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The rules of the Commission are intended to promote the purposes of the Act, the efficient operation of the Commission and the orderly administration of the Act. They are to be liberally construed to insure the accomplishment of these purposes. The rules set forth in Chapters 60Y-1, 60Y-2, 60Y-3, 60Y-4 and 60Y-5, F.A.C., may in specific instances be waived, by the Commission, in its discretion, for good cause shown.
Specific Authority 760.06(12), 760.11(14) FS. Law Implemented 760.01, 760.02, 760.03, 760.04, 760.05, 760.06, 760.07, 760.10, 760.11 FS. History–New 11-2-78, Amended 5-3-79, Formerly 22T-7.03, 22T-7.003.

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