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Title 28 - Judicial Administration

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XX0FACDisclaimerPDF/Webpage containing the Code of Fed Regs pertinent to civil rights.
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XX228-CFRTitle 28PDF/Webpage containing pertinent rules from Title 28 CFR.
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Part 36 - NonDiscrimination on the Basis of Disability by Public Accommodations and in Commercial Facilities

28 CFR 36
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00028-CFR-36Title 28 Part 36PDF/Webpage containing pertinent rules from 28 CFR 36.
Subpart A - General
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A01LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.101Purpose and Broad Coverage
A02LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.102Application
A03LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.103Relationship to Other Laws
A04LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.104Definitions
A05LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.105Definition of “Disability”
AXXLogoAdobeAppendix AAppendix to 28 CFR 36 - Subpart A
Subpart B - General Requirements
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B01LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.201General
B02LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.202Activities
B03LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.203Integrated Settings
B04LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.204Administrative Methods
B05LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.205Association
B06LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.206Retaliation or Coercion
B07LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.207Places of Public Accommodation Located in Private Residences
B08LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.208Direct Threat
B09LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.209Illegal Use of Drugs
B10LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.210Smoking
B11LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.211Maintenance of Accessible Features
B12LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.212Insurance
B13LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.213Relationship of Subpart B to Subparts C and D of this Part
BXXLogoAdobeAppendix BAppendix to 28 CFR 36 - Subpart B
Subpart C - Specific Requirements
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C01LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.301Eligibility Criteria
C02LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.302Modifications in Policies, Practices, or Procedures
C03LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.303Auxiliary Aids and Services
C04LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.304Removal of Barriers
C05LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.305Alternatives to Barrier Removal
C06LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.306Personal Devices and Services
C07LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.307Accessible or Special Goods
C08LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.308Seating in Assembly Areas
C09LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.309Examinations and Courses
C10LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.310Transportation Provided by Public Accommodations
C11LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.311Mobility Devices
CXXLogoAdobeAppendix CAppendix to 28 CFR 36 - Subpart C
Subpart D - New Construction and Alterations
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D01LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.401New Construction
D02LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.402Alterations
D03LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.403Alterations: Path of Travel
D04LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.404Alterations: Elevator Exemption
D05LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.405Alterations: Historic Preservation
D06LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.406Standards for New Construction and Alterations
DXXLogoAdobeAppendix DAppendix to 28 CFR 36 - Subpart D
Subpart E - Enforcement
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E01LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.501Private Suits
E02LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.502Investigations and Compliance Reviews
E03LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.503Suit by the Attorney General
E04LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.504Relief
E05LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.505Attorneys Fees
E06LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.506Alternative Means of Dispute Resolution
E07LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.507Effect of Unavailability of Technical Assistance
E08LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.508Effective Date
EXXLogoAdobeAppendix EAppendix to 28 CFR 36 - Subpart E
Subpart F - Certification of State Laws or Local Building Codes
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F01LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.601Definitions
F02LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.602General Rule
F03LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.603Preliminary Determination
F04LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.604Procedure Following Preliminary Determination of Equivalency
F05LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.605Procedure Following Preliminary Denial of Certification
F06LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.606Effect of Certification
F07LogoAdobe28 CFR §36.607Guidance Concerning Model Codes
FXXLogoAdobeAppendix FAppendix to 28 CFR 36 - Subpart F
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