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(1) Witness fees necessary and incident to a hearing shall be paid by the party at whose instance the witness is summoned. If the Commission or the Executive Director directs that a witness be summoned as a Commission witness, that witness’ fees shall be paid by the Commission. Witness fees shall be tendered, or a voucher submitted at the time of attendance. The fees allowed shall be the same as those allowed by the circuit courts of this state.
(2) Witness fees for Commission employees shall be paid in accordance with Section 92.142(2), F.S.
Rulemaking Authority 760.06 FS. Law Implemented 92.142, 120.57, 760.06, 760.10 FS. History–New 11-2-78, Amended 2-10-80, Formerly 22T-8.23, 22T-8.023, Amended 2-5-04.

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