441Petition for RemovalAsbestos Litigation
23128:1441as28 USC §1441Petition for RemovalAuto Negligence
23228:1441au28 USC §1441Petition for RemovalBreach of Contract
23328:1441bc28 USC §1441Petition for RemovalCivil Rights Act
23428:1441cv28 USC §1441Petition for RemovalContract Default
23528:1441df28 USC §1441Petition for RemovalDeclaratory Judgment
23628:1441dj28 USC §1441Petition for RemovalContract Dispute
23728:1441ds28 USC §1441Petition for RemovalEmployment Discrimination
23828:1441ed28 USC §1441Petition for RemovalFair Credit Reporting Act
23928:1441fc28 USC §1441Petition for RemovalFraud
24028:1441fr28 USC §1441Petition for RemovalInjunctive/Declaratory Relief
24128:1441ij28 USC §1441Petition for RemovalInsurance Contract
24228:1441in28 USC §1441Petition for RemovalAction for Interpleader
24328:1441int28 USC §1441Petition for RemovalLibel, Assault, Slander
24428:1441lb28 USC §1441Petition for RemovalLabor/Mgmnt. Relations
24528:1441lm28 USC §1441Petition for RemovalMedical Malpractice
24628:1441mm28 USC §1441Petition for RemovalNegotiable Instrument
24728:1441ni28 USC §1441Petition for RemovalNon-Motor Vehicle
24828:1441nm28 USC §1441Petition for RemovalOther Contract
24928:1441oc28 USC §1441Petition for RemovalProperty Damage
25028:1441pd28 USC §1441Petition for RemovalPersonal Injury
25128:1441pi28 USC §1441Petition for RemovalProduct Liability
25228:1441pl28 USC §1441Petition for Removal
25328:1441pr28 USC §1441Petition for RemovalPetition to Quiet Title
25428:1441qt28 USC §1441Petition for RemovalRacketeering (RICO)
25528:1441ri28 USC §1441Petition for RemovalSEC Act
25628:1441sa28 USC §1441Petition for RemovalSecurities Fraud
25728:1441sf28 USC §1441Petition for RemovalTorts to Land
25828:1441tl28 USC §1441Petition for RemovalTort/Motor Vehicle (P.I.)
25928:1441tm28 USC §1441Petition for RemovalTort/Non-Motor Vehicle
26028:1441tn28 USC §1441Petition for RemovalWrongful Death
26128:1441wd28 USC §1441Petition for RemovalBreach of Contract
26228:1442bc28 USC §1442Petition for Removal
26328:1442pr28 USC §1442Petition for Removal
26428:144328 USC §1443Rent, Lease & EjectmentForeclosure
26528:144428 USC §1444Petition for Removal
26628:1446in28 USC §1446Breach of Contract - InsuranceProperty Damage (P.I)
26728:1446pd28 USC §1446Petition for RemovalPersonal Injury
26828:1446pi28 USC §1446Petition for RemovalProduct Liability
26928:1446pl28 USC §1446Petition for Removal
27028:1446pr28 USC §1446Petition for Removal
27128:145228 USC §1452R&R Re motions to Remand (non-core)
27228:165128 USC §1651Petition for Writ of Coram Nobis
27328:1651hc28 USC §1651Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus
27428:1651mn28 USC §1651Petition for Writ of Mandamus
27528:1983Civil Rights
27628:220128 USC §2201Constitutionality of State Statute(s)
27728:2201dj28 USC §2201Declaratory Judgment
27828:2201ij28 USC §2201Injunction
27928:2201in28 USC §2201Declaratory Judgment (Insurance)
28028:224128 USC §2241Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus (federal)
28128:225428 USC §2254Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus (State)
28228:2254se28 USC §2254Ptn for Writ of H/C - Stay of Execution
28328:225528 USC §2255Motion to Vacate / Correct Illegal Sentence
28428:2271Federal Tort Claims Act
28528:2345Medicare Recovery
28628:240928 USC §2409Quiet Title Action
28728:241028 USC §2410Quiet Title
28828:267128 USC §2671Federal Tort Claims Act
28928:267428 USC §2674Federal Tort Claims Act
29028:7402Refund of Taxes
29128:7422Appeal from Administrative Decision
29229:015129 USC §151Labor: Review of Agency Action
29329:016029 USC §160National Labor Relations Act
29429:0184Violation Collection Bargain Agreement
29529:0185ep29 USC §185Employee Pension Plan
29629:0185lm29 USC §185Labor/Mgt. Relations (Contracts)
29729:0201do29 USC §201Denial of Overtime Compensation
29829:0201fl29 USC §201Fair Labor Standards Act
29929:020329 USC §203Equal Pay Act
30029:020629 USC §206Collect Unpaid Wages
30129:040129 USC §401Labor Management Disclosure Act
30229:062129 USC §621Job Discrimination (Age)
30329:062329 USC §623Job Discrimination (Age)
30429:062629 USC §626Job Discrimination (Age)
30529:063329 USC §633Job Discrimination (Age)
30629:065129 USC §651Occupational Safety/Health
30829:079129 USC §791Job Discrimination (Rehabilitation Act)
30929:079429 USC §794Job Discrimination (Handicap)Employee Retirement
31029:100129 USC §1001E.R.I.S.A.Employee Retirement
31129:100229 USC §1002E.R.I.S.A.
31229:110429 USC §1104Recovery of Benefits to Employee
31329:110929 USC §1109Breach of Fiduciary DutiesCollection of Delinquent Trust Funds
31429:113129 USC §1131E.R.I.S.A.Employee Benefits
31529:113229 USC §1132E.R.I.S.A.
