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The FCHR's Administrative Codes

Original Source: FLRules.org
Basics (All-in-One, Disclaimer, etc.)
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000FACAll-in-OnePDF/Page containing Florida Administrative Codes pertinent to civil rights.
001FAC-FCHRDisclaimerTBD's PDF containing the FCHR's FACs.
002FAC-FCHR-eeEmploymentPDF/Page containing FCHR FACs pertinent to Employment Discrimination.
003FAC-FCHR-houHousingPDF/Page containing FCHR FACs pertinent to Housing Discrimination.
004FAC-FCHR-pubPub. Accomm.PDF/Page containing FCHR FACs pertinent to Pub. Accommodations Discrimination.
005FAC-FCHR-wblWhistleblowerPDF/Page containing FCHR FACs pertinent to Whistleblower Protection.

General | Chapter 60Y-1
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100FAC_FCHR-general-60Y-1General - 60Y-1PDF/Webpage containing Chapter 60Y-1 from the FCHR's 'General' admin. codes.
10160Y-1.002 FAC60Y-1.002 FACConducting Proceedings by Communications Media Technology
General | Chapter 60Y-2
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200FAC_FCHR-general-60Y-2General - 60Y-2PDF/Webpage containing Chapter 60Y-2 from the FCHR's 'General' admin. codes.
20160Y 2.001 FAC60Y-2.001 FACGeneral
20260Y 2.002 FAC60Y-2.002 FACThe Agency
20360Y 2.003 FAC60Y-2.003 FACGeneral Description of the Commission
20460Y 2.004 FAC60Y-2.004 FACGeneral Description of Organization and Functions of Commission Staff
20560Y 2.005 FAC60Y-2.005 FACGeneral Information
20660Y 2.006 FAC60Y-2.006 FACStatutory Chapter and Rules
20760Y 2.007 FAC60Y-2.007 FACPublic Information and Inspection and Copying of Documents
20860Y 2.008 FAC60Y-2.008 FACPublic Access to Commission Proceedings
20960Y 2.009 FAC60Y-2.009 FACList of Forms and Instructions
21060Y 2.010 FAC60Y-2.010 FACNotices; Contents; Posting
21160Y 2.011 FAC60Y-2.011 FACPetitions for Variances or Waivers from Rules
21260Y 2.012 FAC60Y-2.012 FACCommission Orders; Numbering; Indexing; Maintenance
General | Chapter 60Y-3
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300FAC_FCHR-general-60Y-3General - 60Y-3PDF/Webpage containing Chapter 60Y-3 from the FCHR's 'General' admin. codes.
30160Y 3.001 FAC60Y-3.001 FACDefinitions
30260Y 3.002 FAC60Y-3.002 FACSingular to Include Plural
30360Y 3.003 FAC60Y-3.003 FACConstruction of Rules
General | Chapter 60Y-4
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400FAC_FCHR-general-60Y-4General - 60Y-4PDF/Webpage containing Chapter 60Y-4 from the FCHR's 'General' admin. codes.
40160Y-4.001 FAC60Y-4.001 FACApplicability
40260Y-4.002 FAC60Y-4.002 FACEx Parte Communications
40360Y-4.015 FAC60Y-4.015 FACFriend of the Commission
40460Y-4.016 FAC60Y-4.016 FACAssignment of Hearings
40560Y-4.023 FAC60Y-4.023 FACWitness Fees
40660Y-4.028 FAC60Y-4.028 FACOral Argument
40760Y-4.029 FAC60Y-4.029 FACDetermination by Commission
40860Y-4.030 FAC60Y-4.030 FACAppeal
40960Y-4.031 FAC60Y-4.031 FACNotice of Appeal

Employment Discrimination | Chapter 60Y-5
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500FAC_FCHR-general-60Y-5Employment DiscriminationPDF/Webpage containing admin. codes pertinent to employment discrimination
50160Y-5.001 FAC60Y-5.001 FACComplaints
50260Y-5.0011 FAC60Y-5.0011 FACAnswer
50360Y-5.002 FAC60Y-5.002 FACAgreements of Referral of Complaints
50460Y-5.003 FAC60Y-5.003 FACInvestigation of Complaints
50560Y-5.004 FAC60Y-5.004 FACExecutive Director's Investigatory Determination; Notice
50660Y-5.005 FAC60Y-5.005 FACConciliation
50760Y-5.006 FAC60Y-5.006 FACAdministrative Dismissal of a Complaint
50860Y-5.008 FAC60Y-5.008 FACPetition from Relief from an Unlawful Employment Practice
50960Y-5.009 FAC60Y-5.009 FACArbitration

