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Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended

Front Matter
#SectionStatutory EquivalentCaption
1Section 242 USC §12101Findings and Purposes
2Section 342 USC §12102Definition of Disability
3Section 442 USC §12103Additional Definitions
Subchapter I | Employment
#SectionStatutory EquivalentCaption
4Section 10142 USC §12111Definitions
5Section 10242 USC §12112Discrimination
6Section 10342 USC §12113Defenses
7Section 10442 USC §12114Illegal Use of Drugs and Alcohol
8Section 10542 USC §12115Posting Notices
9Section 10642 USC §12116Regulations
10Section 10742 USC §12117Enforcement
Subchapter II | Public Services
#SectionStatutory EquivalentCaption
11Section 20142 USC §12131Definitions
12Section 20242 USC §12132Discrimination
13Section 20342 USC §12133Enforcement
14Section 20442 USC §12134Regulations
15Section 20542 USC §12141Definitions
16Section 20642 USC §12142Public Entities Operating Fixed Route Systems
17Section 20742 USC §12143Paratransit as a Complement to Fixed Route Service
18Section 20842 USC §12144Public Entity Operating a Demand Responsive System
19Section 20942 USC §12145Temporary Relief Where Lifts are Unavailable
20Section 21042 USC §12146New Facilities
21Section 21142 USC §12147Alterations of Existing Facilities
22Section 21242 USC §12148Public Transportation Programs and Activities in Existing Facilities and One Car Per Train Rule
23Section 21342 USC §12149Regulations
24Section 21442 USC §12150Interim Accessibility Requirements
25Section 21542 USC §12161Definitions
26Section 21642 USC §12162Intercity and Commuter Rail Actions Considered Discriminatory
27Section 21742 USC §12163Conformance of Accessibility Standards
28Section 21842 USC §12164Regulations
29Section 21942 USC §12165Interim Accessibility Requirements
Subchapter III | Public Services
#SectionStatutory EquivalentCaption
30Section 30142 USC §12181Definitions
31Section 30242 USC §12182Prohibition of Discrimination by Public Accommodations
32Section 30342 USC §12183New Construction and Alterations in Public Accommodations and Commercial Facilities
33Section 30442 USC §12184Prohibition of Discrimination in Specified Public Transportation Services Provided by Private Entities
34Section 30542 USC §12185Study
35Section 30642 USC §12186Regulations
36Section 30742 USC §12187Exemptions for Private Clubs and Religious Organizations
37Section 30842 USC §12188Enforcement
38Section 30942 USC §12189Examinations and Courses
Title IV | Telecommunications
#SectionStatutory EquivalentCaption
39Section 40147 USC §225Telecommunications Services for Hearing-Impaired and Speech-Impaired Individuals
Subchapter IV | Miscellaneous Provisions
#SectionStatutory EquivalentCaption
40Section 50142 USC §12201Construction
41Section 50242 USC §12202State Immunity
42Section 50342 USC §12203Prohibition Against Retaliation and Coercion
43Section 50442 USC §12204Regulations by the Architectural and Transportation Barriers...
44Section 50542 USC §12205Attorney's Fees
45Section 50642 USC §12205aRule of Construction Regarding Regulatory Authority
46Section 50742 USC §12206Technical Assistance
47Section 50842 USC §12207Federal Wilderness Areas
48Section 50942 USC §12208Transvestites
49Section 51042 USC §12209Coverage of Congress and the Agencies of the Legislative Branch
50Section 51142 USC §12210Illegal Use of Drugs
51Section 51242 USC §12211Definitions
52Section 51442 USC §12212Alternative Means of Dispute Resolution
53Section 51542 USC §12213Severability

Source: https://www.eeoc.gov/statutes/titles-i-and-v-americans-disabilities-act-1990-ada

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