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Lookup Tables
000All-in-OneAll of the lookup tables on one page
001AbbreviationsLookup table for various abbreviations used on TextBookDiscrimination.com
002ADALookup table for ADA and its statutory equivalence
003EPALookup table for EPA and its statutory equivalence
004GINALookup table for GINA and its statutory equivalence
005Title VIILookup table for Title VII and its statutory equivalence
006Cause of ActionLookup table for the "Cause of Action" field that Federal court dockets use
007Federal Courts - FLLookup table for Counties-Districts-Divisions for Federal Courts in Florida
008Nature of SuitLookup table for the "Nature of Suit" field that Federal court dockets use
009Records RequestsLookup table for contact information on making records requests
Lookup Tables
101Courthouse Locations (FL)Addresses for each federal courthouse in Florida
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