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Index of FCHR Petitions for Relief

Pertinent to Civil Rights Litigation

Disclaimer as of: 8/31/2023
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#PDFReport No.CaptionDescription
0001PDFLogo199932 TBD.P 001Smith v. Gulf Power99-003476 | eee | age, dis, retal, sex
0002PDFLogo199942 TBD.P 001Priskie v. Omni Colonnade Hotel99-004333 | eee | nator, relig, sex
0003PDFLogo199950 TBD.P 001Webster v. Metro-Dade County99-005113 | eee | age, col, dis, marry, nator, race, relig, retal, sex
0004PDFLogo199950 TBD.P 002Walker v. Georgia Pacific00-001221 | eee | race
#PDFReport No.CaptionDescription
0005PDFLogo200005 TBD.P 001Serpico v. Advance Security00-000407 | eee | age
0006PDFLogo200005 TBD.P 002Upshaw v. Metric Systems Corporation00-000408 | eee | age
0007PDFLogo200005 TBD.P 003Odum v. GTC/GTCOMM00-000409 | eee | age
0008PDFLogo200005 TBD.P 004Besson v. Wakulla County00-000410 | eee | dis, retal
0009PDFLogo200005 TBD.P 005Eshelman v. Tropic Isles Mobile Home00-000403 | hou | sex
0010PDFLogo200005 TBD.P 006Swigert v. QC Service00-000404 | eee | age
0011PDFLogo200005 TBD.P 007Bollinger v. DEP00-000405 | eee | age, dis
0012PDFLogo200008 TBD.P 001Davis v. Duval County00-000736 | hou | race
0013PDFLogo200008 TBD.P 002Evans v. Sunrise Community00-000737 | eee | race
0014PDFLogo200008 TBD.P 003Spradlin v. Washington Mutual Bank00-001126 | eee | nator
0015PDFLogo200008 TBD.P 004Green v. American Home Companions00-001127 | eee | relig
0016PDFLogo200009 TBD.P 001Kisner v. Envirotest Technologies00-001130 | eee | nator
0017PDFLogo200010 TBD.P 001Williams v. Gustafson's Dairy00-001128 | eee | sex
0018PDFLogo200010 TBD.P 002White v. Sandestin Resort00-001123 | eee | race, sex
0019PDFLogo200011 TBD.P 001Ewing v. Charlotte County00-001222 | eee | marry, sex
0020PDFLogo200011 TBD.P 002Martinez v. FPL00-001218 | eee | nator, sex
0021PDFLogo200011 TBD.P 003Serwas v. Volusia County00-001219 | eee | age, dis
0022PDFLogo200011 TBD.P 004Roberts v. Mill-It Striping00-001796 | eee | race
0023PDFLogo200011 TBD.P 005Knopfel v. USAA00-002314 | eee | age
0024PDFLogo200012 TBD.P 001George v. Paul West Ford Mitsubishi00-001124 | eee | col, race
0025PDFLogo200012 TBD.P 002Schnurer v. Dollar General00-001125 | eee | age
0026PDFLogo200012 TBD.P 003Schmied-Tampas v. UF00-001129 | eee | sex
0027PDFLogo200012 TBD.P 004Gainey v. Campo Electronics00-001795 | eee | age, retal
0028PDFLogo200012 TBD.P 005Lee v. Compass Retail00-001792 | eee | dis
0029PDFLogo200012 TBD.P 006Phillips v. Orange Lake Country Club Realty00-001794 | eee | dis
0030PDFLogo200013 TBD.P 001Garland v. DOS00-001797 | eee | race
0031PDFLogo200013 TBD.P 002Mena v. United Healthcare Services00-001220 | eee | age, retal
0032PDFLogo200014 TBD.P 001Favors v. DCFS00-001791 | eee | marry, race, sex
0033PDFLogo200014 TBD.P 002Guyton-Slaton v. Office of Auditor General00-002655 | eee | race, sex
0034PDFLogo200018 TBD.P 001Bailey v. Stone Container Corporation00-001793 | eee | age
0035PDFLogo200021 TBD.P 001Mcmillon v. Mactavish Furniture00-002315 | eee | race
0036PDFLogo200021 TBD.P 002Henry v. Primary Care Specialist00-002313 | eee | sex
0037PDFLogo200021 TBD.P 003Carter v. County of Volusia00-002316 | eee | retal, sex
0038PDFLogo200021 TBD.P 004Corry v. Florida State Hospital00-002928 | eee | dis
0039PDFLogo200022 TBD.P 001Roberson v. Air Products Manufacturing00-002527 | eee | race
0040PDFLogo200022 TBD.P 002Harris v. The Ale House00-002528 | eee | sex
0041PDFLogo200022 TBD.P 003Hillman v. Chem-Polymer Corporation00-002654 | eee | age
0042PDFLogo200023 TBD.P 001Morales v. Joe Blaso Cosmetics00-003020 | eee | dis, nator, sex
0043PDFLogo200023 TBD.P 002Morales v. Joe Blaso Cosmetics01-002328 | eee | dis, nator, sex
0044PDFLogo200023 TBD.P 003Ford v. Mold-Ex Rubber00-002309 | eee | sex
0045PDFLogo200023 TBD.P 004Cirruzzo v. USAA00-002929 | eee | age, sex
0046PDFLogo200024 TBD.P 001Downer v. DOC00-003015 | eee | nator, race, relig, sex
0047PDFLogo200024 TBD.P 002Davis v. Arbors of Tallahassee00-002624 | eee | race
0048PDFLogo200025 TBD.P 001Henry v. USAA00-002931 | eee | age
0049PDFLogo200026 TBD.P 001Nelson v. Sunrise Community00-002657 | eee | race
0050PDFLogo200026 TBD.P 002Akins v. DLE00-002658 | eee | race, retal
0051PDFLogo200027 TBD.P 001Bain v. Escambia County00-002656 | eee | retal
0052PDFLogo200030 TBD.P 001Mcnulty v. Habitat for Humanity00-003427 | eee | race
0053PDFLogo200031 TBD.P 001Prince v. City of Palm Bay00-002998 | eee | sex
0054PDFLogo200031 TBD.P 002Thornhill v. Watkins, et al00-003014 | hou | dis
0055PDFLogo200031 TBD.P 003Lunn v. Diplomat Apartment Association, et al00-003016 | hou | dis
0056PDFLogo200031 TBD.P 004Torres v. Sweet Tomatoes Restaurant00-003018 | eee | sex
0057PDFLogo200031 TBD.P 005Hakami v. Sears00-003424 | eee | dis, sex
0058PDFLogo200031 TBD.P 006Hickox v. Rayonier, Inc.00-003104 | eee | dis
0059PDFLogo200032 TBD.P 001Farris v. Advanced Elastomer Systems00-003106 | eee | race
0060PDFLogo200032 TBD.P 002Brill v. Ocean View Villas00-003423 | eee | dis
0061PDFLogo200032 TBD.P 003Debose v. Columbia North Florida Regional Medical00-003426 | eee | age, race
0062PDFLogo200034 TBD.P 001Pierce v. Cal Henderson00-003422 | eee | race, sex
0063PDFLogo200034 TBD.P 002Gosha v. Applebee's00-003425 | eee | race
0064PDFLogo200034 TBD.P 003Mallard v. Florida Gulf Coast University00-003843 | eee | race
0065PDFLogo200035 TBD.P 001Winn v. City of Casselberry00-003802 | eee | dis, retal
0066PDFLogo200036 TBD.P 001Hatcher v. DCFS00-003910 | eee | dis, sex
0067PDFLogo200037 TBD.P 001Holloway v. Rollins College00-003866 | eee | race
0068PDFLogo200038 TBD.P 001Kerney v. Highlands County00-004135 | eee | dis
0069PDFLogo200038 TBD.P 002Ellis v. American General00-003865 | eee | dis
0070PDFLogo200038 TBD.P 003Ferrigno v. DCFS00-003909 | eee | retal, sex
0071PDFLogo200038 TBD.P 004Barnett v. Desoto Mobile Estates00-003842 | hou | race
0072PDFLogo200038 TBD.P 005Berdy v. DCFS00-003908 | eee | dis
0073PDFLogo200038 TBD.P 006Sarwar v. DLE00-003911 | eee | age
0074PDFLogo200039 TBD.P 001Castellanos v. SB Partners Real00-004159 | hou | dis
0075PDFLogo200039 TBD.P 002Blackmon v. Sandestin Resort00-003912 | eee | age, race, sex
0076PDFLogo200039 TBD.P 003James v. Alachua County00-004158 | eee | dis, race, retal
0077PDFLogo200039 TBD.P 004Hatcher v. DCFS01-002971 | eee | sex
0078PDFLogo200040 TBD.P 001Rittman v. Quincy State Bank00-004168 | eee | age, race
0079PDFLogo200040 TBD.P 002King v. DOC00-004169 | eee | col, race, retal, sex
0080PDFLogo200040 TBD.P 003Castellanos v. SB Partners Real01-001113 | eee | dis
0081PDFLogo200040 TBD.P 004Lawrence v. DOE00-004167 | eee | dis, race, retal
0082PDFLogo200041 TBD.P 001Van Hout v. UPS00-004142 | eee | dis
0083PDFLogo200042 TBD.P 001Kahm v. DCFS00-004163 | eee | dis
0084PDFLogo200042 TBD.P 002Hollingsworth v. Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta00-004164 | eee | race
0085PDFLogo200042 TBD.P 003Wilson v. Sunland Investments00-004165 | hou | race
0086PDFLogo200042 TBD.P 004Colbert v. City of Riviera Beach00-004166 | eee | col, race
0087PDFLogo200042 TBD.P 005Cremeens v. Days Inn00-004432 | eee | age, dis, marry, nator, retal, sex
0088PDFLogo200042 TBD.P 006Tisdale v. Tallahassee Leon Shelter00-004428 | eee | relig, retal, sex
0089PDFLogo200043 TBD.P 001Norris v. Shoney's Restuarant00-004635 | eee | col
0090PDFLogo200044 TBD.P 001Huth v. National Admark00-004633 | eee | sex
0091PDFLogo200044 TBD.P 002Locklear v. Orange County00-005083 | eee | race
0092PDFLogo200044 TBD.P 003Vinson v. DCFS00-004425 | eee | dis
0093PDFLogo200044 TBD.P 004Fizzarotti v. Lamorte Burns & Company00-004426 | eee | age
0094PDFLogo200044 TBD.P 005Mcknight v. Metro-Dade County00-004430 | eee | unkn
0095PDFLogo200044 TBD.P 006Black v. Duval County00-004431 | eee | col, dis, marry, race, retal, sex
0096PDFLogo200044 TBD.P 007Olivera v. City of Hallandale00-004433 | eee | nator, sex
0097PDFLogo200044 TBD.P 008Gilliam v. Tree of Life00-004632 | eee | dis
0098PDFLogo200045 TBD.P 001Fitzgerald v. Solutia00-004798 | eee | dis, fam
0099PDFLogo200046 TBD.P 001Albert v. Bruno's Supermarkets00-004871 | eee | age, retal, sex
0100PDFLogo200047 TBD.P 001Adeshile v. Florida Blue00-004634 | eee | dis, race
0101PDFLogo200047 TBD.P 002Stephens v. St. Johns River Community College00-004870 | eee | col
0102PDFLogo200049 TBD.P 001Davis v. DOC00-004876 | eee | race, retal, sex
0103PDFLogo200049 TBD.P 002Carter v. Radisson Hotels00-004872 | pub | race
0104PDFLogo200049 TBD.P 003Pruitt v. Radisson Hotels00-004874 | pub | race
0105PDFLogo200049 TBD.P 004Cunningham v. Radisson Hotels00-004875 | eee | race
0106PDFLogo200049 TBD.P 005Butler v. Radisson Hotels00-005082 | eee | race
0107PDFLogo200049 TBD.P 006Marshall v. Radisson Hotels00-005092 | eee | race
0108PDFLogo200049 TBD.P 007Wesley v. DOC00-005090 | eee | col
0109PDFLogo200050 TBD.P 001Carroll v. Florida State University00-005096 | eee | age
0110PDFLogo200050 TBD.P 002Tulloch v. Walmart00-004935 | eee | sex
#PDFReport No.CaptionDescription
0111PDFLogo200102 TBD.P 001Ausby v. DCFS01-001493 | eee | col, dis, race, retal, sex
0112PDFLogo200103 TBD.P 001Smith v. City of Vero Beach01-000456 | eee | race
0113PDFLogo200105 TBD.P 001Davis v. Nichols Sanitation01-000455 | eee | race
0114PDFLogo200107 TBD.P 001Clemons v. St. Joe Forest Products Company01-000594 | eee | age, col, race
0115PDFLogo200108 TBD.P 001Ware v. DOC01-000692 | eee | dis, race, retal
0116PDFLogo200108 TBD.P 002Jefferson v. La Petite Academy01-000766 | eee | sex
0117PDFLogo200110 TBD.P 001Sanders v. Clover Ridge Retirement Villas01-000956 | eee | race
0118PDFLogo200110 TBD.P 002Lindo v. Red Roof Inns01-000959 | eee | col, race
0119PDFLogo200111 TBD.P 001Weaver v. Leon County01-001610 | eee | age, marry, race, retal, sex
0120PDFLogo200111 TBD.P 002Ehrich v. Leon County01-001116 | eee | dis, retal
0121PDFLogo200117 TBD.P 001Ivey v. DOT01-001686 | eee | race, retal
0122PDFLogo200118 TBD.P 001Monroe v. Jennings Environmental Services01-001685 | eee | dis
0123PDFLogo200118 TBD.P 002Cahill v. KSL Fairways01-001689 | eee | age
0124PDFLogo200119 TBD.P 001Klein v. Saft-America01-001764 | eee | age, dis, retal
0125PDFLogo200119 TBD.P 002Richter v. Stetson University01-001814 | eee | age, sex
0126PDFLogo200120 TBD.P 001Ford v. DOC01-001997 | eee | relig
0127PDFLogo200122 TBD.P 001Peterson v. Pep Boys01-002338 | eee | race
0128PDFLogo200122 TBD.P 002Lister v. Albertson's01-002128 | eee | age, dis, unkn
0129PDFLogo200123 TBD.P 001Davis-Gavin v. Walmart01-002204 | eee | race
0130PDFLogo200123 TBD.P 002Stoker v. KFC01-002256 | pub | race
0131PDFLogo200123 TBD.P 003Carter v. Golden Corral01-002408 | eee | age, race
0132PDFLogo200124 TBD.P 001Ostrom v. Mariner Health Care01-002461 | eee | age, dis
0132PDFLogo200124 TBD.P 002Chinigo v. Sound Advice01-002816 | eee | dis
0133PDFLogo200125 TBD.P 001Archbold v. Tenet Healthcare-Florida01-002487 | eee | col, race, relig, sex
0134PDFLogo200126 TBD.P 001Henry v. Loeb Partners Realty01-002625 | eee | age, race
0135PDFLogo200126 TBD.P 002Ralabate v. Pink Top Mobile Park01-002723 | hou | dis
0136PDFLogo200127 TBD.P 001Lovett v. PepsiCo01-002580 | eee | dis, race
0137PDFLogo200127 TBD.P 002Christie v. Home Depot01-002590 | eee | sex
0138PDFLogo200127 TBD.P 003Kay v. Polk County01-002591 | eee | race, retal
0139PDFLogo200127 TBD.P 004Johnson v. PCS Phosphate01-002619 | eee | sex
0140PDFLogo200127 TBD.P 005Bullard v. Apalachee Correctional Institution01-002626 | eee | dis
0141PDFLogo200128 TBD.P 001Hall v. Taco Bell01-002693 | eee | race
0142PDFLogo200129 TBD.P 001Vazguez v. Invacare01-002817 | eee | retal, sex
0143PDFLogo200129 TBD.P 002Israel v. Walmart01-002818 | eee | dis, race
0144PDFLogo200129 TBD.P 003Boyd v. CTL Distribution01-002823 | eee | dis
0145PDFLogo200130 TBD.P 001Rittman v. American Pharmaceutical Services01-002911 | eee | dis, race, retal
0146PDFLogo200130 TBD.P 002Burke v. Suburban Propane01-002921 | eee | dis, sex
0147PDFLogo200131 TBD.P 001Hoblit v. HB Zachry Company01-003077 | eee | age
0148PDFLogo200132 TBD.P 001Thomas v. Marion County01-003099 | eee | dis
0149PDFLogo200133 TBD.P 001Wallace v. Checkers Restaurant01-003219 | pub | col, race
0150PDFLogo200133 TBD.P 002Perkins v. Tallahassee Community College01-003302 | eee | marry, race, retal, sex
