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11DCAFirst District Court of Appeal (FL)
22DCASecond District Court of Appeal (FL)
33DCAThird District Court of Appeal (FL)
44DCAFourth District Court of Appeal (FL)
55DCAFifth District Court of Appeal (FL)
6ADAAmericans with Disabilities Act of 1990
7ADEAAge Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967
8ADRAlternative Dispute Resolution
9ALJAdministrative Law Judge
10CA022nd Circuit Court of Appeals (US)
11CA055th Circuit Court of Appeals (US)
12CA1111th Circuit Court of Appeals (US)
13CFRCode of Federal Regulations
14DCADistrict Court of Appeal (FL)
15DMSDepartment of Management Services (FL)
16DOAHDivision of Administrative Hearings (FL)
17EEOCEqual Employment Opporunity Commission
18EPAEqual Pay Act
19FACFlorida Administrative Code
20FARFlorida Administrative Register
21FCHRFlorida Commission on Human Relations
22FCRAFlorida Civil Rights Act of 1992
23FFHAFlorida Fair Housing Act
24FHAFair Housing Act (federal)
25FRFederal Register
26FSFlorida Statutes
27GINAGenetic Information Nondiscrimination Act
28LTLower Tribunal
29SCSupreme Court (FL)
30SCFLSupreme Court (FL)
31SWRSubstantial Weight Review
32USALMDUS District Court, Alabama, Middle District
33USFLMDUS District Court, Florida, Middle District
34USFLNDUS District Court, Florida, Northern District
35USFLSDUS District Court, Florida, Southern District
36USNYEDUS District Court, New York, Eastern District
37USNYSDUS District Court, New York, Southern District
38USNYWDUS District Court, New York, Western District
39USSCUnited States Supreme Court
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