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(A) Scope of the Rule. This rule sets out the required form of each document filed in a case other than an exhibit or other material not created for filing in the case.
(B) Case Style and Heading. The first page of a document must begin with the case style. The case style must include the name of the court, the case number (including the initials of any assigned judges), and the name of at least one party on each side of the case (as framed by the first pleading or amended by an order or by substitution of a party under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 25(d)). The document must include a heading after the case style but before any other content. The heading must clearly identify the document.
(C) Format. A document must be double spaced with at least 14-point font and at least one-inch margins on the top, bottom, left, and right of each page. Pages must be numbered. Handwritten documents must be legible with adequate spacing between lines. Hard copies should be securely fastened in the upper left-hand corner.
(D) Signature Block for an Attorney. A document filed by an attorney must include a signature block with the attorney’s handwritten or electronic signature, typed name, bar number, street and email addresses, and telephone number. The signature block must identify by name or category the parties on whose behalf the document is filed.
(E) Signature Block for a Pro Se Party. A document filed by a pro se party must include a signature block with the party’s handwritten signature, typed or printed name, street address, email address if the party has one, and telephone number if the party has one. But the signature may be electronic if an administrative rule or court order allows the party to file the document electronically.
(F) Certificate of Service. A document must include a certificate of service — with an electronic or handwritten signature — setting out the date and method of service. But a certificate of service is not required if:
(1) each party on whom the document will be served either (a) is represented by an attorney who will be served through the electronic filing system, or (b) has not yet appeared and will be served through formal service of process; or
(2) the document is properly being filed ex parte.

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