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(1) Petition. A complainant may file a Petition for Relief from a Discriminatory Housing Practice within 30 days of service of a Notice of Determination (No Cause) or Notice of Determination (Cause). The Executive Director on behalf of the Commission may institute an action by filing a Petition for Relief from a Discriminatory Housing Practice upon determining there is reasonable cause to believe that a discriminatory practice has occurred and has been unable to obtain voluntary compliance with Sections 760.20-.37, F.S. The Clerk shall prepare copies of the petition and serve them upon all other parties named in the petition by certified mail.
(2) For good cause shown, the Chairperson may grant an extension of time to the complainant to file the Petition for Relief, provided the motion for extension of time is filed within the 30-day period.
(3) Procedures. Petitions for Relief, and proceedings thereupon, are governed by the provisions of Chapters 28-106 and 60Y-4, F.A.C., except as otherwise provided by this section.
(4) Final Orders; Relief; Remand. Upon consideration of a recommended order, the Commission or Panel may order that the petition and complaint be dismissed or may determine that a discriminatory housing practice has occurred. In the event the Commission or Panel determines that a discriminatory housing practice has occurred, it shall issue an order prohibiting the practice and providing relief from the effects of the practice, including quantifiable damages and reasonable attorney’s fees and costs. The order of the Commission or Panel shall be final as to all matters except those which are remanded to the Administrative Law Judge.
(5) Voluntary Dismissal. A Petition for Relief filed by a complainant may be dismissed by the complainant without order of the Administrative Law Judge, Panel of Commissioners or Commission (i) by serving, or during hearing by stating on the record, a notice of dismissal at any time before the issuance of a recommended order or (ii) by filing a stipulation of dismissal signed by all parties who have appeared in the action. The dismissal operates with prejudice with respect to Petitioner’s Chapter 760, F.S., administrative remedies and constitutes final agency action.
Rulemaking Authority 760.31(5) FS. Law Implemented 760.34, 760.35 FS. History–New 1-25-90, Formerly 22T-22.001, Amended 11-18-92, 2-5-04.

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