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(a) Electronic Filing and Service. It is mandatory that all counsel of record use the court’s Electronic Case Files (ECF) system. Non-incarcerated pro se parties are permitted to use the court’s ECF system. However, once a non-incarcerated pro se party has elected to use the ECF system, such party is required to do so unless the court grants the party’s request to not use the system or revokes the party’s permission upon a finding that the party has abused the privilege of using the ECF system. Documents must be filed and served electronically in accordance with the procedures adopted by the court and set forth in the Eleventh Circuit Guide to Electronic Filing. The Eleventh Circuit Guide to Electronic Filing, and information and training materials related to electronic filing, are available at www.ca11.uscourts.gov.
The notice generated and e-mailed by the ECF system constitutes service of all electronically filed documents on attorneys and pro se parties registered to use the ECF system. Independent service, either by paper or otherwise, need not be made on those attorneys or parties. Incarcerated pro se litigants, non-incarcerated pro se litigants who choose not to file electronically or whose permission to file electronically has been revoked, and attorneys who are exempt from electronic filing must be served by the filing party through the conventional means of service set forth in FRAP 25.
(b) Attorney Exemption. Upon motion and a showing of good cause, the court may exempt an attorney from the electronic filing requirements and authorize filing and service by means other than the use of the ECF system. The motion, which need not be filed or served electronically, must be filed at least 14 days before the brief, petition, or other document is due. Also see 11th Cir. R. 31-5.

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