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Case Codes Used by Florida's Trial Courts

Lookup/decipher what these codes signify

Lookup Table for Case Codes (FL Courts)
#CodeCase Type
001ACCriminal Appeals (County Level)
002APCivil Appeals (County Level)
003CACircuit Civil (Civil, Jimmy Ryce Act, Mortgage, etc.)
004CCCounty Civil
006CJJuvenile Delinquency
007COOrdinance (County)
009CTCriminal Traffic
010DPJuvenile Non-Delinquent (Dependency, Truancy, etc.)
011DRDomestic Relations (Marriage, Violence, Birth, etc.)
013INNon-Criminal Infractions
014MMIncapacitation (Baker Act, Substance Abuse, etc.)
016MOOrdinance (Municipal)
017SCSmall Claims
018TRTraffic Infractions

This lookup table can help you quickly determine what the CA in "16-2022-CA-123456-XXXX-MA" means when you're looking at case numbers.

Congratulations! You're now booked up on the case codes that Florida's trial courts use!

They'll be helpful when you research legal cases.

Please get the justice you deserve.


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