Housing Discrimination | Chapter 60Y-6
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600FAC_FCHR-general-60Y-6Housing DiscriminationPDF/Webpage containing admin. codes pertinent to housing discrimination
60160Y-6.001 FAC60Y-6.001 FACDefinitions
60260Y-6.002 FAC60Y-6.002 FACConstruction of Rules
Housing Discrimination | Chapter 60Y-7
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700FAC_FCHR-general-60Y-7Housing Discr. - 60Y-7PDF/Webpage containing admin. codes pertinent to housing discrimination
70160Y-7.001 FAC60Y-7.001 FACComplaints
70260Y-7.002 FAC60Y-7.002 FACAnswer
70360Y-7.003 FAC60Y-7.003 FACReferral of Complaints
70460Y-7.004 FAC60Y-7.004 FACInvestigation of Complaints
70560Y-7.005 FAC60Y-7.005 FACConciliation
Housing Discrimination | Chapter 60Y-8
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800FAC_FCHR-general-60Y-8Housing Discr. - 60Y-8PDF/Webpage containing admin. codes pertinent to housing discrimination
80160Y-8.001 FAC60Y-8.001 FACPetition for Relief from a Discriminatory Housing Practice
Housing Discrimination | Chapter 60Y-9
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900FAC_FCHR-general-60Y-9Housing Discr. - 60Y-9PDF/Webpage containing admin. codes pertinent to housing discrimination
90160Y-9.001 FAC60Y-9.001 FACPurpose
90260Y-9.002 FAC60Y-9.002 FACGeneral Provisions
90360Y-9.003 FAC60Y-9.003 FACHousing Program Exemption
90460Y-9.004 FAC60Y-9.004 FACHousing Exemption for Persons 62 Years of Age or Older
90560Y-9.004 FAC60Y-9.005 FACHousing Exemption for Persons 55 Years of Age or Older
90660Y-9.005 FAC60Y-9.006 FACPrecertification Procedure
90760Y-9.006 FAC60Y-9.007 FACHousing for Older Persons Registration and Documentation
Housing Discrimination | Chapter 60Y-25
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2500FAC_FCHR-general-60Y-25Housing Discr. - 60Y-25PDF/Webpage containing admin. codes pertinent to housing discrimination
250160Y-25.001 FAC60Y-25.001 FACPurpose
250260Y-25.002 FAC60Y-25.002 FACGeneral Prohibition Against Discrimination Because of Handicap
250360Y-25.003 FAC60Y-25.003 FACReasonable Modification of Existing Premises
250460Y-25.004 FAC60Y-25.004 FACReasonable Accommodation
250560Y-25.005 FAC60Y-25.005 FACDesign and Construction Requirements
250660Y-25.006 FAC60Y-25.006 FACDesign Guidelines for Accessible/Adaptable Dwellings
250760Y-25.007 FAC60Y-25.007 FACSite Impracticality; Exceptions to Site Impracticality

Public Accommodations | Chapter 60Y-10
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1000FAC_FCHR-general-60Y-10FCHR - Chapter 60Y-10PDF/Webpage containing the FCHR's Pub Accom. admin. codes.
100160Y-10.001 FAC60Y-10.001 FACPurpose
100260Y-10.002 FAC60Y-10.002 FACCovered Entities and Facilities
100360Y-10.003 FAC60Y-10.003 FACWho May File a Complaint; Confidentiality
100460Y-10.004 FAC60Y-10.004 FACInvestigatory Process
100560Y-10.005 FAC60Y-10.005 FACRelationship of Other Rules

Whistleblower Protection | Chapter 60Y-11
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1100FAC_FCHR-general-60Y-11FCHR - Chapter 60Y-11PDF/Webpage containing the FCHR's Whistleblower's admin. codes.
110160Y-11.001 FAC60Y-11.001 FACPurpose
110260Y-11.002 FAC60Y-11.002 FACCovered Entities and Employees
110360Y-11.003 FAC60Y-11.003 FACWho May File a Complaint; Confidentiality
110460Y-11.004 FAC60Y-11.004 FACInvestigatory Process
110560Y-11.005 FAC60Y-11.005 FACRelationship of Other Rules
Get booked up on the FCHR's Florida Administrative Codes!

You'll need to reference them during your pursuit of justice.


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