0151PDFLogo200133 TBD.P 003Hampton v. DOC01-003354 | eee | dis, race, sex
0152PDFLogo200134 TBD.P 001Shiver v. Commercial Carrier01-003330 | eee | age
0153PDFLogo200134 TBD.P 002Dicesare v. DOH01-003331 | eee | retal
0154PDFLogo200134 TBD.P 003Brockington v. DOC01-003338 | eee | race, sex
0155PDFLogo200134 TBD.P 004Maddox v. Chipola College01-003489 | eee | dis, retal
0156PDFLogo200135 TBD.P 001Rosier v. Quincy's Family Steak House01-003427 | eee | age, race, retal
0157PDFLogo200135 TBD.P 002Whipple v. Rental Management Company01-003445 | hou | col, race
0158PDFLogo200135 TBD.P 003Mcghee v. Navel Continuing Care01-003446 | eee | race
0159PDFLogo200135 TBD.P 004Davis v. Polk County01-003466 | eee | age, marry, retal
0160PDFLogo200136 TBD.P 001Ferraro v. Renda Broadcasting01-003494 | eee | retal, sex
0161PDFLogo200136 TBD.P 002Green v. City of Daytona Beach01-003559 | eee | dis
0162PDFLogo200136 TBD.P 003Petaccia v. JC Penney01-003626 | eee | age
0163PDFLogo200137 TBD.P 001Elkins v. City of Gainesville01-003644 | eee | col, dis, race, retal, sex
0164PDFLogo200137 TBD.P 002Jefferson v. Ryan Companies01-003670 | eee | dis
0165PDFLogo200138 TBD.P 001Bradham v. Cypress Chase North Condo01-003750 | hou | race
0166PDFLogo200138 TBD.P 002Wilson v. Taco Bell01-003751 | eee | race
0168PDFLogo200138 TBD.P 003Graham v. Pier 1 Imports01-003323 | eee | race, sex
0167PDFLogo200139 TBD.P 001Greene v. Beverly Enterprises01-004015 | eee | race, sex
0168PDFLogo200139 TBD.P 002Singletary v. Photo Plus01-003846 | eee | race, retal, sex
0169PDFLogo200139 TBD.P 003Kelly v. Beverly Enterprises01-004552 | eee | nator, race, retal
0170PDFLogo200140 TBD.P 001Wright v. Whataburger01-003883 | eee | retal
0171PDFLogo200140 TBD.P 002Booth v. DOT01-003884 | eee | race
0172PDFLogo200140 TBD.P 003Senecal v. Brown & Brown01-003845 | eee | age
0173PDFLogo200140 TBD.P 004Mckee v. Osceola Regional Hospital01-003905 | eee | age
0174PDFLogo200140 TBD.P 005Diaz v. Ohio Disposal Systems01-003866 | eee | age, col, nator
0175PDFLogo200140 TBD.P 006Brown v. Sleep Inn01-003882 | eee | race
0176PDFLogo200140 TBD.P 007Oliveras v. Aero Decal01-003928 | eee | sex
0177PDFLogo200140 TBD.P 008Gallagher v. Santa Rosa County01-003930 | eee | nator
0178PDFLogo200141 TBD.P 001Mangual v. Miami-Dade County01-004014 | eee | dis
0179PDFLogo200142 TBD.P 001Olson v. Landsafe Title01-004048 | eee | age
0180PDFLogo200142 TBD.P 002Kenny v. DOC01-004016 | eee | sex
0181PDFLogo200142 TBD.P 003Swinson v. CDR Systems Corporation01-004315 | eee | race
0182PDFLogo200143 TBD.P 001Parrish v. Wellesley Inn & Suites01-004340 | eee | race
0183PDFLogo200143 TBD.P 002Ward v. Fairfield Inn01-004341 | pub | col, race
0184PDFLogo200143 TBD.P 003Buchanan v. Town & Country Mortgage01-004345 | hou | race, sex
0185PDFLogo200143 TBD.P 004Ward v. Wellesley Inn & Suites02-000803 | eee | col
0186PDFLogo200143 TBD.P 005Tirado v. Marco Polo Builders01-004387 | hou | fam, nator
0187PDFLogo200143 TBD.P 006Mackey v. Genesis Energy01-004386 | eee | race
0188PDFLogo200144 TBD.P 001Weiss v. Willian Coop01-004347 | hou | dis
0189PDFLogo200144 TBD.P 002Jester v. DCFS01-004343 | eee | race, retal, sex
0190PDFLogo200144 TBD.P 003Tutson v. DCFS01-004316 | eee | race, sex
0191PDFLogo200145 TBD.P 001Mcshane v. Brevard County01-004449 | eee | age, retal
0192PDFLogo200145 TBD.P 002Godwin v. Center for Independent Living01-004342 | eee | retal
0193PDFLogo200145 TBD.P 003Gallagher v. Service Merchandise01-004344 | eee | age
0194PDFLogo200145 TBD.P 004O'Donnell v. Naples Estate HOA01-004346 | hou | dis
0195PDFLogo200145 TBD.P 005Browdy v. DOC01-004348 | eee | race
0196PDFLogo200145 TBD.P 006Wisniewski v. AT&T01-004448 | eee | age, dis, retal, sex
0197PDFLogo200145 TBD.P 007Hannah v. DOH01-004447 | eee | race, retal
0198PDFLogo200146 TBD.P 001Randolph v. DOAH02-000287 | eee | dis, marry, race, retal
0199PDFLogo200147 TBD.P 001Price v. FPL01-004804 | eee | race
0200PDFLogo200147 TBD.P 002Coleus v. Walt Disney World01-004659 | eee | dis
0201PDFLogo200148 TBD.P 001Dove v. IHOP01-004661 | pub | race
0202PDFLogo200148 TBD.P 002Owens v. Waste Management01-004662 | eee | race, retal
0203PDFLogo200149 TBD.P 001Roundtree v. Checkers Restaurant01-004802 | eee | col, nator, race
0204PDFLogo200149 TBD.P 002Parmar v. Game & Fresh Water Fish Commission01-004660 | eee | age, col, dis, marry, nator, race, relig, retal, sex
0205PDFLogo200149 TBD.P 003Thomas v. FPL01-004800 | eee | col, race, retal
0206PDFLogo200149 TBD.P 004Crawford v. DCFS01-004806 | eee | race
0207PDFLogo200149 TBD.P 005Hackworth v. Debonair Cleaners01-004801 | eee | col, race
0208PDFLogo200150 TBD.P 001Hahn v. Community Interest01-004822 | eee | age, marry, retal, sex
0209PDFLogo200150 TBD.P 002Powell v. Park Place Associates01-004799 | eee | dis, race, relig
0210PDFLogo200150 TBD.P 003Cesarin v. Dillards01-004805 | eee | race, retal, sex
0211PDFLogo200150 TBD.P 004Pinedo v. Ocwen Financial01-004823 | eee | sex
0212PDFLogo200151 TBD.P 001Laskowski v. Perot Systems01-004886 | eee | age, nator, race
0213PDFLogo200151 TBD.P 002Mitchell v. Nature Coast Regional Surgery Center01-004935 | eee | race
0214PDFLogo200152 TBD.P 001Spiller v. Alachua County02-000065 | eee | nator, retal
0215PDFLogo200152 TBD.P 002Pedraza v. Lockheed Martin02-000237 | eee | retal
0216PDFLogo200152 TBD.P 003Pedraza v. International Brotherhood02-000238 | eee | retal
#PDFReport No.CaptionDescription
0217PDFLogo200202 TBD.P 001Andrews v. Burger King02-000133 | pub | col
0218PDFLogo200202 TBD.P 002Santiago v. Eckerd Drugs02-000152 | eee | age
0219PDFLogo200202 TBD.P 003Santiago v. Eckerd Drugs02-001957 | eee | nator
0220PDFLogo200202 TBD.P 004Thomas v. K-Mart02-000132 | eee | race
0221PDFLogo200203 TBD.P 001Owens v. Waffle House02-000163 | pub | race
0222PDFLogo200203 TBD.P 002Stevenson v. Jackson County Hospital02-000240 | eee | race, retal
0223PDFLogo200203 TBD.P 003Davis v. DOT02-000241 | eee | race
0224PDFLogo200204 TBD.P 001Leonard v. Denny's Restaurant02-000399 | pub | race
0225PDFLogo200206 TBD.P 001Jones v. DCFS02-000466 | eee | dis
0226PDFLogo200206 TBD.P 002Tien v. The Continental Group02-000551 | hou | nator
0227PDFLogo200207 TBD.P 001Sharpe v. Nassau Terminals02-000549 | eee | dis
0228PDFLogo200207 TBD.P 002Crowe v. Emergency One02-000586 | eee | retal
0229PDFLogo200208 TBD.P 001Belcher v. Bobby Allison Wireless02-000580 | eee | race
0230PDFLogo200208 TBD.P 002Powell v. CSX Transportation02-000582 | eee | race
0231PDFLogo200208 TBD.P 003Beaty v. Publix02-000690 | eee | sex
0232PDFLogo200209 TBD.P 001Foster v. DOC02-000957 | eee | race
0233PDFLogo200210 TBD.P 001Jones v. Seminole County02-000958 | eee | race
0234PDFLogo200210 TBD.P 002Pappas v. USF02-001007 | eee | retal
0235PDFLogo200210 TBD.P 003Mendoza v. Quincy's Restaurant Group02-001006 | eee | nator
0236PDFLogo200210 TBD.P 004Strobel v. EZ Serve Convenience Stores02-001055 | eee | sex
0237PDFLogo200210 TBD.P 005Behl v. Centex Homes02-001057 | hou | dis
0238PDFLogo200211 TBD.P 001Thornhill v. Watkins, et al02-001056 | hou | retal
0239PDFLogo200211 TBD.P 002Ordonez v. Coronet Villa Apartments02-001054 | hou | nator
0240PDFLogo200211 TBD.P 003Cummings v. Rockwell Collins02-001112 | eee | race
0241PDFLogo200211 TBD.P 004Noble v. DFS02-001357 | eee | sex
0242PDFLogo200212 TBD.P 001Lopez v. Fleet Mortgage02-001413 | hou | dis, nator
0243PDFLogo200214 TBD.P 001Haines v. City of Tampa02-001412 | eee | age
0244PDFLogo200214 TBD.P 002Hicks v. Metro-Dade County02-001410 | eee | dis, race, retal
0245PDFLogo200214 TBD.P 003Stephenson v. Residence for Geriatic Care02-001440 | eee | marry
0246PDFLogo200214 TBD.P 004Lairsey v. Leon County02-001441 | eee | race
0247PDFLogo200214 TBD.P 005Rollins v. Volusia County02-001411 | hou | dis
0248PDFLogo200214 TBD.P 006Barber v. Modern Plumbing Industries02-001430 | eee | race, retal, sex
0249PDFLogo200214 TBD.P 007Roche v. JC Penney02-001438 | eee | dis
0250PDFLogo200214 TBD.P 008Lawlor v. Florida United Methodist Children's Home02-001439 | eee | dis
0251PDFLogo200215 TBD.P 001Pepin v. Bayport Village Condo02-001409 | hou | dis
0252PDFLogo200215 TBD.P 002Torres v. Winn Dixie02-001901 | eee | nator
0253PDFLogo200215 TBD.P 003Pace v. Microtel Inn & Suites02-001571 | eee | col
0254PDFLogo200215 TBD.P 004Delancy v. Brevard County02-001572 | eee | retal
0255PDFLogo200216 TBD.P 001Linares v. Florida Children's Forum02-001623 | eee | nator, race
0256PDFLogo200218 TBD.P 001Evans v. Minuteman PI02-001766 | eee | race
0257PDFLogo200218 TBD.P 002Titus v. Walmart02-001900 | eee | sex
0258PDFLogo200219 TBD.P 001Royster v. Pen Air Federal Credit Union02-001975 | eee | relig
0259PDFLogo200219 TBD.P 002Snow v. Rentway02-001976 | eee | race
0260PDFLogo200220 TBD.P 001Deal v. Emeritus02-001977 | eee | sex
0261PDFLogo200220 TBD.P 002Butler v. DCA02-002199 | eee | race
0262PDFLogo200220 TBD.P 003Davis v. Lubrications of Rockledge02-002142 | eee | race
0263PDFLogo200220 TBD.P 004Dawson v. Dillard Store Services02-001973 | eee | race
0264PDFLogo200220 TBD.P 005Kuhnley v. 7-Eleven02-001974 | eee | dis
0265PDFLogo200220 TBD.P 006Reddick v. Conklin Center02-002110 | eee | retal
0266PDFLogo200220 TBD.P 007Cruz v. Colony Park Mobile Home02-002129 | hou | nator
0267PDFLogo200221 TBD.P 001Hernandez v. Santa Fe Community College02-002181 | eee | age
0268PDFLogo200221 TBD.P 002Moses v. Home Depot02-002182 | eee | age
0269PDFLogo200221 TBD.P 003Plaisime v. Marriott02-002183 | eee | nator
0270PDFLogo200222 TBD.P 001Weaver v. Leon County02-002295 | eee | age, marry, race, retal, sex
0271PDFLogo200222 TBD.P 002White v. Florida Health Care Plans02-002229 | eee | race
0272PDFLogo200222 TBD.P 003Keys v. First Health Services02-002748 | eee | race, sex
0273PDFLogo200222 TBD.P 004Martin v. Aaron's, Inc.02-002244 | eee | race
0274PDFLogo200223 TBD.P 001Stevens v. Fedex02-002310 | eee | sex
0275PDFLogo200223 TBD.P 002Rivero v. Dade County02-002311 | eee | dis
0276PDFLogo200224 TBD.P 001King v. La Playa-De Varadero Restaurant02-002502 | pub | race
0277PDFLogo200224 TBD.P 002Katz v. Federated Mutual Insurance02-002379 | eee | marry
0278PDFLogo200224 TBD.P 003Rogers v. DOC02-002625 | eee | race, retal
0279PDFLogo200224 TBD.P 004Miller v. Swifty Mart02-002500 | eee | race
0280PDFLogo200225 TBD.P 001Metz v. HB Tuten Logging02-002524 | hou | dis
0281PDFLogo200225 TBD.P 002Burke v. Oasis Outsourcing02-002526 | eee | sex
0282PDFLogo200225 TBD.P 003Pupo v. Marino Technologies02-002525 | eee | dis
0283PDFLogo200225 TBD.P 004Scott v. Jackson County02-002626 | eee | age, dis, race
0284PDFLogo200225 TBD.P 005Turner v. Walt Disney World02-002523 | eee | dis
0285PDFLogo200225 TBD.P 006Roberts v. US Filtrations & Separation Group02-002627 | eee | age
0286PDFLogo200225 TBD.P 007Yeager v. Development Consultants02-002628 | hou | dis, fam
0287PDFLogo200226 TBD.P 001Carter v. US Xpress02-002662 | eee | dis
0288PDFLogo200226 TBD.P 002Prince v. City of Orlando02-002660 | eee | age, race
0289PDFLogo200226 TBD.P 003Wyche v. Dillards02-002661 | eee | race
0290PDFLogo200226 TBD.P 004Miller v. Economy Label Sales Company02-002663 | eee | dis
0291PDFLogo200226 TBD.P 005Moncur v. Carmel at California Club02-002679 | hou | dis
0292PDFLogo200226 TBD.P 006Bien-Aime v. Foot Locker02-002678 | eee | race
0293PDFLogo200226 TBD.P 007Powell v. Marion County02-002680 | eee | age
0294PDFLogo200228 TBD.P 001Khan v. Jackson Trading02-002729 | eee | retal, sex
0295PDFLogo200228 TBD.P 002Mitchell v. White Oak Plantation02-002746 | eee | race
0296PDFLogo200228 TBD.P 003Ambroise v. O'Donnell's Corporation02-002762 | eee | race
0297PDFLogo200228 TBD.P 004Demchak v. City of Ormond Beach02-002779 | eee | age
0298PDFLogo200228 TBD.P 005Garber v. Salomon Smith & Barney02-002788 | eee | age
0299PDFLogo200228 TBD.P 006Mayo v. Dayco Products02-002749 | eee | dis, race
0300PDFLogo200228 TBD.P 007Jones v. Coastal Maritimes Services02-002787 | eee | race
0301PDFLogo200229 TBD.P 001Johnson v. Gainesville Electric Joint Apprenticeship02-002845 | eee | race, sex
0302PDFLogo200229 TBD.P 002Brown v. North Florida Community College02-002922 | eee | race, retal
0303PDFLogo200229 TBD.P 003Smith v. Comfort Inn02-002929 | pub | race
0306PDFLogo200229 TBD.P 004Gingold v. Coronado Condo02-002728 | hou | fam
0304PDFLogo200230 TBD.P 001Scherwitzki v. Escambia County02-003001 | eee | dis
