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28-106.214 FAC | RECORDATION

(1) Responsibility for preserving the testimony at final hearings shall be that of the agency transmitting the petition to the Division of Administrative Hearings pursuant to Sections 120.569 and 120.57, F.S., the agency whose rule is being challenged, or the agency whose action initiated the proceeding. Proceedings shall be recorded by a certified court reporter or by recording instruments.
(2) No later than 10 days prior to the final hearing, the agency shall notify the parties of the method by which the agency will record the testimony at the final hearing. Any party to a hearing may, at its own expense, provide a certified court reporter if the agency does not. The presiding officer may provide a certified court reporter. At hearings reported by a court reporter, any party who wishes a transcript of the testimony shall order the same at its own expense. If a court reporter records the proceedings, the recordation shall become the official transcript.
Rulemaking Authority 14.202, 120.54(5) FS. Law Implemented 120.54(5) FS. History–New 4-1-97, Amended 3-18-98.

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