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Other Useful Administrative Codes

Basics (All-in-One, Disclaimer, etc.)
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000FAC-MiscAll-in-OnePDF/Page containing Florida Administrative Codes that may come in handy.
001FAC-MiscDisclaimerTBD's PDF containing FACs that may come in handy.

28-101 | Organization
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100FAC_Misc-OrgMisc - Agcy OrganizationPDF/Webpage containing FACs pertinent to agency organization.
10128-101.001 FAC28-101.001 FACStatement of Agency Organization

28-102 | Agenda and Scheduling of Meetings, Hearings, And Workshops
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200FAC_Misc-MtgMisc - MeetingsPDF/Webpage containing FACs pertinent to meetings, hearings, and workshops.
20128-102.001 FAC28-102.001 FACNotice of Public Meeting, Hearing, or Workshop
20228-102.002 FAC28-102.002 FACAgenda of Meetings, Hearings, and Workshops
20328-102.003 FAC28-102.003 FACEmergency Meetings

28-103 | Rulemaking
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300FAC_Misc-rmkMisc - RulemakingPDF/Webpage containing FACs pertinent to rulemaking.
30128-103.001 FAC28-103.001 FACAdvance Notice of Agency Rulemaking Proceedings (Repealed)
30228-103.002 FAC28-103.002 FACRule Development Workshops (Repealed)
30328-103.003 FAC28-103.003 FACNegotiated Rulemaking (Repealed)
30428-103.004 FAC28-103.004 FACPublic Hearing (Repealed)
30528-103.005 FAC28-103.005 FACEvidentiary Proceeding During Rulemaking (Repealed)
30628-103.006 FAC28-103.006 FACPetitions to Initiate Rulemaking (Repealed)

28-104 | Petitions for Variances/Waivers
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400FAC_Misc-DecMisc - Dec. StatementsPDF/Webpage containing FACs pertinent to declaratory statements.
40128-104.001 FAC28-104.001 FACPurpose; Construction
40228-104.002 FAC28-104.002 FACPetition for Variance or Waiver
40328-104.003 FAC28-104.003 FACComments on Petition
40428-104.004 FAC28-104.004 FACPetition for Emergency Variance or Waiver
40428-104.005 FAC28-104.005 FACTime for Consideration of Emergency Petition
40628-104.0051 FAC28-104.0051 FACRevocation of Emergency or Temporary Variance or Waiver
40728-104.006 FAC28-104.006 FACRequest for Information

28-105 | Petitions for Declaratory Statements
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500FAC_Misc-DecMisc - Dec. StatementsPDF/Webpage containing FACs pertinent to declaratory statements.
50128-105.001 FAC28-105.001 FACPurpose and Use of Declaratory Statement
50228-105.002 FAC28-105.002 FACThe Petition
50328-105.0024 FAC28-105.0024 FACNotice of Filing
50428-105.0027 FAC28-105.0027 FACIntervention
50528-105.003 FAC28-105.003 FACAgency Disposition
50628-105.004 FAC28-105.004 FACNotice of Disposition

28-108 | Exceptions to Uniform Rules of Procedure
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600FAC_Misc-uniMisc - Uniform RulesPDF/Webpage containing FACs pertinent to Exceptions to Uniform Rules.
60128-108.001 FAC28-108.001 FACPetition for Exception to Uniform Rules of Procedure
60228-108.002 FAC28-108.002 FACFinal Disposition on Petition for Exception

28-109 | Communications Media Technology
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700FAC_Misc-CmtMisc - CMTPDF/Webpage containing FACs pertinent to communications media technology.
70128-105.001 FAC28-109.001 FACGeneral
70228-105.002 FAC28-109.002 FACDefinitions as Used in this Rule Chapter
70328-105.003 FAC28-109.003 FACApplication and Construction
70428-105.004 FAC28-109.004 FACGovernment in the Sunshine
70528-105.005 FAC28-109.005 FACNotice
Get booked up on the Florida Administrative Codes!

You'll need to reference them during your pursuit of justice.


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