0305PDFLogo200230 TBD.P 002Williams v. Samari Lake East Condo02-003002 | hou | fam, race
0306PDFLogo200230 TBD.P 003Crary v. Tri Par Estates02-003003 | hou | nator
0307PDFLogo200230 TBD.P 004Whitener v. Loutitt Manor02-003070 | hou | dis
0308PDFLogo200231 TBD.P 001Thomas v. Lowe's02-003066 | eee | dis
0309PDFLogo200231 TBD.P 002Kirkpatrick v. Rockwell Collins02-003067 | eee | retal
0310PDFLogo200231 TBD.P 003Clarke v. Santa Fe Community College02-003088 | eee | age, dis
0311PDFLogo200233 TBD.P 001Williams v. Taco Bell02-003249 | eee | dis
0312PDFLogo200233 TBD.P 002Williams v. Popeye's Chicken02-003995 | eee | age
0313PDFLogo200234 TBD.P 001Chirstensen v. City of Winter Park02-003356 | eee | sex
0314PDFLogo200234 TBD.P 002Kreicher v. Sunshine Media02-003357 | eee | sex
0315PDFLogo200234 TBD.P 003Davis v. Rockwell Collins02-003389 | eee | race, sex
0316PDFLogo200234 TBD.P 004Schmidt v. First Union National Bank02-003388 | eee | age
0317PDFLogo200235 TBD.P 001Miller v. Leesburg Regional Medical Center02-003468 | eee | dis
0318PDFLogo200235 TBD.P 002Hutcherson v. UF02-003425 | eee | age, col
0319PDFLogo200235 TBD.P 003Williams v. Alterra Living Service02-003430 | eee | race, retal
0320PDFLogo200235 TBD.P 004Maccollister v. City of Tallahassee02-003439 | eee | dis, retal
0321PDFLogo200235 TBD.P 005Carter v. Florida Donaldson and Majestic Gardens Condo02-003467 | hou | dis
0322PDFLogo200235 TBD.P 006Gonzalez v. Arbors of Lakeland02-003470 | eee | col, nator, race, retal
0323PDFLogo200235 TBD.P 007Carter v. Majestic Gardens Condo03-002662 | hou | dis
0324PDFLogo200235 TBD.P 008Robbins v. Fiserv02-003466 | eee | sex
0325PDFLogo200236 TBD.P 001Holden v. DOC02-003286 | eee | retal
0326PDFLogo200236 TBD.P 002Ramirez v. United Cerebral Palsy02-003497 | eee | col
0327PDFLogo200236 TBD.P 003Rippner v. City of Gainesville02-003469 | eee | dis
0328PDFLogo200237 TBD.P 001Mccrimmon v. Daimler-Chrysler02-003575 | eee | race, sex
0329PDFLogo200237 TBD.P 002Smith v. Tallahassee Community Hospital02-003576 | eee | race
0330PDFLogo200237 TBD.P 003Williams v. Dollar General02-003577 | eee | dis
0331PDFLogo200237 TBD.P 004Whitehurst v. Duval County02-003574 | eee | dis
0332PDFLogo200237 TBD.P 005Augustynowicz v. American Bankers Insurance02-003679 | eee | sex
0333PDFLogo200238 TBD.P 001Conlan v. American Lung Association of Florida02-003756 | eee | dis
0334PDFLogo200238 TBD.P 002Bruno v. Eastman Kodak02-003692 | eee | age
0335PDFLogo200238 TBD.P 003Noe v. Bellsouth Telecommunications02-003675 | eee | age, race, retal
0336PDFLogo200238 TBD.P 004Augustin v. Marriott02-004049 | eee | race
0337PDFLogo200239 TBD.P 001Bamawo v. DOC02-003786 | eee | col, nator, race
0338PDFLogo200239 TBD.P 002Hillerby v. Budget Inns02-003787 | eee | age
0339PDFLogo200239 TBD.P 003Crittendon v. Bay County02-003678 | eee | dis, race
0340PDFLogo200239 TBD.P 004Phommachanh v. Universal Protective Services02-003798 | eee | retal, sex
0341PDFLogo200240 TBD.P 001Perez v. Avmed Health Plan02-003797 | eee | race
0342PDFLogo200240 TBD.P 002Garvin v. International Paper02-003931 | eee | age
0343PDFLogo200241 TBD.P 001Jennings v. SandCo02-003998 | eee | race
0344PDFLogo200241 TBD.P 002Gates v. T-Square Reprographics02-003997 | eee | age
0344PDFLogo200241 TBD.P 003Klein v. Miami-Dade County02-003993 | eee | race
0345PDFLogo200242 TBD.P 001Goosby v. Florida Extruders International02-003994 | eee | race
0346PDFLogo200242 TBD.P 002Petty v. Park Drive Apartments02-004051 | hou | dis
0347PDFLogo200242 TBD.P 003Smith v. Brevard County02-004527 | eee | race
0348PDFLogo200242 TBD.P 004Waldron v. Wackenhut02-004048 | eee | race
0349PDFLogo200242 TBD.P 005Brown v. Florida State University02-004175 | eee | age, dis, race, retal
0350PDFLogo200242 TBD.P 006Beyers-Fine v. The Hartford02-004050 | eee | age
0351PDFLogo200242 TBD.P 007Brown v. Smurfit Stone Container02-004176 | eee | retal
0352PDFLogo200243 TBD.P 001Walters v. Summertree at the California Club02-004373 | hou | nator
0353PDFLogo200243 TBD.P 002Conde v. Automax Auto02-004180 | eee | nator
0354PDFLogo200243 TBD.P 003Borgesi v. Community Coordinated Care for Children02-004218 | eee | dis
0355PDFLogo200243 TBD.P 004Anderson v. Apalachee Center for Human Services02-004230 | eee | race, retal
0356PDFLogo200243 TBD.P 005Barker v. Bank of America02-004228 | eee | race
0357PDFLogo200243 TBD.P 006Baker v. Dollar General02-004177 | eee | race
0358PDFLogo200243 TBD.P 007Hernandez v. Embassy Suites02-004229 | eee | dis
0359PDFLogo200244 TBD.P 001Taylor v. City of Fort Walton Beach02-004317 | eee | retal, sex
0360PDFLogo200244 TBD.P 002Davis v. Pitney Bowes02-004217 | eee | race
0361PDFLogo200244 TBD.P 003Allman-Douglas v. DCFS02-004219 | eee | dis
0362PDFLogo200244 TBD.P 004Collins v. Tallahassee Housing Authority02-004315 | hou | race
0363PDFLogo200245 TBD.P 001May v. Walt Disney World02-004316 | eee | race
0364PDFLogo200245 TBD.P 002Guest v. DOC02-004375 | eee | sex
0365PDFLogo200246 TBD.P 001Rousch v. Ideal Services02-004392 | eee | age, sex
0366PDFLogo200246 TBD.P 002Harris v. Childrens Home Society02-004522 | eee | dis
0367PDFLogo200246 TBD.P 003Guzman v. Charles Harris02-004581 | hou | dis
0368PDFLogo200246 TBD.P 004Nunez v. Les Montellier Apartments02-004807 | hou | fam
0369PDFLogo200246 TBD.P 005Alexander v. Boehm02-004524 | eee | race
0370PDFLogo200246 TBD.P 006Hopkins v. Universal Studios02-004541 | eee | col, race
0371PDFLogo200247 TBD.P 001Harkins v. Hillsborough County Tax Collector02-004523 | eee | age
0372PDFLogo200247 TBD.P 002Mccaskill v. Neighborhood Health Services02-004526 | eee | dis, race
0373PDFLogo200247 TBD.P 003Gentil v. Pier 43 Condo02-004540 | hou | nator
0374PDFLogo200247 TBD.P 004Japngie v. Best Foods Baking02-004582 | eee | dis, nator, race, relig, retal
0375PDFLogo200247 TBD.P 005Jensen v. Tetra Tech02-004583 | eee | sex
0376PDFLogo200249 TBD.P 001Ferguson v. Dade County Occupational License02-004730 | eee | retal, sex
0377PDFLogo200249 TBD.P 002Hopkinson v. Slammer & Squire02-004732 | eee | nator
0378PDFLogo200249 TBD.P 003Guerlain v. Walt Disney World02-004733 | eee | dis
0379PDFLogo200249 TBD.P 004Goris v. Royal Palm Gardens02-004808 | hou | dis, nator
0380PDFLogo200249 TBD.P 005Jozefik v. H&S Swanson's Tool02-004728 | eee | dis, nator
0381PDFLogo200249 TBD.P 006Ferguson v. Dade County02-004762 | eee | retal, sex
0382PDFLogo200250 TBD.P 001Dixon v. DCFS02-004812 | eee | race
0383PDFLogo200250 TBD.P 002Heslep v. Payroll Management02-004809 | eee | age
0384PDFLogo200250 TBD.P 003Deers v. Walmart02-004811 | eee | dis
0385PDFLogo200250 TBD.P 004Graham v. DFS03-000049 | eee | race
0386PDFLogo200250 TBD.P 005Shedrick v. Thompson Electric03-000427 | eee | age, race, retal
0387PDFLogo200251 TBD.P 001Christensen v. City of Orlando02-004810 | eee | age, sex, unkn
0388PDFLogo200251 TBD.P 002Weaver v. Leon County02-004895 | eee | age, race, retal, sex
0389PDFLogo200251 TBD.P 003Parker v. DFS03-000047 | eee | race
0390PDFLogo200252 TBD.P 001Flaugher v. Publix03-000002 | eee | dis
0391PDFLogo200253 TBD.P 001Mirando v. Vacker MD02-004896 | eee | dis, sex
#PDFReport No.CaptionDescription
0392PDFLogo200301 TBD.P 001Ferguson v. Dade County Occupational License03-000003 | eee | retal, sex
0393PDFLogo200302 TBD.P 001Worthy v. Florida Times Union03-000045 | eee | race, sex
0394PDFLogo200302 TBD.P 002Trevarthen v. Walmart03-000048 | eee | sex
0395PDFLogo200302 TBD.P 003Mosley v. DOC03-000137 | eee | age, dis, race, relig, retal
0396PDFLogo200302 TBD.P 004Glover v. Childrens Home Society03-000138 | eee | dis, race
0397PDFLogo200303 TBD.P 001Nielson v. Escambia County03-000135 | eee | age, dis
0398PDFLogo200303 TBD.P 002Covington v. Coca-Cola03-000140 | eee | race
0399PDFLogo200303 TBD.P 003Knotts v. DOC03-000196 | eee | dis
0400PDFLogo200303 TBD.P 004Kiesling v. Florida State University03-000139 | eee | age
0401PDFLogo200303 TBD.P 005Smith v. DCFS03-000197 | eee | race
0402PDFLogo200304 TBD.P 001Tozzo v. Wright by the Sea03-000382 | pub | dis
0403PDFLogo200304 TBD.P 002Sheldon v. Community Bank of Marion County03-000214 | eee | dis, retal
0404PDFLogo200304 TBD.P 003Jenkins v. Episcopal Children's Services03-000292 | eee | age
0405PDFLogo200305 TBD.P 001Hines v. Pensacola Care03-000432 | eee | sex
0406PDFLogo200305 TBD.P 002Frank v. Perfumania03-000433 | eee | sex
0407PDFLogo200307 TBD.P 001Martin v. Nassau County03-000571 | eee | dis, retal
0408PDFLogo200308 TBD.P 001Holt v. Delray Medical Center03-000572 | eee | dis
0409PDFLogo200308 TBD.P 002Augustine v. Solutia03-000722 | eee | race, sex
0410PDFLogo200308 TBD.P 003Parker v. Vero Beach Toyota03-000570 | eee | race
0411PDFLogo200309 TBD.P 001Thomas v. JC Penney03-000724 | eee | age, race, sex
0412PDFLogo200309 TBD.P 002Mazion v. NRT Corporation03-000725 | eee | race
0413PDFLogo200309 TBD.P 003Marshall v. Publix03-000726 | eee | sex
0414PDFLogo200309 TBD.P 004Mccluskey v. Transitions Optical03-000719 | eee | dis, retal
0415PDFLogo200309 TBD.P 005Gonzalez v. Sunglass Hut03-000720 | eee | age
0416PDFLogo200309 TBD.P 006Schultz v. Simply Water03-000768 | eee | age, dis
0417PDFLogo200309 TBD.P 007Bailey v. Lakeland Ledger03-000766 | eee | dis, race, retal
0418PDFLogo200309 TBD.P 008Legory v. Paycheck Business Solutions03-000767 | eee | age
0419PDFLogo200309 TBD.P 009Clarke v. Broward County03-000721 | eee | age, dis
0420PDFLogo200311 TBD.P 001Diel v. GAI Consultants03-000909 | eee | sex
0421PDFLogo200312 TBD.P 001Miller v. DOT03-000976 | eee | dis
0422PDFLogo200312 TBD.P 002Serine v. Omega 3 Condo03-000995 | hou | dis, nator, race, relig, retal, sex
0423PDFLogo200313 TBD.P 001Hill v. Drill Tech03-000723 | eee | age
0424PDFLogo200313 TBD.P 002Williams v. Circuit City03-000994 | eee | race
0425PDFLogo200313 TBD.P 003Tamez v. Northrop Grumman03-001107 | eee | nator
0426PDFLogo200313 TBD.P 004Young v. DBPR03-001140 | eee | race, retal
0427PDFLogo200313 TBD.P 005Martinez v. Boca Diner03-001277 | eee | nator, retal, sex
0428PDFLogo200314 TBD.P 001Fishbaugh v. Brevard County03-001139 | eee | dis, sex
0429PDFLogo200314 TBD.P 002Sondel v. Advent Christian Village03-001230 | eee | col, nator
0430PDFLogo200314 TBD.P 003Watson v. DCFS03-001252 | eee | col, race, sex
0431PDFLogo200315 TBD.P 001Washington v. Denny03-001451 | hou | race
0432PDFLogo200315 TBD.P 002Smith-Griffin v. Seminole County03-001317 | eee | sex
0433PDFLogo200316 TBD.P 001Baun v. Youth Services International03-001426 | eee | age
0434PDFLogo200316 TBD.P 002Hartley v. Choicepoint Precision Marketing03-001452 | eee | race, retal
0435PDFLogo200316 TBD.P 003Jones v. Harvey's Supermarket03-001453 | eee | race, retal
0436PDFLogo200317 TBD.P 001Burgess v. Ridgewood Mobile Home03-001523 | hou | dis
0437PDFLogo200318 TBD.P 001Freeney v. UWF03-001233 | eee | col, race, retal
0438PDFLogo200318 TBD.P 002Williams v. Ocala Housing Authority03-001627 | hou | race
0439PDFLogo200318 TBD.P 003Ndimbie v. Broward County Community Development03-001626 | hou | dis
0440PDFLogo200318 TBD.P 004Nunes-Accardi v. Hanger Prosthetics03-001660 | eee | sex
0441PDFLogo200319 TBD.P 001Cohen v. Culligan's of Florida03-001661 | eee | race
0442PDFLogo200319 TBD.P 002Washington v. Hardin Hammock Estates03-001718 | hou | race
0443PDFLogo200319 TBD.P 003Brion v. Cumberland Valley Investments03-001695 | hou | fam
0444PDFLogo200319 TBD.P 004Harris v. Hydro/Aluminum North America03-001712 | eee | retal, sex
0445PDFLogo200319 TBD.P 005Hillaire v. DOC03-001741 | eee | race
0450PDFLogo200319 TBD.P 006Rippy v. DOC03-001232 | eee | race
0446PDFLogo200320 TBD.P 001Vanwhy v. Barton Protective Services03-001739 | eee | sex
0447PDFLogo200320 TBD.P 002Moultrie v. First Judicial Circuit Court03-001805 | eee | race
0448PDFLogo200320 TBD.P 003Lundstrom v. Sandestin Resort03-001831 | eee | age
0449PDFLogo200320 TBD.P 004Bruce v. Cash Cow Us Capital03-001833 | eee | age, race, sex
0450PDFLogo200320 TBD.P 005Hayes v. Leon County03-001832 | eee | race, retal
0456PDFLogo200320 TBD.P 006Nicholson v. City of Sunrise03-001788 | eee | nator, race
0451PDFLogo200321 TBD.P 001Campbell-Metcalfe v. DOE00-004764 | eee | sex
0452PDFLogo200321 TBD.P 002Banks v. Leon County03-002101 | eee | race, relig, retal
0453PDFLogo200321 TBD.P 003Roseman v. Goodwill Industries03-001792 | eee | race
0454PDFLogo200321 TBD.P 004Jones v. Air Industries Trucking03-001947 | eee | dis
0455PDFLogo200321 TBD.P 005Denecke v. Workforce03-001949 | eee | dis
