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Icon-UpArrow DOAH's Florida Administrative Codes
Original Source: FLRules.org

DOAH's Administrative Codes

Basics (All-in-One, Disclaimer, etc.)
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000FAC-DOAH-[official]DOAH[official] PDF/Page containing all of DOAH's Florida Administrative Codes.
001FAC-DOAHDisclaimerTBD's PDF containing DOAH's FACs.

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100FAC_DOAH-genDOAH - GeneralPDF/Webpage containing DOAH's 'General' Administrative Codes.
10128-106.101 FAC28-106.101 FACScope of this Chapter
10228-106.102 FAC28-106.102 FACPresiding Officer
10328-106.103 FAC28-106.103 FACComputation of Time
10428-106.104 FAC28-106.104 FACFiling
10528-106.105 FAC28-106.105 FACAppearance
10628-106.106 FAC28-106.106 FACWho May Appear; Criteria for Qualified Representatives
10728-106.107 FAC28-106.107 FACStandards of Conduct for Qualified Representatives
10828-106.108 FAC28-106.108 FACConsolidation
10928-106.109 FAC28-106.109 FACNotice of Interested Parties
11028-106.110 FAC28-106.110 FACService of Papers
11128-106.111 FAC28-106.111 FACPoint of Entry into Proceedings and Mediation
Hearings Involving Disputed Issues of Material Fact
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200FAC_FCHR-AllDOAH - Material FactsPDF/Webpage containing DOAH's Administrative Codes for material fact hearings.
20128-106.201 FAC28-106.201 FACInitiation of Proceedings
20228-106.2015 FAC28-106.2015 FACAgency Enforcement and Disciplinary Actions
20328-106.202 FAC28-106.202 FACAmendment of Petitions or Requests for Hearing
20428-106.203 FAC28-106.203 FACAnswer
20528-106.204 FAC28-106.204 FACMotions
20628-106.205 FAC28-106.205 FACIntervention
20728-106.206 FAC28-106.206 FACDiscovery
20828-106.207 FAC28-106.207 FACVenue
20928-106.208 FAC28-106.208 FACNotice of Hearing
21028-106.209 FAC28-106.209 FACPre-Hearing Conferences
21128-106.210 FAC28-106.210 FACContinuances
21228-106.211 FAC28-106.211 FACConduct of Proceedings
21328-106.212 FAC28-106.212 FACSubpoenas
21428-106.213 FAC28-106.213 FACEvidence
21528-106.214 FAC28-106.214 FACRecordation
21628-106.215 FAC28-106.215 FACPost-Hearing Submittals
21728-106.216 FAC28-106.216 FACEntry of Recommended Order
21828-106.217 FAC28-106.217 FACExceptions and Responses
Congratulations! You're getting booked up on the Florida Administrative Codes from DOAH!

You'll need to reference them during your pursuit of justice at DOAH.


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