31629:114529 USC §1145E.R.I.S.A.
31729:114929 USC §1149Recover Pension & Profit Sharing
31929:136229 USC §1362E.R.I.S.A
32029:138129 USC §1381E.R.I.S.A.
32129:140129 USC §1401Appeal of Arbitration Award
32229:145129 USC §1451E.R.I.S.A.
32329:180129 USC §1801Farmworker Rights
32429:790 29 USC §790Rehabilitation of Labor
32530:018130 USC §181Environment: Review of Agency Action
32630:080130 USC §801Penalties/Federal Mine Safety Health Act
32730:120130 USC §1201Environment: Review of Agency Action
32830:120230 USC §1202Mining Reclamation Act
32930:127630 USC §1276Interior: Review of Agency Action
33031:354531 USC §3545Action to Recover Money
33131:372931 USC §3729False Claims Act
33231:373131 USC §3731Fraud
33333:1319cw33 USC §1319Clean Water Act
33433:1319pv33 USC §1319Pollutants & Permit Violations
33533:136533 USC §1365Environmental Matters
33635:014535 USC §145Patent Infringement
33735:018335 USC §183Patent Infringement
33835:027135 USC §271Patent Infringement
33938:1681Recovery of VA Overpayment
34038:1686Recovery of VA Overpayment
34138:1780Recovery of VA Overpayment
34238:201138 USC §2011Veteran's Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974
34338:311638 USC §3116VA Overpayment
34439:300539 USC §3005Detention of Mail for Temporary Periods
34539:40939 USC §409Postal Service
34640:0258Public Buildings & Property: Land Condemnation
34740:0270Miller Act
34840:0875Public Buildings & Property: Negligence
34941:0251Public Contracts: Review of Agency Action
35041:1463Public Contracts: Unlawful Employment Practices
35142:0205Denial Social Security Benefits
35242:0206Social Security Benefits
35342:0247Personal Injury-Swine Flu
35442:040242 USC §402Social Security Benefits
35542:0405id42 USC §405Review of HHS Decision (SSID)
35642:0405wc42 USC §405Review of HHS Decision (DIWC)
35742:0405ww42 USC §405Review of HHS Decision (DIWW)
35842:041642 USC §416Denial of Social Security Benefits
35942:042742 USC §427Social Security Benefits
36042:138342 USC §1383Review of HHS Decision
36142:1395HHS: Adverse Reimbursement Review
36242:1396Tort Negligence
36342:1471Declaratory & Injunctive Relief – Foreclosure Sale
36442:1981cv42 USC §1981Civil Rights
36542:1981hs42 USC §1981Housing Discrimination
36642:1981jb42 USC §1981Job Discrimination (Race)
36742:1981sx42 USC §1981Sex Discrimination
36842:1983cv42 USC §1983Civil Rights Act
36942:1983ed42 USC §1983Civil Rights (Employment Discrimination)
37042:1983pr42 USC §1983Prisoner Civil Rights
37142:198642 USC §1986Neglect of Duty
37242:2000ag42 USC §2000eJob Discrimination (Age)
37342:2000e42 USC §2000eJob Discrimination (Employment)
37442:2000pb42 USC §2000eJob Discrimination (Public Accommodations)
37542:2000ra42 USC §2000eJob Discrimination (Race)
37642:2000sx42 USC §2000eJob Discrimination (Sex)
37742:200342 USC §2003Job Discrimination
37842:200542 USC §2005Review of Agency Action-HHS
37942:265142 USC §2651Medical Care Recovery
38042:360142 USC §3601Fair Housing Act
38142:4000National Flood Insurance Act
38242:400142 USC §4001National Insurance Flood Act
38342:405342 USC §4053Breach of Insurance Contract
38442:407242 USC §4072Payment of Flood Insurance Claim
38542:432142 USC §4321Review of Agency Action-Environment
38642:433242 USC §4332Environmental Policy - Coop of Agency Reports
38742:6901en42 USC §6901Environmental Cleanup Expenses
38842:6901rs42 USC §6901Resource & Recovery Act
38942:741342 USC §7413Clean Air Act
39042:7604cl42 USC §7604Clear Air Act (Emission Standards)
39142:7604ir42 USC §7604Petition to Quash IRS Summons
39242:960742 USC §9607Real Property Tort to Land
39343:945 Compensation for Land Condemnation
39443:945aComplaint in Condemnation
39543:946 Complaint in Condemnation - Eminent Domain
39645:005145 USC §51Railways: Federal Employer's Liability Act
39745:015145 USC §151Railway Labor Act
39845:018445 USC §184Action to Set Aside Award of a System Board
39945:1395Railroads: Adverse Reimbursement Review
40045:7457Compel Reclamation under Clear Air Act
40146:0688Jones Act
40346:0761Shipping: Damages for Death on High Seas
40446:1101Violation of Maritime Regulations
40546:1156Administrative Procedure Act
40648:0883Violation of US Coastal Law
40748:1985Conspiracy/Deprivation Civil Rights
40849:0081Damaged Goods While Being Transported
41049:11503Railroad Revitalization Regulatory Reform
41149:1170249 USC §11702Violations of Interstate Commerce Act
41249:1471Federal Aviation Act
41349:1903Petition to Enforce Administrative Summon
414miscmiscMiscellaneous Case

- Cause of Action Descriptions (see Pages 34-44)

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