0456PDFLogo200321 TBD.P 006Sondel v. Apalachee Center for Human Services03-001985 | eee | age, race, sex
0457PDFLogo200322 TBD.P 001Huff v. Stetson University03-002100 | eee | age
0458PDFLogo200322 TBD.P 002Cocalis v. DOT03-002102 | eee | dis, sex
0459PDFLogo200323 TBD.P 001Rivas v. Fulton's Crab Restaurant03-002253 | pub | nator
0460PDFLogo200323 TBD.P 002Feliciano-Velez v. Fulton's Crab Restaurant03-002254 | pub | nator
0461PDFLogo200323 TBD.P 003Quezada v. Fulton's Crab Restaurant03-002255 | pub | nator
0462PDFLogo200323 TBD.P 004Heard v. Fulton's Crab Restaurant03-002252 | pub | race
0463PDFLogo200323 TBD.P 005Hampton-Allen v. Fulton's Crab Restaurant03-002256 | pub | race
0464PDFLogo200323 TBD.P 006Winfield v. Fulton's Crab Restaurant03-002259 | pub | race
0465PDFLogo200323 TBD.P 007Caserta v. Fran Hudson and Walden Ponds HOA03-002152 | hou | nator
0466PDFLogo200323 TBD.P 008Khan v. R&L Enterprises03-002155 | eee | nator, relig
0467PDFLogo200324 TBD.P 001Alcegueire v. EMC Mortgage Corporation03-002153 | hou | race
0468PDFLogo200324 TBD.P 002Montgomery v. Craftsman's Contractors03-002176 | eee | col, race
0469PDFLogo200324 TBD.P 003Thomas v. Sodexho America03-002175 | eee | col, race, retal
0470PDFLogo200324 TBD.P 004Trevarthen v. Morrison Homes03-002235 | eee | dis
0471PDFLogo200325 TBD.P 001Duncan v. Continental Florida Materials03-002279 | eee | race
0472PDFLogo200325 TBD.P 002Kaplan v. Wilton Shores Condo03-002258 | hou | relig
0473PDFLogo200325 TBD.P 003Wilson v. Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare03-002288 | eee | race, retal
0474PDFLogo200325 TBD.P 004Youngs v. Toucan's Restaurant03-002457 | eee | sex
0475PDFLogo200325 TBD.P 005Williams v. C.A. Meur Corporation03-002655 | eee | age, race, retal
0476PDFLogo200325 TBD.P 006Hanson v. Orlando Utilities Commission03-002306 | eee | dis, retal, sex
0477PDFLogo200327 TBD.P 001Burt v. City of Tallahassee03-002456 | eee | dis, race, retal, sex
0478PDFLogo200327 TBD.P 002Morgan-Dickey v. Novartis Pharmaceuticals03-002460 | eee | age
0479PDFLogo200327 TBD.P 003Villamizar v. Eddie Gomez03-002470 | eee | dis, nator
0480PDFLogo200327 TBD.P 004Gibson v. Harvest Christian Childcare Center03-002458 | eee | sex
0481PDFLogo200327 TBD.P 005Newsome v. City of Clermont03-002459 | eee | age
0482PDFLogo200327 TBD.P 006Cummings v. UF03-002493 | eee | race, retal
0483PDFLogo200328 TBD.P 001Martin v. Solutia03-002492 | eee | sex
0484PDFLogo200329 TBD.P 001Flowers v. True Green Chemlawn03-002654 | eee | race
0485PDFLogo200329 TBD.P 002Cole v. FRS Management Systems03-002661 | eee | sex
0486PDFLogo200329 TBD.P 003Horne v. WG Yates Construction03-002671 | eee | race
0487PDFLogo200329 TBD.P 004Scott v. Century Care Center03-002672 | eee | col, race
0488PDFLogo200329 TBD.P 005Smith v. DFS03-002673 | eee | race, retal
0489PDFLogo200329 TBD.P 006Price v. Alachua County03-002670 | eee | age, race, sex
0490PDFLogo200329 TBD.P 007Willis v. City of Apopka03-002689 | eee | race
0491PDFLogo200330 TBD.P 001Premilien v. Owen Electric03-002724 | eee | nator
0492PDFLogo200330 TBD.P 002Gold v. Larry Sheehan and Tom Griffis03-002669 | hou | fam
0493PDFLogo200330 TBD.P 003Golphin v. Walmart03-002735 | eee | race, retal, sex
0494PDFLogo200330 TBD.P 004Cavanaugh v. Sprint03-002736 | eee | dis
0495PDFLogo200331 TBD.P 001Leonard v. Peoples Lease/Air Trucking03-002734 | eee | dis, retal
0496PDFLogo200331 TBD.P 002Dixon v. Winn Dixie03-002868 | eee | race, sex
0497PDFLogo200331 TBD.P 003Mayo v. Prima Villa Condo03-002834 | hou | fam
0498PDFLogo200332 TBD.P 001Swasey v. Celina Hills POA03-002845 | hou | dis
0499PDFLogo200332 TBD.P 002Mosse v. VIP North Owners Assocation03-002846 | hou | dis
0500PDFLogo200332 TBD.P 003Guzman v. Miller03-002847 | hou | dis
0501PDFLogo200332 TBD.P 004Washington v. Leon County03-002894 | eee | sex
0502PDFLogo200332 TBD.P 005Granda v. PTM03-002893 | eee | nator, retal
0503PDFLogo200333 TBD.P 001Parson v. Darden Restaurant03-003130 | eee | race, retal
0504PDFLogo200333 TBD.P 002Johnson v. Sadisco of Florida03-003147 | eee | age, dis, sex
0505PDFLogo200334 TBD.P 001Stewart v. Family Dollar03-003128 | eee | age, race
0506PDFLogo200334 TBD.P 002Anthony v. McDonald's03-003131 | eee | race
0507PDFLogo200334 TBD.P 003Golphin v. Walmart03-003146 | eee | race, retal, sex
0508PDFLogo200334 TBD.P 004Williams v. Louisiana-Pacific03-003129 | eee | race
0509PDFLogo200335 TBD.P 001Williams v. McDonald's03-003127 | eee | dis
0510PDFLogo200335 TBD.P 002George v. City of Leesburg03-003144 | eee | age
0511PDFLogo200335 TBD.P 003Sison v. DOC03-003132 | eee | race, retal
0512PDFLogo200335 TBD.P 004Hembrough v. Sikorsky Support Services03-003145 | eee | retal, sex
0513PDFLogo200336 TBD.P 001Allen v. Florida Rock Industries03-003148 | eee | retal
0514PDFLogo200336 TBD.P 002Mayfield v. Karl's Haberdashery03-003149 | eee | dis, sex
0515PDFLogo200336 TBD.P 003Watkins v. Greater Bethel AME Church03-003219 | eee | marry
0516PDFLogo200337 TBD.P 001Elam v. Flagler County03-003331 | eee | age
0517PDFLogo200337 TBD.P 002Bedell v. DCFS03-003290 | eee | age
0518PDFLogo200338 TBD.P 001Munro v. Winn Dixie03-003591 | eee | age
0519PDFLogo200339 TBD.P 001Ratliff v. Parcel Direct Logistics03-003636 | eee | age
0520PDFLogo200339 TBD.P 002Givens v. US Mortgage, Inc.03-003590 | eee | race
0521PDFLogo200339 TBD.P 003Mayhue v. DCFS03-003661 | eee | retal
0522PDFLogo200339 TBD.P 004Bethea v. Pinellas County03-003571 | eee | age
0523PDFLogo200339 TBD.P 005Wanton v. Florida A&M University03-003635 | eee | age
0524PDFLogo200340 TBD.P 001Miller v. Merrill Lynch03-003570 | eee | age, dis
0525PDFLogo200340 TBD.P 002Morris v. Assisted Living Concepts03-003572 | eee | retal, unkn
0526PDFLogo200341 TBD.P 001Grant v. Alachua County03-004671 | eee | race, retal
0527PDFLogo200341 TBD.P 002Welch v. Publix03-003662 | eee | race
0528PDFLogo200341 TBD.P 003Dohnansky v. Fox Hollow Apartments03-004843 | hou | nator
0529PDFLogo200341 TBD.P 004Conde v. Walt Disney World03-004670 | eee | age, nator, sex
0530PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 001Montgomery v. Pinellas County03-004613 | eee | age
0531PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 002Foster v. Pinellas County03-004614 | eee | age
0532PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 003Vreeland v. Pinellas County03-004615 | eee | age
0533PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 004Cashon v. Pinellas County03-004616 | eee | age
0534PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 005Dyrcz v. Pinellas County03-004617 | eee | age
0535PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 006Badell v. Pinellas County03-004618 | eee | age
0536PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 007Gagliardo v. Pinellas County03-004619 | eee | age
0537PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 008Collins v. Pinellas County03-004620 | eee | age
0538PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 009Frazier v. Pinellas County03-004621 | eee | age
0539PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 010Hall v. Pinellas County03-004622 | eee | age
0540PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 011Corey v. Pinellas County03-004623 | eee | age
0541PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 012Kelley v. Pinellas County03-004624 | eee | age
0542PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 013Barnard v. Pinellas County03-004625 | eee | age
0543PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 014Turner v. Pinellas County03-004626 | eee | age
0544PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 015Harrington v. Pinellas County03-004627 | eee | age
0545PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 016Erickson v. Pinellas County03-004628 | eee | age
0546PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 017Beistle v. Pinellas County03-004629 | eee | age
0547PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 018Dobkin v. Pinellas County03-004630 | eee | age
0548PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 019Jefferson v. Pinellas County03-004631 | eee | age
0549PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 020Schelling v. Pinellas County03-004632 | eee | age
0550PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 021Mangus v. Pinellas County03-004633 | eee | age
0551PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 022Cobelens v. Pinellas County03-004634 | eee | age
0552PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 023Hammond v. Pinellas County03-004635 | eee | age
0553PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 024Fannin v. Pinellas County03-004636 | eee | age
0554PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 025Hall v. Pinellas County03-004637 | eee | age
0555PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 026Iacobucci v. Pinellas County03-004638 | eee | age
0556PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 027Crocker v. Pinellas County03-004639 | eee | age
0557PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 028Bonnici v. Pinellas County03-004640 | eee | age
0558PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 029Bloomer v. Pinellas County03-004641 | eee | age
0559PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 030Salisbury v. Pinellas County03-004642 | eee | age
0560PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 031Smalley v. Pinellas County03-004643 | eee | age
0561PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 032Hefty v. Pinellas County03-004644 | eee | age
0562PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 033Schmidt v. Pinellas County03-004645 | eee | age
0563PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 034Ziegler v. Pinellas County03-004646 | eee | age
0564PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 035Lewis v. Pinellas County03-004647 | eee | age
0565PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 036Edens v. Pinellas County03-004648 | eee | age
0566PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 037Valente v. Pinellas County03-004649 | eee | age
0567PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 038Alvord v. Pinellas County03-004650 | eee | age
0568PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 039Shimmerman v. Pinellas County03-004651 | eee | age
0569PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 040Guinn v. Pinellas County03-004652 | eee | age
0570PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 041Rodrigue v. Pinellas County03-004653 | eee | age
0571PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 042Cambron v. Pinellas County03-004654 | eee | age
0572PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 043Bloomer v. Pinellas County03-004655 | eee | age
0573PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 044Milroy v. Pinellas County03-004656 | eee | age
0574PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 045Suarez v. Pinellas County03-004657 | eee | age
0575PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 046Lang v. Pinellas County03-004658 | eee | age
0576PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 047Davies v. Laidlaw Education Services03-004666 | eee | dis
0577PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 048Williams v. I Care Bay Point Schools03-004668 | eee | race, retal
0578PDFLogo200342 TBD.P 049Mcdonough v. Osceola County03-004845 | hou | race
0579PDFLogo200343 TBD.P 001O'Connor v. Santa Monica Condo03-004844 | hou | dis
0580PDFLogo200343 TBD.P 002Church v. Village Lakeland Lakeside03-003982 | hou | fam
0581PDFLogo200344 TBD.P 001Lopenski v. DOC03-004708 | eee | dis
0582PDFLogo200344 TBD.P 002Price v. Escambia County03-004709 | eee | retal
0583PDFLogo200345 TBD.P 001Chenevert v. Virgil & Brothers03-004676 | eee | dis
0584PDFLogo200346 TBD.P 001Jones v. Raytheon03-004675 | eee | dis
0585PDFLogo200347 TBD.P 001Morris v. PS Art03-004679 | eee | sex
0586PDFLogo200349 TBD.P 001Cox v. UF03-004672 | eee | dis
0587PDFLogo200349 TBD.P 002Cataldo v. St. James Episcopal School03-004674 | eee | marry, relig, sex
0588PDFLogo200349 TBD.P 003Burrage v. Christy's Sundown Restaurant03-004710 | eee | marry, retal, sex
0589PDFLogo200350 TBD.P 001Casler v. Manpower03-004848 | eee | age, dis
0590PDFLogo200350 TBD.P 002Dickson v. Walmart03-004673 | eee | dis
