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Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended
#SectionStatutory EquivalentTitle
1Section 242 USC §12101Findings and Purposes
2Section 342 USC §12102Definition of Disability
3Section 442 USC §12103Additional Definitions
4Section 10142 USC §12111Definitions
5Section 10242 USC §12112Discrimination
6Section 10342 USC §12113Defenses
7Section 10442 USC §12114Illegal Use of Drugs and Alcohol
8Section 10542 USC §12115Posting Notices
9Section 10642 USC §12116Regulations
10Section 10742 USC §12117Enforcement
11Section 50142 USC §12201Construction
12Section 50242 USC §12202State Immunity
13Section 50342 USC §12203Prohibition Against Retaliation and Coercion
14Section 50442 USC §12204Regulations by the Architectural and Transportation Barriers...
15Section 50542 USC §12205Attorney's Fees
16Section 50642 USC §12205aRule of Construction Regarding Regulatory Authority
17Section 50742 USC §12206Technical Assistance
18Section 50842 USC §12207Federal Wilderness Areas
19Section 50942 USC §12208Transvestites
20Section 51042 USC §12209Coverage of Congress and the Agencies of the Legislative Branch
21Section 51142 USC §12210Illegal Use of Drugs
22Section 51242 USC §12211Definitions
23Section 51442 USC §12212Alternative Means of Dispute Resolution
24Section 51542 USC §12213Severability
Equal Pay Act of 1963, as amended
#SectionStatutory EquivalentTitle
1Section 2[Not Reprinted]Declaration of Purpose
2Section 4[Not Reprinted]Effective Date
3Section 629 USC §206Minimum Wage
4Section 629 USC §255Statute of Limitations
5Section 729 USC §256Determination of Commencement of Future Actions
6Section 929 USC §209Attendance of Witnesses
7Section 1029 USC §259Reliance in Future on Administrative Rulings, etc.
8Section 1129 USC §211Collection of Data
9Section 1129 USC §260Liquidated Damages
10Section 1329 USC §213Exemptions
11Section 1329 USC §262Definitions
12Section 14[Not Reprinted]Separability
13Section 1529 USC §215Prohibited Acts
14Section 15[Not Reprinted]Short Title
15Section 1629 USC §216Penalties
16Section 1729 USC §217Injunction Proceedings
17Section 1829 USC §218Relation to Other Laws
18Section 1929 USC §219Separability of Provisions
Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008
#SectionStatutory EquivalentTitle
1Section 20142 USC §2000ffDefinitions
2Section 20242 USC §2000ff-1Employer Practices
3Section 20342 USC §2000ff-2Employment Agency Practices
4Section 20442 USC §2000ff-3Labor Organization Practices
5Section 20542 USC §2000ff-4Training Programs
6Section 20642 USC §2000ff-5Confidentiality and Genetic Information
7Section 20742 USC §2000ff-6Remedies and Enforcement
8Section 20842 USC §2000ff-7Disparate Impact
9Section 20942 USC §2000ff-8Construction
10Section 21042 USC §2000ff-9Medical Information that is not Genetic Information
11Section 21142 USC §2000ff-10Regulations
12Section 21242 USC §2000ff-11Authorization
Title VII
#SectionStatutory EquivalentTitle
1Section 70142 USC §2000eDefinitions
2Section 70242 USC §2000e-1Exemption
3Section 70342 USC §2000e-2Unlawful Employment Practices
4Section 70442 USC §2000e-3Other Unlawful Employment Practices
5Section 70542 USC §2000e-4Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
6Section 70642 USC §2000e-5Enforcement Provisions
7Section 70742 USC §2000e-6Civil Actions by the Attorney General
8Section 70842 USC §2000e-7Effect on State Laws
9Section 70942 USC §2000e-8Investigations
10Section 71042 USC §2000e-9Conduct of Hearings and Investigations...
11Section 71142 USC §2000e-10Posting Notices; Penalties
12Section 71242 USC §2000e-11Veterans' Special Rights or Preference
13Section 71342 USC §2000e-12Regulations; Conformity of Regulations with...
14Section 71442 USC §2000e-13Application to Personnel of Commission of...
15Section 71542 USC §2000e-14Equal Employment Opportunity Coordinating...
16Section 71642 USC §2000e-15Presidential Conferences; Acquaintances of...
17Section 71742 USC §2000e-16Employment by Federal Government
18Section 71842 USC §2000e-17Procedure for Denial, Withholding, Termination...

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Source: https://www.eeoc.gov/statutes/title-vii-civil-rights-act-1964

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