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Abbreviations Used on TextBookDiscrimination.com

Terms Used in General Use

0011DCAFirst District Court of Appeal (FL)
0022DCASecond District Court of Appeal (FL)
0033DCAThird District Court of Appeal (FL)
0044DCAFourth District Court of Appeal (FL)
0055DCAFifth District Court of Appeal (FL)
006ADAAmericans with Disabilities Act of 1990
007ADEAAge Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967
008ADRAlternative Dispute Resolution
009ALJAdministrative Law Judge
010CA011st Circuit Court of Appeals (US)
011CA022nd Circuit Court of Appeals (US)
012CA033rd Circuit Court of Appeals (US)
013CA044th Circuit Court of Appeals (US)
014CA055th Circuit Court of Appeals (US)
015CA066th Circuit Court of Appeals (US)
016CA077th Circuit Court of Appeals (US)
017CA088th Circuit Court of Appeals (US)
018CA099th Circuit Court of Appeals (US)
019CA1010th Circuit Court of Appeals (US)
020CA1111th Circuit Court of Appeals (US)
021CFRCode of Federal Regulations
022DCADistrict Court of Appeal (FL)
023eeeEmployment Discrimination Case(s)
024EEOCEqual Employment Opportunity Commission
025EPAEqual Pay Act
026FACFlorida Administrative Code
027FARFlorida Administrative Register
028FCRAFlorida Civil Rights Act of 1992
029FFHAFlorida Fair Housing Act
030FHAFair Housing Act (federal)
031FRFederal Register
032FSFlorida Statutes
033GINAGenetic Information Nondiscrimination Act
034HOAHomeowner's Association
035houHousing Discrimination Case(s)
036LTLower Tribunal
037MTDMotion to Dismiss
038othMiscellaneous Case(s) Handled by Civil Rights Commission(s)
039PAProperty Owner's Association
040pubPublic Accommodations Discrimination Case(s)
041SCSupreme Court (FL)
042SCFLSupreme Court (FL)
043SWRSubstantial Weight Review
044TATeachers Association
045USALMDUS District Court, Alabama, Middle District
046USCA011st Circuit Court of Appeals (US)
047USCA022nd Circuit Court of Appeals (US)
048USCA033rd Circuit Court of Appeals (US)
049USCA044th Circuit Court of Appeals (US)
050USCA055th Circuit Court of Appeals (US)
051USCA066th Circuit Court of Appeals (US)
052USCA077th Circuit Court of Appeals (US)
053USCA088th Circuit Court of Appeals (US)
054USCA099th Circuit Court of Appeals (US)
055USCA1010th Circuit Court of Appeals (US)
056USCA1111th Circuit Court of Appeals (US)
057USFLMDUS District Court, Florida, Middle District
058USFLNDUS District Court, Florida, Northern District
059USFLSDUS District Court, Florida, Southern District
060USNYEDUS District Court, New York, Eastern District
061USNYSDUS District Court, New York, Southern District
062USNYWDUS District Court, New York, Western District
063USSCUnited States Supreme Court

Terms Used in Reference to State Agencies (FL)

101AGRDepartment of Agriculture and Consumer Services
102APDAgency for Persons with Disabilities
103AWIAgency for Workforce Innovation
104CFSDepartment of Children and Family Services
105CHContract Hearings
106CITDepartment of Citrus
107CORDepartment of Corrections
108CPICitizens Property Insurance
109CSBCounty School Boards
110CTDCommission for the Transportation Disadvantaged
111DBPRDepartment of Business and Professional Regulation
112DCADepartment of Community Affairs
113DCFSDepartment of Children and Family Services
114DEADepartment of Elder Affairs
115DEAFFDepartment of Elder Affairs
116DEMDivision of Emergency Management
117DEODepartment of Economic Opportunity
118DEPDepartment of Environmental Protection
119DFSDepartment of Financial Services
120DHDepartment of Health
121DHRSDepartment of Health and Rehabilitative Services
122DJJDepartment of Juvenile Justice
123DLADepartment of Legal Affairs
124DLEDepartment of Law Enforcement
125DMADepartment of Military Affairs
126DMSDepartment of Management Services
127DOAHDivision of Administrative Hearings
128DOEDepartment of Education
129DOHDepartment of Health
130DOIDepartment of Insurance
131DOLDepartment of Labor
132DOYDepartment of Lottery
133DORDepartment of Offender Rehabilitation
134DOSDepartment of State
135DOTDepartment of Transportation
136DPRDepartment of Business and Professional Regulation
137DVADepartment of Veterans Affairs
138EFEnterprise Florida
139FCEFlorida Commission on Ethics
140FCHRFlorida Commission on Human Relations
141FECFlorida Elections Commission
142FHFFlorida Housing Finance Corporation
143FLHSMVDepartment of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
144FPCFlorida Parole Commission
145FSSFlorida State University Schools
146FTCFlorida Highspeed Rail Transportation Commission
147FWCFish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
148GOVOffice of the Governor
149HCHillsborough County Public Transportation Commission
150HCAAgency for Health Care Administration
151HRPFlorida House of Representatives
152HLPMFlorida Commission on Hurricane Loss Projection Methodology
153HSMDepartment of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles
154MBEMinority Economic and Business Development
155NICAFlorida Birth-Related Neurological Injury Compensation
156OAGOffice of the Attorney General
157OFROffice of Financial Regulation
158OOIROffice of Insurance Regulation
159ORCommission on Offender Review
160OSCOriginal Sentencing Court
161PERPublic Employee Relations Commissions
162PPCParole and Probation Commission
163PSCPublic Service Commission
164REVDepartment of Revenue
165SBAState Board of Administration
166SFlorida Senate
167SCASelf-Contained Agencies
168STAState Attorney
169UCUniversities and Colleges
170WICFlorida Transportation Commission
171WMDWater Management Districts
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