0591PDFLogo200350 TBD.P 003Satterwhite v. Town of Orange Park03-004677 | eee | sex
0592PDFLogo200350 TBD.P 004Caban v. Charlotte County03-004680 | eee | nator
0593PDFLogo200351 TBD.P 001Roberts v. Argenbright Security03-004711 | eee | age, race
0594PDFLogo200351 TBD.P 002Carter v. Herndon Oil03-004712 | eee | race
0595PDFLogo200352 TBD.P 001Belalcazar v. Mirador Apartments03-004842 | hou | dis, nator, relig, sex
0596PDFLogo200352 TBD.P 002Diaz v. Sherwood Forest Mobile Home03-004846 | hou | race, sex
0597PDFLogo200352 TBD.P 003Horton v. Eastside Village HOA03-004847 | hou | dis
#PDFReport No.CaptionDescription
0598PDFLogo200402 TBD.P 001Pagliara v. Marion County04-000096 | eee | dis
0599PDFLogo200402 TBD.P 002Thompson v. Concera04-000094 | eee | age, sex
0600PDFLogo200402 TBD.P 003Watson v. Amerisource04-000038 | eee | age
0601PDFLogo200402 TBD.P 004Adam v. International Longshoreman's Association04-000205 | eee | retal, sex
0602PDFLogo200402 TBD.P 005Adam v. International Longshoreman's Association04-000206 | eee | retal, sex
0603PDFLogo200402 TBD.P 006Adam v. International Longshoreman's Association04-000207 | eee | retal
0604PDFLogo200403 TBD.P 001Griffin v. Suntrust Bank04-000191 | eee | race
0605PDFLogo200404 TBD.P 001York v. St. Lucie River Banyan HCA04-000296 | hou | dis
0606PDFLogo200404 TBD.P 002Schmidt v. Sha-De-Land04-000327 | hou | dis
0607PDFLogo200405 TBD.P 001Chapman v. MV Transportation04-000328 | eee | race
0608PDFLogo200405 TBD.P 002Demeritte v. FHHE Investment04-000394 | pub | race
0609PDFLogo200405 TBD.P 003Francis v. Holmes Regional Medical Center04-000392 | eee | race, sex
0610PDFLogo200406 TBD.P 001Short v. DOC04-000421 | eee | dis
0611PDFLogo200406 TBD.P 002Carbia v. Alachua County04-000420 | eee | nator, sex
0612PDFLogo200406 TBD.P 003Spencer v. Section 20 POA04-000430 | hou | col, race
0613PDFLogo200407 TBD.P 001Spainhour v. DOI04-000509 | eee | age, retal, sex
0614PDFLogo200407 TBD.P 002Brown v. Sunbelt Health Care04-000511 | eee | race
0615PDFLogo200407 TBD.P 003Praught v. Bellsouth Telecommunications04-000510 | eee | age, dis, retal
0616PDFLogo200407 TBD.P 004George v. Halifax Paving04-001565 | eee | race, retal
0617PDFLogo200407 TBD.P 005Praught v. Bellsouth Telecommunications05-002152 | eee | age, dis, retal
0618PDFLogo200407 TBD.P 006Reed v. Gulf Coast Community College04-000530 | eee | sex
0619PDFLogo200407 TBD.P 007Colbert v. Smurfit Stone Container04-000547 | eee | nator
0620PDFLogo200408 TBD.P 001Heidel v. Northrop Grumman04-000557 | eee | age, dis
0621PDFLogo200408 TBD.P 002Jones v. Dade County Police Benevolent Association04-000556 | eee | race, retal
0622PDFLogo200409 TBD.P 001Bailey v. Wendy's04-000711 | eee | race
0629PDFLogo200409 TBD.P 002Haynes v. Putnam County04-000095 | eee | dis, race
0623PDFLogo200410 TBD.P 001Walker v. Bennett Auto Supply04-000724 | eee | race
0624PDFLogo200410 TBD.P 002Wakefield v. Cordis Corporation04-000758 | eee | race
0625PDFLogo200410 TBD.P 003Brandon v. Baptist Hospital04-000757 | eee | race
0626PDFLogo200411 TBD.P 001Clardy v. DOC04-003175 | eee | retal, sex
0627PDFLogo200411 TBD.P 002Clardy v. DOC06-002815 | eee | dis, sex
0628PDFLogo200411 TBD.P 003Clardy v. DOC04-001020 | eee | dis, sex
0629PDFLogo200411 TBD.P 004Bhayat v. One Watergate Association04-000816 | hou | col, nator
0630PDFLogo200411 TBD.P 005Peeler v. Waste Management04-000886 | eee | sex
0631PDFLogo200411 TBD.P 006Ghattas v. DOI04-001017 | eee | age, nator
0639PDFLogo200411 TBD.P 007Tolbert v. DEO13-000786 | eee | retal
0632PDFLogo200412 TBD.P 001Terry v. JC Penney04-000885 | eee | age, dis
0633PDFLogo200412 TBD.P 002Shepley v. Lazy Days RV04-001019 | eee | dis, sex
0634PDFLogo200412 TBD.P 003Howell v. Broward County04-001016 | eee | race, retal, sex
0635PDFLogo200412 TBD.P 004Bowers v. Big Red Waste04-001018 | eee | race, retal
0636PDFLogo200412 TBD.P 005Butler v. DOH04-001023 | eee | retal, sex
0637PDFLogo200413 TBD.P 001Ferranti v. United Dominion Realty Trust04-001051 | eee | nator, relig, sex
0638PDFLogo200413 TBD.P 002Mohrmann v. Dial America Marketing04-001052 | eee | race
0639PDFLogo200413 TBD.P 003Murphy v. Palm Beach County04-001049 | eee | dis
0640PDFLogo200413 TBD.P 004Lee v. Greyhound Lines04-001050 | eee | race
0641PDFLogo200413 TBD.P 005Markwalters v. Craig Allan Barker04-001100 | hou | dis
0642PDFLogo200414 TBD.P 001Wilhite v. Terminix International04-001097 | eee | dis, retal, sex
0643PDFLogo200414 TBD.P 002Dar v. Associated Outdoor Club04-001137 | eee | race, retal, sex
0644PDFLogo200414 TBD.P 003Graham v. Gadsden County04-001138 | eee | retal
0645PDFLogo200414 TBD.P 004Powell v. Amir Terem04-001352 | hou | dis, race
0646PDFLogo200415 TBD.P 001Carey v. Walt Disney World04-001183 | eee | dis
0647PDFLogo200415 TBD.P 002Quiroz v. Health Central Hospital04-001184 | eee | nator
0648PDFLogo200415 TBD.P 003Sailor v. SandCo04-001400 | eee | race, sex
0649PDFLogo200415 TBD.P 004Blackwood v. Walt Disney World04-001175 | eee | nator
0650PDFLogo200415 TBD.P 005Warren v. REV04-001197 | eee | race, retal
0651PDFLogo200415 TBD.P 006White v. Road Mart04-001280 | eee | race
0652PDFLogo200415 TBD.P 007Perl v. Grand Oaks Villas04-001353 | hou | sex
0653PDFLogo200416 TBD.P 001Lombardo v. Lipton Insurance Exams04-001320 | eee | dis
0654PDFLogo200416 TBD.P 002Carpenter v. Kumar04-001351 | eee | race, sex
0655PDFLogo200416 TBD.P 003Osheyack v. Williams Landing Apartments04-001354 | hou | dis, retal
0656PDFLogo200416 TBD.P 004Brown v. Heritage Paper04-001319 | eee | race
0657PDFLogo200416 TBD.P 005Knott v. Nationsrent04-001376 | eee | race
0658PDFLogo200416 TBD.P 006Davis v. Carmen Mysonhimer04-001378 | hou | dis, retal
0659PDFLogo200416 TBD.P 007Etridge v. Walmart04-001399 | eee | dis, nator
0660PDFLogo200416 TBD.P 008Ball v. Park Place Hospitality Group04-001398 | eee | age, marry, sex
0661PDFLogo200416 TBD.P 009Morrow v. General Dynamics Armament04-001401 | eee | race
0662PDFLogo200416 TBD.P 010Demps v. DJJ04-002336 | eee | age, dis
0663PDFLogo200417 TBD.P 001Tabak v. Office Depot04-001451 | eee | age, dis, relig, retal
0664PDFLogo200417 TBD.P 002Limpin v. DEW Services04-001548 | eee | age
0665PDFLogo200417 TBD.P 003Rials v. Bankatlantic04-001569 | eee | race
0666PDFLogo200417 TBD.P 004Lucas v. DCFS04-001570 | eee | race
0667PDFLogo200417 TBD.P 005Vazquez v. Precision Endoscopy of America04-001571 | eee | nator
0668PDFLogo200418 TBD.P 001Hadley v. McDonald's04-001601 | eee | race
0669PDFLogo200418 TBD.P 002Wideman v. International Paper04-001600 | eee | race, retal
0670PDFLogo200418 TBD.P 003Gulley v. Shands Hospital04-001606 | eee | race, retal
0671PDFLogo200418 TBD.P 004Heaps v. Barbara Strickland04-001593 | hou | race
0672PDFLogo200418 TBD.P 005Bright v. DOE04-001615 | eee | race, retal
0673PDFLogo200418 TBD.P 006Fernald v. Coordinated Child Care of Pinellas04-001616 | eee | dis, marry, sex
0674PDFLogo200418 TBD.P 007Beach-Gutierrez v. Bay Medical Center04-001617 | eee | nator
0675PDFLogo200418 TBD.P 008Lightbourne v. Affiliated Computer Services04-001651 | eee | race, retal
0676PDFLogo200418 TBD.P 009Teal v. DOC04-001652 | eee | retal, sex
0677PDFLogo200418 TBD.P 010Chanley v. Brevard County04-001650 | eee | col, race, relig, retal, sex
0678PDFLogo200419 TBD.P 001Martinez v. Dial America Marketing04-001682 | eee | nator, retal
0679PDFLogo200420 TBD.P 001Hankerson v. Escambia County04-001687 | eee | race
0680PDFLogo200420 TBD.P 002Marsh v. Morningside RV Estates04-001738 | hou | dis
0681PDFLogo200420 TBD.P 003Long v. Brevard County04-001736 | eee | race, retal
0682PDFLogo200420 TBD.P 004Long v. Brevard County04-001737 | eee | race, retal
0683PDFLogo200420 TBD.P 005Jones v. City of Bunnell04-001761 | eee | race
0684PDFLogo200421 TBD.P 001Assily v. Memorial Hospital04-001762 | eee | nator
0685PDFLogo200421 TBD.P 002Carlisle v. Sallie Mae04-001847 | eee | race
0686PDFLogo200421 TBD.P 003Gandy v. REV04-001848 | eee | race, retal
0687PDFLogo200421 TBD.P 004Cote v. National Union Fire Insurance Company04-001850 | eee | age, dis
0688PDFLogo200421 TBD.P 005Brown v. Volusia County04-001878 | eee | race
0689PDFLogo200422 TBD.P 001Rizos v. Point Vista Apartments04-001888 | hou | dis, fam, race, sex
0690PDFLogo200422 TBD.P 002Thurston v. Florida A&M University04-002003 | eee | age, dis
0691PDFLogo200423 TBD.P 001Moran v. Demarco Investments04-001969 | hou | fam, race
0692PDFLogo200423 TBD.P 002Brown v. DCFS04-001970 | eee | retal
0693PDFLogo200423 TBD.P 003Martinez v. Temp Condo04-001971 | hou | dis, nator
0694PDFLogo200423 TBD.P 004Washington v. Alachua County04-002022 | eee | age, dis
0695PDFLogo200423 TBD.P 005Mcbride v. Gold Kist04-002023 | eee | race
0696PDFLogo200424 TBD.P 001Cummings v. Sterling University Grove04-002034 | eee | race, sex
0697PDFLogo200424 TBD.P 002Evans v. Alachua County04-002033 | eee | dis
0698PDFLogo200424 TBD.P 003Newton v. Pensacola Glass04-002021 | eee | race
0699PDFLogo200424 TBD.P 004Verello v. US Cellular04-002032 | eee | age
0700PDFLogo200424 TBD.P 005Grimes v. Alternative Care04-002035 | eee | sex
0701PDFLogo200424 TBD.P 006Waaser v. Streit's Motorsports04-002140 | eee | relig
0702PDFLogo200425 TBD.P 001Koerner v. DJJ04-002139 | eee | age
0703PDFLogo200425 TBD.P 002Koons v. Lawson, Rusher, Parker, Bennick04-002257 | hou | dis
0704PDFLogo200426 TBD.P 001Souss v. Serco Management Services04-002255 | eee | age, nator, retal
0705PDFLogo200426 TBD.P 002Davis v. Mom & Dad's Italian Restaurant04-002256 | eee | dis, sex
0714PDFLogo200426 TBD.P 003Pelt-Washington v. BMA Starke04-001136 | eee | col, race, relig, retal
0706PDFLogo200427 TBD.P 001Means v. DOC04-002284 | eee | race
0707PDFLogo200427 TBD.P 002King v. Blue Ribbon Cleaners04-002285 | eee | race
0708PDFLogo200427 TBD.P 003Gibson v. University Behavioral Center04-002287 | eee | race, retal
0709PDFLogo200427 TBD.P 004Cruz v. Legg04-002304 | hou | retal
0710PDFLogo200427 TBD.P 005Dominguez v. Inversions Veiga04-002395 | hou | dis
0711PDFLogo200427 TBD.P 006Griffin v. Orasa Group04-002286 | eee | dis
0712PDFLogo200428 TBD.P 001Davis v. Texaco Xpress Lube04-002337 | eee | race
0713PDFLogo200428 TBD.P 002Ripley v. Pinellas County04-002347 | eee | dis
0714PDFLogo200428 TBD.P 003Lewis v. E Z Prints04-002396 | eee | retal, sex
0715PDFLogo200429 TBD.P 001Dupree v. Santa Fe Community College04-002423 | eee | race, retal
0716PDFLogo200429 TBD.P 002Hunt v. TPE Structures of Bay County04-002424 | eee | retal, sex
0717PDFLogo200429 TBD.P 003White v. TPE Structures of Bay County04-002425 | eee | retal, sex
0718PDFLogo200429 TBD.P 004Wallace v. Finfrock Industries04-002619 | eee | race
0719PDFLogo200429 TBD.P 005Campbell v. Epix04-002618 | eee | nator, sex
0720PDFLogo200429 TBD.P 006Centeno v. Orange County04-002620 | eee | dis
0721PDFLogo200430 TBD.P 001Sullivan v. Outback Steakhouse04-002609 | hou | retal
0722PDFLogo200430 TBD.P 002Mcadory v. Denny's Restaurant04-002642 | pub | race
0723PDFLogo200430 TBD.P 003Dennis v. Tree of Life04-002643 | eee | retal
0724PDFLogo200430 TBD.P 004Steere v. Moss Marine04-002644 | eee | dis, retal
0725PDFLogo200431 TBD.P 001Pettigrew v. Finfrock Industries04-002635 | eee | race
0726PDFLogo200431 TBD.P 002Stevens v. Ticketmaster04-002660 | pub | dis
0727PDFLogo200431 TBD.P 003Diz v. Arthrex Manufacturing04-002652 | eee | nator
0728PDFLogo200431 TBD.P 004Johnson v. Tree of Life04-002659 | eee | age
0729PDFLogo200431 TBD.P 005Carroll v. DCFS04-002691 | eee | age, race, retal, sex
0730PDFLogo200431 TBD.P 006Laraway v. Ford04-002692 | eee | sex
0731PDFLogo200431 TBD.P 007Gaddis v. Hair Express04-002693 | eee | nator, retal, sex
0732PDFLogo200432 TBD.P 001Larson v. Lakeview Center04-002709 | eee | age, dis
0733PDFLogo200432 TBD.P 002Hults v. Superior Bedrooms04-002710 | eee | sex
0734PDFLogo200432 TBD.P 003Franck v. Pearle Vision04-002805 | eee | dis
0735PDFLogo200432 TBD.P 004Avery v. City of Pensacola04-002862 | eee | dis
0736PDFLogo200432 TBD.P 005Manchego v. Cocoa Lakes Apartments04-002804 | hou | dis
0737PDFLogo200432 TBD.P 006Ricks v. City of Gainesville04-003069 | eee | race
0738PDFLogo200433 TBD.P 001Bradham v. Barnhill's Country Buffet04-002861 | eee | sex
0739PDFLogo200433 TBD.P 002Yazdani v. Autohaus Holdings04-002863 | eee | nator
0740PDFLogo200434 TBD.P 001Reeves v. DOH04-002952 | eee | race, retal, sex
0741PDFLogo200434 TBD.P 002Schreiner v. Gargiulo04-003005 | eee | age, relig, sex
