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(1) If the Commission decides to resolve the complaint, it shall endeavor to eliminate any discriminatory housing practice by informal methods of conference, conciliation and persuasion. Insofar as possible, conciliation meetings shall be held in the city or other locality where the discriminatory housing practice allegedly occurred.
(2) The Commission shall attempt to achieve a just resolution of all violations found, and to obtain agreement that the respondent will eliminate the discriminatory housing practice and provide appropriate affirmative relief. Where such conciliation attempts are successful, the terms of the conciliation agreement shall be reduced to writing and signed by the complainant, the respondent and the Executive Director or person designated by the Executive Director. The original of the signed agreement shall be filed with the Clerk, and copies shall be served upon the respondent and the complainant.
(3) A duly executed conciliation agreement shall operate as a dismissal of the complaint; however, prior to the filing of the conciliation agreement, the parties may stipulate therein to bringing the agreement before a Panel of Commissioners. The Panel in its discretion may adopt the conciliation agreement as a consent order.
(4) If a conciliation agreement has not been signed and the complaint has not been withdrawn or dismissed within the time period established for filing a Petition for Relief, the Executive Director shall dismiss the complaint.
Rulemaking Authority 760.31(5) FS. Law Implemented 760.34 FS. History–New 1-25-90, Formerly 22T-21.005, Amended 11-18-92, 12-31-03.

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