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Rule 60Y-2.009 Florida Administrative Code Download


The following listed forms and instructions are hereby incorporated by reference, are used by the Commission and are furnished without charge. Copies may be obtained from the Commission’s website http://fchr.state.fl.us or by writing or calling the Clerk to the Commission or the Office of Customer Service at the address listed in Rule 60Y-2.005, F.A.C., making reference to the desired form by form number or title.
FCHR Form 1Technical Assistance Questionnaire for discrimination complaints
FCHR Form 2Complaint of Employment Discrimination
FCHR Form 3Complaint of Public Accommodation Discrimination
FCHR Form 4Complaint of Housing Discrimination
FCHR Form 5Complaint of Whistle-blower’s Act Retaliation Discrimination
FCHR Form 6Petition for Relief from an Unlawful Employment Practice, a Housing Discriminatory Practice or a Public Accommodations Discriminatory Practice
FCHR Form 7AElection of Rights for Employment and Public Accommodations Discrimination Complaints
FCHR Form 7BElection of Rights for Housing Discrimination Complaints
FCHR Form 8Registration of Housing for Older Persons
Use of the FCHR forms described in this section is not obligatory, and any complaint or Petition for Relief from an Unlawful Employment Practice, a Housing Discriminatory Practice, a Public Accommodations Discriminatory Practice or a Whistle-blower’s Act Retaliatory Discriminatory Practice which meets the requirements of the rules of the Commission will be accepted. The requirements for a complaint are set forth in subsections 60Y-3.001(4), 60Y-6.001(17), Rules 60Y-10.003 and 60Y-5.001, F.A.C. The requirements for a Petition for Relief are set forth in Rules 28-106.201, 28-106.301, 60Y-5.008, subsection 60Y-6.001(48) and Rule 60Y-8.001, F.A.C.
Specific Authority 120.52, 760.06(13) FS. Law Implemented 23.167, 120.52, 120.54, 760.06 FS. History–New 11-2-78, Formerly 22T-6.09, 22T-6.009, Amended 12-31-03.

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