0742PDFLogo200434 TBD.P 003Radonjic v. Publix04-003006 | eee | age, nator
0743PDFLogo200434 TBD.P 004Tozzo v. Beach Front Motel04-003003 | pub | dis
0744PDFLogo200435 TBD.P 001Erickson v. Memorial Hospital04-000464 | eee | age
0745PDFLogo200435 TBD.P 002Montalvo v. Sevalp Corporation04-003070 | hou | fam
0746PDFLogo200435 TBD.P 003Belgrave v. Hughes Supply04-003073 | eee | col, nator, race, retal
0747PDFLogo200435 TBD.P 004Veres v. Energy Erectors04-003004 | eee | sex
0748PDFLogo200435 TBD.P 005Rammon v. KBJ Architects04-003067 | eee | retal, sex
0749PDFLogo200435 TBD.P 006Ripley v. City of Lake City04-003066 | eee | dis
0750PDFLogo200435 TBD.P 007Andrews v. York International04-003072 | eee | sex
0751PDFLogo200436 TBD.P 001Bodley v. Orange County04-003071 | eee | race, retal
0752PDFLogo200436 TBD.P 002Norton v. John G's Restaurant04-003068 | eee | dis
0753PDFLogo200436 TBD.P 003Allen v. Diamond Academy04-003183 | eee | race
0754PDFLogo200436 TBD.P 004Wright v. Universal Studios04-003126 | eee | dis
0755PDFLogo200436 TBD.P 005Dorfler v. Perkins Restaurant04-003196 | eee | dis
0756PDFLogo200436 TBD.P 006Jezik v. Ironwood Villa Condo04-003363 | hou | race
0757PDFLogo200437 TBD.P 001Welch v. Rural Metro of North Florida04-003184 | eee | sex
0758PDFLogo200437 TBD.P 002Carter v. Lowe's04-003193 | eee | race
0759PDFLogo200437 TBD.P 003Douglas v. National Electronics Warranty Corp.04-003195 | eee | race
0760PDFLogo200438 TBD.P 001Summers v. Household Finance Corporation04-003228 | eee | marry, sex
0761PDFLogo200438 TBD.P 002Howe v. Western & Southern Financial04-003236 | eee | dis
0762PDFLogo200438 TBD.P 003Brown v. DCFS04-003271 | eee | age, nator, race
0763PDFLogo200438 TBD.P 004Bafford v. Township Apartments, et al04-003272 | hou | race
0764PDFLogo200438 TBD.P 005Taylor v. Kelco/FB Tallahassee04-003310 | eee | race, retal
0765PDFLogo200439 TBD.P 001Philippart v. DOH04-003273 | eee | age
0766PDFLogo200439 TBD.P 002Singleton v. Securitas Security Services04-003485 | eee | retal, sex
0767PDFLogo200439 TBD.P 003Schmidtke v. Marion County04-003349 | eee | retal, sex
0768PDFLogo200439 TBD.P 004Griggs v. Public Defender's Office, 14th Circuit04-003577 | eee | dis
0769PDFLogo200440 TBD.P 001Duell v. Waffle House04-003486 | eee | dis, race, retal, sex
0770PDFLogo200440 TBD.P 002Yongmahapakorn v. Ramada04-003575 | pub | nator, race, sex
0771PDFLogo200440 TBD.P 003Binder v. Walmart04-004030 | eee | sex
0772PDFLogo200441 TBD.P 001Colden v. Camelott Community Care04-003647 | eee | marry
0773PDFLogo200442 TBD.P 001Land v. Suwannee County04-003818 | eee | sex
0774PDFLogo200443 TBD.P 001Ratliff v. Vitamin World04-003817 | eee | retal, sex
0775PDFLogo200443 TBD.P 002Parker v. Moore04-003833 | hou | dis, relig, sex
0776PDFLogo200443 TBD.P 003Mckean v. Econo Auto Painting04-003849 | eee | sex
0777PDFLogo200444 TBD.P 001Croker v. Lake County04-003897 | eee | race, retal
0778PDFLogo200444 TBD.P 002Cray v. White Springs Agricultural04-003887 | eee | race
0779PDFLogo200444 TBD.P 003Kleinschmidt v. Three Horizons North Condo04-003873 | hou | dis
0780PDFLogo200444 TBD.P 004Morgan v. Columbia County04-004025 | eee | sex
0781PDFLogo200444 TBD.P 005Gatewood v. DCFS04-003893 | oth |
0782PDFLogo200444 TBD.P 006Brown v. Walmart04-003896 | eee | age, retal
0783PDFLogo200444 TBD.P 007Logan v. City of Daytona Beach Shores04-004026 | eee | race
0784PDFLogo200444 TBD.P 008Castellanos v. Express Net Airlines Pilots Association04-004027 | eee | nator
0785PDFLogo200444 TBD.P 009Bruton v. Clay Finance04-004031 | hou | dis, race
0786PDFLogo200445 TBD.P 001Monzidelis v. Melbourne Shuttle04-004029 | eee | age
0787PDFLogo200445 TBD.P 002Antenberg v. Home Depot04-004037 | eee | dis
0788PDFLogo200445 TBD.P 003Gottlieb v. Sun Harbor Condo04-004058 | hou | dis
0789PDFLogo200445 TBD.P 004Brown v. DOC04-004028 | eee | dis
0790PDFLogo200445 TBD.P 005Stefancic v. Covenant Hospice04-004059 | eee | dis, retal
0791PDFLogo200446 TBD.P 001Dhanraj v. Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare04-004036 | eee | race, relig
0792PDFLogo200446 TBD.P 002Ruiz v. Marsh & Moore04-004239 | eee | retal, sex
0793PDFLogo200446 TBD.P 003Dejesus v. Greenleaf Auto Salvage04-004240 | eee | race, retal
0794PDFLogo200447 TBD.P 001Welch v. DCFS04-004241 | eee | dis
0795PDFLogo200447 TBD.P 002Matsumura v. General Dynamics Network Systems04-004242 | eee | age, race
0796PDFLogo200447 TBD.P 003Slaydon v. Tyco Kendall Healthcare04-004243 | eee | dis
0797PDFLogo200448 TBD.P 001Acosta v. DOC04-004293 | eee | nator
0798PDFLogo200448 TBD.P 002Hamner v. Caicedo04-004294 | hou | dis
0799PDFLogo200448 TBD.P 003Snyder v. HSMV04-004269 | eee | age, relig, sex
0800PDFLogo200448 TBD.P 004Winters v. Royal Ambassador Condo04-004314 | hou | dis
0801PDFLogo200448 TBD.P 005Raines v. American Pioneer Title Insurance Company04-004319 | eee | race
0802PDFLogo200449 TBD.P 001Johnson v. Alachua County04-004315 | eee | dis, race, relig
0803PDFLogo200449 TBD.P 002Coffy v. Porky's Barbeque Restaurant04-004316 | eee | age
0804PDFLogo200449 TBD.P 003Holland v. Loews Hotels04-004487 | eee | retal, sex
0805PDFLogo200449 TBD.P 004Harris v. Universal Security Monitoring04-004458 | eee | race
0806PDFLogo200449 TBD.P 005Slauson v. Stumpknocker's on the River04-004488 | eee | sex
0807PDFLogo200450 TBD.P 001Riley v. Red Carpet Inn04-004453 | pub | race
0808PDFLogo200450 TBD.P 002Nelson v. Vista Health Plan04-004455 | eee | dis
0809PDFLogo200450 TBD.P 003Brown v. City of Quincy04-004456 | eee | dis
0810PDFLogo200451 TBD.P 001Keefe v. REV04-004486 | eee | dis, race
0811PDFLogo200451 TBD.P 002Abrar v. Manor at Gainesville04-004451 | eee | nator, race, relig, retal
0812PDFLogo200451 TBD.P 003Black v. Broward County04-004452 | eee | race, retal
0813PDFLogo200451 TBD.P 004Slimp v. Suwannee County04-004454 | eee | sex
0814PDFLogo200451 TBD.P 005Gerrell v. DEP04-004457 | eee | dis
0815PDFLogo200451 TBD.P 006Vincent v. U-Haul04-004570 | eee | dis, nator, race
0816PDFLogo200451 TBD.P 007Smith, v. Dynamic Restaurants04-004485 | eee | retal, sex
0817PDFLogo200453 TBD.P 001Orellana v. Premium Waters05-000032 | eee | nator, race
0818PDFLogo200453 TBD.P 002Adler v. Metretek05-000029 | eee | age, dis, retal
#PDFReport No.CaptionDescription
0819PDFLogo200502 TBD.P 001Philip-Guide v. Legacy Toyota05-000026 | eee | age, race
0820PDFLogo200502 TBD.P 002Mcnair v. Westgate Motel05-000025 | pub | race
0821PDFLogo200502 TBD.P 003Dent v. Global Marketing Research Services05-000027 | eee | age
0822PDFLogo200502 TBD.P 004Shaffer v. Willstaff Crystal05-000084 | eee | dis
0823PDFLogo200502 TBD.P 005Mcgee v. AIG Marketing05-000085 | eee | col, race
0824PDFLogo200502 TBD.P 006Whittington v. Sterling One Realty05-000090 | hou | race
0825PDFLogo200502 TBD.P 007Meacham v. Kings Manor Estates05-000091 | hou | dis, race
0826PDFLogo200503 TBD.P 001Jackson v. Supercuts05-000095 | eee | race, sex
0827PDFLogo200503 TBD.P 002Mays v. Progress Energy05-000096 | eee | col, race
0828PDFLogo200503 TBD.P 003Prek v. Amerigroup Florida05-000097 | eee | dis
0829PDFLogo200503 TBD.P 004Gensiejewski v. City of Palm Bay05-000098 | eee | dis, retal
0830PDFLogo200503 TBD.P 005Bowles v. Jackson County Hospital05-000094 | eee | age, race, sex
0831PDFLogo200503 TBD.P 006Long v. Malcom05-000138 | hou | col, dis, nator, race, sex
0832PDFLogo200503 TBD.P 007Maderazo v. McDonald's05-000181 | eee | race
0833PDFLogo200504 TBD.P 001Laraway v. Ford05-000143 | eee | sex
0834PDFLogo200504 TBD.P 002Ngoie v. West Gate Resort05-000180 | eee | nator
0835PDFLogo200504 TBD.P 003Kaimowitz v. Three Rivers Legal05-000172 | eee | age, dis, retal
0836PDFLogo200505 TBD.P 001Kalouska v. Miami-Dade County05-000179 | eee | relig
0837PDFLogo200505 TBD.P 002Boone v. Cardel Hospitality05-000356 | eee | dis
0838PDFLogo200505 TBD.P 003Powell v. Tobacco Road05-000357 | pub | col, dis, race, sex
0839PDFLogo200505 TBD.P 004Gloria v. Universal Studios05-000345 | eee | sex
0840PDFLogo200505 TBD.P 005Ripley v. City of Gainesville05-000368 | eee | dis, retal
0841PDFLogo200506 TBD.P 001Botero v. Calusa Club Village05-000381 | hou | dis
0842PDFLogo200506 TBD.P 002Evans v. China Buffet of America05-000395 | pub | dis, nator
0843PDFLogo200506 TBD.P 003Bean v. DOT05-000396 | eee | age, retal
0844PDFLogo200506 TBD.P 004Loggins v. First Dartmouth Homes05-000408 | hou | race
0845PDFLogo200506 TBD.P 005Howard v. East Point Towers Condo05-000404 | hou | dis, retal
0846PDFLogo200506 TBD.P 006Johnson v. UPS05-000507 | eee | dis
0847PDFLogo200506 TBD.P 007Brown v. UF05-000508 | eee | retal
0848PDFLogo200507 TBD.P 001Torres v. Manpower05-000506 | eee | sex
0849PDFLogo200507 TBD.P 002Gomez v. Vestcor Companie05-000565 | eee | dis, fam
0850PDFLogo200507 TBD.P 003Bell v. Walmart05-000563 | eee | race
0851PDFLogo200508 TBD.P 001Robinson v. Wee Care Childcare05-000564 | eee | race
0852PDFLogo200508 TBD.P 002Samuel v. Colorado Boxed Beef05-000566 | eee | age
0853PDFLogo200508 TBD.P 003Steiner v. Summer Place Condo Association05-000567 | hou | dis, race
0854PDFLogo200508 TBD.P 004Dennard v. Charter Realty Group05-000599 | hou | race
0855PDFLogo200508 TBD.P 005Baker v. Carrabba's Italian Grill05-000623 | eee | retal
0856PDFLogo200508 TBD.P 006Southwell v. Carrabba's Italian Grill05-000632 | eee | retal
0857PDFLogo200508 TBD.P 007Manzaro v. DCFS05-000685 | eee | age
0858PDFLogo200509 TBD.P 001Harmon v. Landry's Seafood House05-000635 | eee | dis, retal, sex
0859PDFLogo200509 TBD.P 002Maxwell v. Oakpointe Apartments05-000760 | hou | fam, race
0860PDFLogo200509 TBD.P 003Craig v. Marriott05-000709 | eee | race
0861PDFLogo200509 TBD.P 004Lerner v. Coral Ridge Towers05-000772 | hou | retal
0862PDFLogo200510 TBD.P 001Pasos v. Quinary Club Condo05-000850 | hou | fam
0863PDFLogo200510 TBD.P 002Castelli v. UF05-000851 | eee | dis, nator, race, retal, sex
0864PDFLogo200510 TBD.P 003Pates v. Ocean Reef Community Association05-000931 | eee | race
0865PDFLogo200510 TBD.P 004Bridges v. Leon County05-000929 | eee | age, dis, retal
0866PDFLogo200511 TBD.P 001Fishbaugh v. Brevard County05-000930 | eee | dis, sex
0867PDFLogo200511 TBD.P 002Brockman v. UM05-000928 | eee | retal
0868PDFLogo200512 TBD.P 001Forehand v. DMS05-000976 | eee | age, dis
0869PDFLogo200512 TBD.P 002Cohen v. Summit Towers Condo05-001005 | hou | dis
0870PDFLogo200512 TBD.P 003Coles v. Sacred Heart Health System05-000977 | eee | race
0871PDFLogo200512 TBD.P 004Hammond v. Housing Trust Management Group05-000992 | eee | relig
0872PDFLogo200512 TBD.P 005Ayala v. Crown Bank05-000996 | hou | dis
0873PDFLogo200512 TBD.P 006Williams v. Sacred Heart Health System05-001014 | eee | race, sex
0874PDFLogo200512 TBD.P 007Hunt v. Hudson's Furniture Showroom05-001015 | eee | race
0875PDFLogo200512 TBD.P 008Ayala v. Coast to Coast Title05-001773 | hou | dis
0876PDFLogo200512 TBD.P 009Randall v. Sacred Heart Health System05-001004 | eee | race, retal
0877PDFLogo200513 TBD.P 001James v. Winter Haven Hospital05-001132 | eee | race
0878PDFLogo200513 TBD.P 002Adams v. Heritage Oaks Retirement05-001152 | eee | race, sex
0879PDFLogo200514 TBD.P 001Kennebrew v. Miami-Dade County05-001217 | eee | race
0880PDFLogo200515 TBD.P 001Johnson v. Electronic Data Systems05-001218 | eee | race
0881PDFLogo200515 TBD.P 002Contreras v. Dollar General05-001242 | eee | race
0882PDFLogo200515 TBD.P 003Jackson v. DCFS05-001243 | eee | age, race
0883PDFLogo200515 TBD.P 004Zanetti v. Huntington Golf Club05-001456 | eee | sex
0884PDFLogo200516 TBD.P 001Foster v. PepsiCo05-001455 | eee | age, race, sex
0885PDFLogo200516 TBD.P 002Peckham v. Lander Co.05-001511 | eee | age
0886PDFLogo200517 TBD.P 001Jefferson v. Jim Walter Homes05-001548 | hou | dis, race
0887PDFLogo200518 TBD.P 001Gomez v. Americana Village Condo05-001549 | hou | dis, nator
0888PDFLogo200518 TBD.P 002Gomez v. Americana Village Condo05-001912 | hou | dis, nator
0889PDFLogo200518 TBD.P 003Blackburn v. DOE05-002764 | eee | dis, retal
0890PDFLogo200518 TBD.P 004King v. Sunshadow Apartments05-001626 | eee | sex
0891PDFLogo200518 TBD.P 005Francis v. Walmart05-001627 | eee | race
0892PDFLogo200519 TBD.P 001Harrell v. Mango's Tropical Cafe05-001625 | eee | retal, sex
0893PDFLogo200519 TBD.P 002Villamor v. DEW Services05-001638 | eee | age
0894PDFLogo200519 TBD.P 003Moore v. Archer Western Construction05-001669 | eee | race
0895PDFLogo200520 TBD.P 001Brown v. Hertz05-001778 | eee | race, retal
0896PDFLogo200520 TBD.P 002Peritore v. City of Alachua05-001790 | eee | dis
0897PDFLogo200521 TBD.P 001Brown v. Apalachee Correctional Institution05-001788 | eee | dis
0898PDFLogo200521 TBD.P 002Mack v. North Florida Evaluation05-001775 | eee | dis, race, retal
0899PDFLogo200521 TBD.P 003Mccarthy v. Heartland Employment Services05-001789 | eee | race, retal, sex
0900PDFLogo200521 TBD.P 004Bennett v. AGR05-002404 | eee | dis
0901PDFLogo200521 TBD.P 005Shepley v. Lazy Days RV05-001906 | eee | sex
0902PDFLogo200521 TBD.P 006Miller v. Apalachee Center for Human Services05-001919 | eee | race
0903PDFLogo200521 TBD.P 007Williams v. Uncle Ernie's05-001922 | eee | race
0904PDFLogo200522 TBD.P 001Brown v. Western Steer05-001905 | eee | age, dis
0905PDFLogo200522 TBD.P 002Peavy v. Bargain Barry's05-001920 | eee | sex
0906PDFLogo200522 TBD.P 003Herring v. Children's Medical Services05-001921 | eee | dis, retal
0907PDFLogo200522 TBD.P 004Cote v. Flagler County05-001960 | eee | age, retal, sex
0908PDFLogo200522 TBD.P 005Hargrove v. HSMV05-002022 | eee | retal
0909PDFLogo200523 TBD.P 001Goodwin v. Park Square Enterprises05-002063 | hou | race
0910PDFLogo200523 TBD.P 002Cardinale v. First Coast Community Bank05-002023 | eee | age
0911PDFLogo200523 TBD.P 003Downs v. Shear Express05-002061 | eee | age, dis
0912PDFLogo200524 TBD.P 001Scott v. Monroe County05-002057 | eee | retal
0913PDFLogo200524 TBD.P 002Garcia v. Bank of America05-002058 | eee | dis
0914PDFLogo200524 TBD.P 003Marchinko v. Wittemann Company05-002062 | eee | age
0915PDFLogo200524 TBD.P 004Peterson v. Madison County05-002084 | eee | retal
0916PDFLogo200524 TBD.P 005Timmons v. Waffle House05-002085 | hou | race
0917PDFLogo200525 TBD.P 001Speed v. City of Tallahassee05-002156 | eee | age, dis, race, relig, retal
0918PDFLogo200525 TBD.P 002Kaimowitz v. Three Rivers Legal05-002170 | oth |
0919PDFLogo200525 TBD.P 003Orlino v. Jupiter Medical Center05-002171 | eee | race
0920PDFLogo200526 TBD.P 001Mahle v. 180 Connect05-002267 | eee | age, retal, sex
0921PDFLogo200526 TBD.P 002Davis v. Boise Cascade05-002269 | eee | race, retal
0922PDFLogo200526 TBD.P 003Bailey v. Town of Lady Lake05-002270 | eee | race, retal
0923PDFLogo200526 TBD.P 004Sierra v. Quest, Inc.05-002271 | eee | race, sex
0924PDFLogo200527 TBD.P 001Singleton v. DJJ05-002397 | eee | age, race
0925PDFLogo200527 TBD.P 002Mcnair v. Royal Inn Motel05-002398 | pub | race
0926PDFLogo200527 TBD.P 003Masserly v. DCFS05-002402 | eee | age
0927PDFLogo200527 TBD.P 004Mcaindriu v. AHCA05-002485 | eee | race
0928PDFLogo200527 TBD.P 005Smith v. Brynwood Nursing05-002599 | eee | race
0929PDFLogo200527 TBD.P 006Brown v. Florida Transportation Services05-002600 | eee | col, nator, race
0930PDFLogo200528 TBD.P 001Dalhy v. Grand Cypress Resort05-002399 | eee | nator, relig
0931PDFLogo200528 TBD.P 002Henry v. Mc Assembly05-002401 | eee | race
0932PDFLogo200528 TBD.P 003Gates v. Gadsden County05-002403 | eee | race
0933PDFLogo200528 TBD.P 004Harris v. Lake County05-002405 | eee | race
0934PDFLogo200528 TBD.P 005Loveland v. Hillside Mobile Home05-002445 | hou | dis
0935PDFLogo200528 TBD.P 006Pasos v. Gregory Byrnes05-002474 | hou | fam, retal
0936PDFLogo200529 TBD.P 001Speed v. Grand Seas Resort05-002601 | eee | race
0937PDFLogo200529 TBD.P 002Cruz v. HSMV05-002602 | eee | nator, race, retal
0938PDFLogo200529 TBD.P 003Sirmans v. Aramark Campus Services05-002603 | eee | dis
0939PDFLogo200530 TBD.P 001Hutson v. UPS05-002614 | eee | dis
0940PDFLogo200530 TBD.P 002Douglas v. Resolutions Performance Product05-002650 | eee | dis
0941PDFLogo200531 TBD.P 001Brown v. Mainline Information Systems05-002976 | eee | race, retal
0942PDFLogo200531 TBD.P 002Beck v. South Walton County Mosquito Control05-002960 | eee | retal, sex
0943PDFLogo200531 TBD.P 003Bullock v. West Florida Hospital05-002967 | eee | race
0944PDFLogo200531 TBD.P 004Harrison v. America's First Homes05-002968 | hou | dis, race
0945PDFLogo200531 TBD.P 005Chukes v. Gambro Healthcare05-002762 | eee | race
0946PDFLogo200532 TBD.P 001Jackson v. Leon County05-002961 | eee | race, retal
0947PDFLogo200532 TBD.P 002Summerlin v. Town & Country Refuse05-002978 | eee | race, retal
0948PDFLogo200533 TBD.P 001Aguila v. Bankers Life and Casualty05-002970 | eee | age, marry
0949PDFLogo200533 TBD.P 002Washington v. Cingular Wireless05-002988 | eee | age, race
0950PDFLogo200533 TBD.P 003Johnson v. Heart of Florida Medical05-002996 | eee | race, sex
0951PDFLogo200534 TBD.P 001Payne v. Stanadyne05-002990 | eee | race, sex
0952PDFLogo200534 TBD.P 002Dismuke v. Sonny's Real Pit BBQ05-002989 | eee | race
0953PDFLogo200534 TBD.P 003Francis v. DJJ05-002958 | eee | dis, race, retal, sex
0954PDFLogo200534 TBD.P 004Maxwell v. The Health Center of Lake City05-002959 | eee | race, retal
0955PDFLogo200534 TBD.P 005Pursell v. Consolidated Transmission Parts05-002963 | eee | retal, sex, unkn
0956PDFLogo200534 TBD.P 006Weaver v. Swift Transportation05-002971 | eee | dis
0957PDFLogo200534 TBD.P 007Kaimowitz v. Three Rivers Legal05-002972 | eee | age, race
0958PDFLogo200534 TBD.P 008Peacock v. Volusia County05-002973 | eee | age, retal, sex
0959PDFLogo200534 TBD.P 009Cabrera v. Hialeah Housing Authority05-002974 | eee | age
0960PDFLogo200534 TBD.P 010Lenard v. ALPHA05-002975 | hou | dis
0961PDFLogo200534 TBD.P 011Sen v. DOE05-002991 | eee | dis, nator
0962PDFLogo200534 TBD.P 012Martin v. Woodland Extended Care05-003079 | eee | dis
0963PDFLogo200534 TBD.P 013Hjortsberg v. Great Bay Distributors05-003120 | eee | marry, sex
0964PDFLogo200535 TBD.P 001Siales v. Orange County05-003121 | eee | dis
0965PDFLogo200535 TBD.P 002O'Brien v. St. Johns County05-003078 | eee | dis
0966PDFLogo200535 TBD.P 003Dewitt v. Walmart05-003080 | eee | dis
0967PDFLogo200535 TBD.P 004Salhoff v. Walmart05-003081 | pub | dis
0968PDFLogo200535 TBD.P 005Green v. DOH05-003149 | eee | race, retal
0969PDFLogo200536 TBD.P 001Ward v. Cyberguard05-003150 | eee | age
0970PDFLogo200536 TBD.P 002Parker v. McGurn Management Co.05-003201 | hou | dis
0971PDFLogo200536 TBD.P 003Cohen v. Appliance Direct05-003202 | eee | age
0972PDFLogo200536 TBD.P 004Scott v. DFS05-003283 | eee | dis, retal
0973PDFLogo200536 TBD.P 005Jones v. Akal Security05-003279 | eee | marry, retal, sex
0974PDFLogo200537 TBD.P 001Mercado v. TVI05-003280 | eee | sex
0975PDFLogo200537 TBD.P 002Brown v. Rapak, LLC05-003285 | eee | age
0976PDFLogo200537 TBD.P 003Thurston v. Florida A&M University05-003286 | eee | age, dis, retal, sex
0977PDFLogo200537 TBD.P 004Culbreth v. Tamaira Daddysman05-003357 | hou | race, sex
0978PDFLogo200538 TBD.P 001Julius v. Burger King05-003284 | eee | nator, race, retal, sex
0979PDFLogo200538 TBD.P 002Vicary v. Florida Supreme Court05-003360 | eee | dis, retal
0980PDFLogo200538 TBD.P 003Ramirez v. Walt Disney World05-003363 | pub | nator
0981PDFLogo200538 TBD.P 004Pelaez v. Chialastri05-003397 | hou | dis, nator, race, sex
0982PDFLogo200538 TBD.P 005Horra v. Broward County05-003399 | eee | nator, race
0983PDFLogo200538 TBD.P 006Beddy v. REV05-003359 | eee | age, retal, sex
0984PDFLogo200538 TBD.P 007Jackson v. GAT Airline Ground Support05-003361 | eee | sex
0985PDFLogo200538 TBD.P 008Black v. Regeneration Technologies05-003362 | eee | retal, sex
0986PDFLogo200538 TBD.P 009Toro v. Waterford Crossing05-003364 | hou | retal, sex
0987PDFLogo200538 TBD.P 010Whitfield v. Manna Christian Missions05-003613 | pub | col, race
0988PDFLogo200539 TBD.P 001Bass v. Waffle House05-003394 | pub | race
0989PDFLogo200539 TBD.P 002Strong v. City of Tallahassee05-003390 | eee | race
0990PDFLogo200539 TBD.P 003Mark v. Publix05-003398 | pub | nator, race
0991PDFLogo200539 TBD.P 004Bloom v. Lago Mar of Naples05-003389 | hou | dis
0992PDFLogo200539 TBD.P 005Simmons v. Waffle House05-003391 | pub | race
0993PDFLogo200539 TBD.P 006Williams v. Waffle House05-003392 | pub | col, race
0994PDFLogo200539 TBD.P 007Walker v. Waffle House05-003393 | pub | race
0995PDFLogo200539 TBD.P 008Douglas v. Florida Chemical Company05-003512 | eee | dis
0996PDFLogo200539 TBD.P 009Reams v. Compusa05-003513 | eee | dis, sex
0997PDFLogo200539 TBD.P 010Arjomand-Haghighi v. Tempus Resorts International05-003514 | eee | nator, race
0998PDFLogo200539 TBD.P 011Peters v. DOE05-003515 | eee | dis, retal
0999PDFLogo200539 TBD.P 012Sims v. DCFS05-003516 | eee | dis
1000PDFLogo200539 TBD.P 013Pecoraro v. Centex Homes05-003538 | hou | dis
1001PDFLogo200539 TBD.P 014King v. Healthsouth05-003537 | eee | age, race
1002PDFLogo200540 TBD.P 001Howard v. Burger King05-003536 | eee | race, sex
1003PDFLogo200540 TBD.P 002Langebartels v. Williams Scotsman05-003609 | eee | age, retal
1004PDFLogo200540 TBD.P 003Silvey v. Kaufman, Rossin & Co.05-003608 | eee | age
1005PDFLogo200540 TBD.P 004Davies v. Glades Ford Lincoln Mercury05-003610 | eee | age, dis
1006PDFLogo200540 TBD.P 005Morris v. Lee County05-003611 | eee | dis
1007PDFLogo200540 TBD.P 006Killick v. Community Education Partners05-003612 | eee | dis
1008PDFLogo200540 TBD.P 007Wilson v. Marion County05-003668 | eee | age
1009PDFLogo200540 TBD.P 008Gamarra-Barco v. Sears05-003665 | eee | age, nator, race, sex
1010PDFLogo200541 TBD.P 001Robles v. Autozone05-003666 | eee | dis, race
1011PDFLogo200541 TBD.P 002Stringfield v. REV05-003667 | eee | race
1012PDFLogo200541 TBD.P 003Gilbert v. Chase Home Finance05-004414 | eee | dis
1013PDFLogo200542 TBD.P 001Grant v. DJ Enterprises05-004110 | eee | sex
1014PDFLogo200543 TBD.P 001Snider v. Bank of America05-003964 | eee | age, marry
1015PDFLogo200543 TBD.P 002Willms v. Bank of America05-003965 | eee | age
1016PDFLogo200543 TBD.P 003Drell v. Weight Watchers05-003968 | eee | relig, sex
1017PDFLogo200543 TBD.P 004Drell v. Weight Watchers05-003969 | eee | relig
1018PDFLogo200543 TBD.P 005Minor v. Walt Disney World05-003966 | pub | dis
1019PDFLogo200543 TBD.P 006Ford v. Hanson Pipe and Products05-004055 | eee | race, retal
1020PDFLogo200543 TBD.P 007Marshall v. Sam's Club05-004056 | eee | dis
1021PDFLogo200543 TBD.P 008Carlton v. Florida State University05-003967 | eee | marry, retal, sex
1022PDFLogo200544 TBD.P 001Race v. Orange County05-003971 | eee | dis
1023PDFLogo200544 TBD.P 002Salehi v. Florida Community College05-003992 | eee | nator, race
1024PDFLogo200544 TBD.P 003Fuller v. Coastal Cosmetic Center05-004057 | eee | age
1025PDFLogo200545 TBD.P 001Pena v. American Airlines05-004136 | eee | nator
1026PDFLogo200545 TBD.P 002Castellanos v. American Airlines05-004139 | eee | nator
1027PDFLogo200547 TBD.P 001Edwards v. City of Deland05-004142 | eee | race
1028PDFLogo200548 TBD.P 001Sampson v. DCFS05-004361 | eee | race, retal, sex
1029PDFLogo200548 TBD.P 002Whaley v. Palm Group Realty05-004362 | eee | age, dis, sex
1030PDFLogo200548 TBD.P 003Casey v. Hospital Corporation of America05-004353 | eee | age, dis, retal, sex
1031PDFLogo200548 TBD.P 004Powers v. DCFS05-004360 | eee | retal
1032PDFLogo200548 TBD.P 005Whaley v. Palm Cove05-004363 | eee | age, dis, sex
1033PDFLogo200549 TBD.P 001Prek v. Workforce Central Florida05-004413 | eee | dis
1034PDFLogo200550 TBD.P 001Davila v. Vista Community Association Management05-004560 | hou | nator, race
1035PDFLogo200550 TBD.P 002Center v. Pine Terrace Apartments05-004558 | hou | dis
1036PDFLogo200550 TBD.P 003Barr v. Seminole Cove Owners05-004559 | hou | dis
1037PDFLogo200550 TBD.P 004Bafford v. Township Apartments, et al05-004562 | hou | race
1038PDFLogo200550 TBD.P 005Bafford v. Township Apartments, et al05-004563 | hou | race
1039PDFLogo200551 TBD.P 001Jones v. Buckner & Associates06-000340 | hou | race
1040PDFLogo200551 TBD.P 002Claybar v. Collier County05-004586 | eee | age, retal, sex
1041PDFLogo200551 TBD.P 003Fernandez v. Peters05-004561 | hou | nator
1042PDFLogo200552 TBD.P 001Wiltshire v. Orlando Sentinel06-000021 | eee | dis
1043PDFLogo200552 TBD.P 002Germany v. Resort Sales by Spinnaker06-000097 | eee | age
1044PDFLogo200552 TBD.P 003Branum v. Resort Sales by Spinnaker06-000098 | eee | age, retal, sex
#PDFReport No.CaptionDescription
1045PDFLogo200601 TBD.P 001Mock v. Sea Crest Health Care06-000099 | eee | retal, sex
1046PDFLogo200601 TBD.P 002Hargrove v. DOE06-000324 | eee | dis
1047PDFLogo200602 TBD.P 001Clark v. Covenant Hospice06-000322 | eee | age, dis
1048PDFLogo200603 TBD.P 001Salter v. International Paper06-000339 | eee | race, sex
1049PDFLogo200603 TBD.P 002Williams v. Super Eight Motel06-000188 | pub | race
1050PDFLogo200603 TBD.P 003Wadley v. Indian River Medical06-000341 | eee | age, col, race
1051PDFLogo200603 TBD.P 004Stackfield v. Gary Yeomans Ford06-000342 | eee | race
1052PDFLogo200603 TBD.P 005Victor v. Ramada06-000343 | eee | nator, race, sex
1053PDFLogo200603 TBD.P 006Evans v. Tallahassee Community College06-000344 | eee | age, race
1054PDFLogo200604 TBD.P 001Fuqua v. Mercedes Homes06-000345 | eee | retal, sex
1055PDFLogo200604 TBD.P 002Lawrence v. WG Yates Construction06-000320 | eee | race, retal
1056PDFLogo200604 TBD.P 003Phillips v. Martin Stables South06-000323 | eee | sex
1057PDFLogo200604 TBD.P 004Stanford v. Hampshire Property Investments06-000356 | eee | retal, sex
1058PDFLogo200604 TBD.P 005Quintero v. City of Coral Gables06-000413 | eee | age, dis, nator
1059PDFLogo200605 TBD.P 001Kelly v. Florida Crown06-000483 | eee | race
1060PDFLogo200605 TBD.P 002Russell v. LexisNexis Publishing06-000482 | eee | retal
1061PDFLogo200606 TBD.P 001Akins v. Lee & Cates Glass06-000455 | eee | race
1062PDFLogo200606 TBD.P 002Horsley v. College Loans Direct06-000585 | eee | age
1063PDFLogo200606 TBD.P 003Jones v. General Aviation Terminal06-000583 | eee | dis, retal, sex
1064PDFLogo200607 TBD.P 001Bagley v. City of Tampa06-000592 | eee | race
1065PDFLogo200607 TBD.P 002Dickens v. DCFS06-000593 | eee | dis, race, retal
1066PDFLogo200607 TBD.P 003Eftoda v. Healthsouth06-000594 | eee | age, retal
1067PDFLogo200607 TBD.P 004Capizzi v. Jax Manor06-000584 | eee | race, retal
1068PDFLogo200608 TBD.P 001Gonzales v. PepsiCo06-000677 | eee | retal, sex
1069PDFLogo200608 TBD.P 002Burns v. Florida Telecommunications Relay06-000734 | eee | dis
1070PDFLogo200608 TBD.P 003Jester v. Haverty's06-000733 | eee | retal, sex
1071PDFLogo200609 TBD.P 001Alexander v. Builders First Source06-000765 | eee | dis, race, retal
1072PDFLogo200609 TBD.P 002Travis v. George P. Rance06-000943 | hou | dis
1073PDFLogo200610 TBD.P 001Gonzalez v. Elysee Investment06-000941 | eee | age, col, marry, nator, race, relig, retal
1074PDFLogo200610 TBD.P 002Stallworth v. Okaloosa County06-000942 | eee | race, retal
1075PDFLogo200610 TBD.P 003Bellville v. Flag Ship RV's06-000940 | eee | sex
1076PDFLogo200611 TBD.P 001Kelley v. Waterwise06-000954 | eee | age, sex
1077PDFLogo200611 TBD.P 002Gatewood v. DCFS06-000939 | eee | dis, retal
1078PDFLogo200612 TBD.P 001Hunter v. S&S Enterprises06-000953 | eee | dis, marry
1079PDFLogo200612 TBD.P 002Hall v. Greenville Hills Academy/Disc Village06-001052 | eee | dis, race
1080PDFLogo200612 TBD.P 003Billups v. Sun Cove Realty06-001179 | hou | race
1081PDFLogo200613 TBD.P 001Howard v. Colomer06-001125 | eee | race
1082PDFLogo200613 TBD.P 002Richard v. Holiday Inn06-001158 | eee | dis
1083PDFLogo200613 TBD.P 003Webb v. DOE06-001124 | eee | age, dis, race
1084PDFLogo200614 TBD.P 001Hall v. Dillards06-001150 | eee | sex
1085PDFLogo200614 TBD.P 002Thomas v. Shoma Development Corp.06-001177 | hou | dis
1086PDFLogo200614 TBD.P 003Pizarro v. Florida Hospital Fish Memorial06-001178 | eee | age, dis, nator
1087PDFLogo200614 TBD.P 004Gillman v. Saint Leo University06-001242 | eee | dis
1088PDFLogo200615 TBD.P 001Fletcher v. Edward Waters College06-001241 | eee | age, retal, sex
1089PDFLogo200616 TBD.P 001Fioravanti v. Carnival Cruise Lines06-001433 | eee | dis
1090PDFLogo200616 TBD.P 002Jones v. Suwannee County06-001434 | eee | age, race, sex
1091PDFLogo200618 TBD.P 001Mccaskill v. JH Harveys06-001600 | eee | age, race, retal
1092PDFLogo200618 TBD.P 002Lewis v. Indian River Estates06-001663 | eee | race
1093PDFLogo200619 TBD.P 001Mccreary v. Choicepoint Precision Marketing06-001665 | eee | race, retal
1094PDFLogo200619 TBD.P 002Fields v. Miami New Times06-001662 | eee | age, sex
1095PDFLogo200620 TBD.P 001Johnson v. City of Callaway06-001892 | eee | dis
1096PDFLogo200621 TBD.P 001Mcgee v. DTG Operations06-001891 | eee | dis
1097PDFLogo200621 TBD.P 002Butler v. PepsiCo06-001953 | eee | age
1098PDFLogo200622 TBD.P 001Arugu v. Broward County06-001985 | eee | nator
1099PDFLogo200622 TBD.P 002Molina v. Sea World06-001986 | eee | age, nator
1100PDFLogo200622 TBD.P 003Luty v. Bruse Kinard06-001989 | hou | dis
1101PDFLogo200622 TBD.P 004Cartwright v. REV06-002131 | eee | race, sex
1102PDFLogo200622 TBD.P 005Patterson v. Public Defender's Office, 2nd Circuit06-001970 | eee | race, retal
1103PDFLogo200622 TBD.P 006Rosen-Hester v. Granada POA06-001954 | hou | race
1104PDFLogo200624 TBD.P 001Wagner v. Holmes Regional Medical Center06-002130 | eee | dis
1105PDFLogo200624 TBD.P 002Hayden v. Marion County06-002129 | eee | retal
1106PDFLogo200624 TBD.P 003White v. Oak Hill Hospital06-002132 | eee | age, dis
1107PDFLogo200624 TBD.P 004Kleinschmidt v. Three Horizons North Condo06-002251 | hou | nator, retal
1108PDFLogo200625 TBD.P 001Walker v. Flying J06-002241 | eee | age
1109PDFLogo200625 TBD.P 002Hargrove v. American Staff Management16-003635 | eee | dis
1110PDFLogo200626 TBD.P 001Procopio v. Four Seasons Hotel Miami06-002367 | eee | nator
1111PDFLogo200627 TBD.P 001Sellers v. Lake County06-002414 | eee | dis
1112PDFLogo200628 TBD.P 001Seiden v. Wexford Health Sources06-002400 | eee | dis
1113PDFLogo200628 TBD.P 002Hedman v. Washington County06-002458 | eee | retal, sex
1114PDFLogo200628 TBD.P 003Costantini v. Walmart06-002461 | eee | age, sex
1115PDFLogo200628 TBD.P 004Francis v. Boardwalk at Appleyard06-002459 | eee | race, relig
1116PDFLogo200628 TBD.P 005Bradwell v. Hampton Bay Apartments06-002636 | hou | race
1117PDFLogo200628 TBD.P 006Tolbert v. Leon County06-002460 | eee | race, sex
1118PDFLogo200628 TBD.P 007Falden v. The Crossing HOA, et al06-002821 | hou | dis
1119PDFLogo200629 TBD.P 001Sukyasov v. GMC Property Management06-002819 | hou | nator
1120PDFLogo200629 TBD.P 002Mcginness v. Scan Design of Tampa06-002818 | eee | retal, sex
1121PDFLogo200630 TBD.P 001Kangas v. Hatchett Creek Mobile Home06-002822 | hou | dis
1122PDFLogo200631 TBD.P 001Hall v. Hillsborough County06-002817 | eee | race, sex
1123PDFLogo200631 TBD.P 002Lee v. Progressive Management of America06-002820 | hou | dis
1124PDFLogo200631 TBD.P 003Martinez v. Domino's Pizza06-002860 | eee | sex
1125PDFLogo200631 TBD.P 004Glover v. The Summit at Hunter's Creek06-003112 | hou | race
1126PDFLogo200632 TBD.P 001Hawkins v. Best Western Hotels06-002905 | eee | race
1127PDFLogo200635 TBD.P 001Wise v. Progressive Management of America06-003271 | hou | dis, sex
1128PDFLogo200635 TBD.P 002White v. Denny's Restaurant06-003270 | pub | race
1129PDFLogo200635 TBD.P 003Stewart v. Pasco County06-003314 | eee | age
1130PDFLogo200636 TBD.P 001Strickland v. Tempus Resorts International06-003313 | eee | sex
1131PDFLogo200637 TBD.P 001Rhodes v. Exxon Mobil06-003414 | pub | race
1132PDFLogo200637 TBD.P 002King-Skinner v. City of Defuniak Springs06-003504 | eee | age, marry, retal, sex
1133PDFLogo200637 TBD.P 003Harrison v. Exxon Mobil06-003505 | pub | race
1134PDFLogo200637 TBD.P 004Rodriguez v. Exxon Mobil06-003506 | pub | race
1135PDFLogo200637 TBD.P 005Temples v. Leviton Manufacturing06-003534 | eee | age, retal
1136PDFLogo200637 TBD.P 006Perry v. Target06-003530 | eee | retal
1137PDFLogo200637 TBD.P 007Shay v. GINFL Services06-003531 | eee | dis, retal, unkn
1138PDFLogo200637 TBD.P 008Dey v. City of Kissimmee06-003532 | eee | dis
1139PDFLogo200638 TBD.P 001Gunsby v. Hamilton County06-003641 | eee | race, retal
1140PDFLogo200638 TBD.P 002Hawthorne v. Exxon Mobil06-003533 | pub | col, race
1141PDFLogo200638 TBD.P 003Salber v. Atlass Insurance06-003535 | eee | age
1142PDFLogo200638 TBD.P 004Williams v. North Broward Hospital District06-003665 | eee | dis
1143PDFLogo200638 TBD.P 005Rezgui v. Nextel06-003685 | eee | nator
1144PDFLogo200638 TBD.P 006Bordonaro v. The Green at the Heather Condo06-003969 | hou | dis
1145PDFLogo200639 TBD.P 001Hunt v. Ocwen Financial06-003662 | eee | retal, unkn
1146PDFLogo200639 TBD.P 002Hunt v. Ocwen Financial06-003663 | eee | retal, unkn
1147PDFLogo200639 TBD.P 003Jenkins v. Brambles Industries06-003718 | eee | race, retal, sex, unkn
1148PDFLogo200639 TBD.P 004Dawson v. Bank of America06-003788 | eee | age, race
1149PDFLogo200640 TBD.P 001Simmons v. Hamilton Products06-003719 | eee | race, retal
1150PDFLogo200640 TBD.P 002Michael v. Delta Health Group06-003879 | eee | nator
1151PDFLogo200640 TBD.P 003Mccrary v. Reichold, Inc.06-003880 | eee | age, race
1152PDFLogo200640 TBD.P 004Donald v. Sears06-004120 | eee | retal, unkn
1153PDFLogo200640 TBD.P 005Miller v. Big Bend Hospice06-003970 | eee | age, dis
1154PDFLogo200641 TBD.P 001Lewis v. MMI Dining Service06-004025 | eee | race, retal
1155PDFLogo200642 TBD.P 001Allegretto v. Cumulus Media06-004118 | eee | retal, sex
1156PDFLogo200642 TBD.P 002Lee v. Dollar General06-004119 | eee | sex
1157PDFLogo200643 TBD.P 001Wolfe v. St. Johns River WMD06-004168 | eee | age, race, retal, sex
1158PDFLogo200646 TBD.P 001Clifton v. Krys, Schaefer, Raimann, and Russell06-004646 | hou | race
1159PDFLogo200646 TBD.P 002Cherrington v. Wolverine Anesthesia Consultants06-004650 | eee | race
1160PDFLogo200646 TBD.P 003Cherrington v. Barry Univeristy Snhs-Anesthesiology06-004648 | eee | race
1161PDFLogo200646 TBD.P 004Mcgill v. Florida A&M University06-004761 | eee | age
1162PDFLogo200647 TBD.P 001Robbins v. CVS Pharmacy06-004749 | eee | dis, relig
1163PDFLogo200647 TBD.P 002Hilty v. Lee County06-004762 | eee | age, retal
1164PDFLogo200647 TBD.P 003West v. Bay Walk06-004776 | pub | relig
1165PDFLogo200648 TBD.P 001Lawhorn v. DOC06-004818 | eee | age
1166PDFLogo200650 TBD.P 001Hays v. DCFS06-005073 | eee | dis
1167PDFLogo200651 TBD.P 001Thomas v. Healthsouth06-005316 | eee | retal
1168PDFLogo200651 TBD.P 002Hayes v. DCFS07-000092 | eee | age, dis, sex
1169PDFLogo200651 TBD.P 003Jay v. Cache, Inc.07-000089 | eee | age
1170PDFLogo200652 TBD.P 001Jenkins v. DOH07-000090 | eee | age, retal
1171PDFLogo200652 TBD.P 002Singh v. Genlyte07-000091 | eee | retal
#PDFReport No.CaptionDescription
1172PDFLogo200702 TBD.P 001Jop v. Seaside Resort07-000136 | hou | dis
1173PDFLogo200702 TBD.P 002Mason v. Marion County07-000130 | eee | age, dis, sex
1174PDFLogo200702 TBD.P 003Johnson v. Golden Corral07-000134 | eee | retal
1175PDFLogo200702 TBD.P 004Cowden v. King's Gate Club07-000498 | hou | dis
1176PDFLogo200703 TBD.P 001Smith v. Pointe West HOA07-000365 | hou | dis
1177PDFLogo200703 TBD.P 002Porter v. DFS07-000367 | eee | age
1178PDFLogo200703 TBD.P 003Bradwell v. Colonial Grand at Bayshore07-000366 | hou | dis, race, sex
1179PDFLogo200703 TBD.P 004Tucci v. Nguyen07-000497 | hou | dis
1180PDFLogo200703 TBD.P 005Morales v. DCFS07-000575 | eee | nator, retal
1181PDFLogo200705 TBD.P 001Bartolone v. Best Western Hotels07-000496 | eee | retal, sex
1182PDFLogo200705 TBD.P 002Guenther v. Hall MD07-001528 | eee | age
1183PDFLogo200705 TBD.P 003Tseng v. Florida A&M University07-000606 | eee | nator
1184PDFLogo200706 TBD.P 001Clarke v. DOE07-000670 | eee | dis
1185PDFLogo200706 TBD.P 002Alexander v. APD07-000671 | eee | dis, retal
1186PDFLogo200706 TBD.P 003Bonaventure v. MV Transportation07-000672 | eee | age, sex
1187PDFLogo200706 TBD.P 004Center v. Whispering Oaks Condo07-002324 | hou | dis
1188PDFLogo200706 TBD.P 005Miller v. Hilton Hotels07-000795 | eee | dis
1189PDFLogo200706 TBD.P 006Gainey v. Winn Dixie07-000796 | eee | race
1190PDFLogo200707 TBD.P 001Richards v. Ocean Pines Owners Association07-001088 | hou | dis
1191PDFLogo200707 TBD.P 002Young v. Florida A&M University07-000793 | eee | age, retal, sex
1192PDFLogo200707 TBD.P 003Young v. Florida A&M University07-000794 | eee | race
1193PDFLogo200708 TBD.P 001Duverglas v. City of Fort Lauderdale07-000989 | eee | nator, retal
1194PDFLogo200709 TBD.P 001Jackson v. Winn Dixie07-000990 | eee | race
1195PDFLogo200709 TBD.P 002Brice v. Concord Management07-001086 | hou | col, fam, race
1196PDFLogo200709 TBD.P 003Hutcheson v. Sand Dune Properties07-001087 | hou | dis
1197PDFLogo200709 TBD.P 004Duncan v. Florida Parole Commission07-001038 | eee | dis
1198PDFLogo200710 TBD.P 001Toms v. Marion County07-001113 | eee | age
1199PDFLogo200710 TBD.P 002Jimenez v. Whole Foods Market07-001114 | eee | nator
1200PDFLogo200710 TBD.P 003Ayers-Petty v. Palm Harbor Villas07-001165 | hou | dis
1201PDFLogo200710 TBD.P 004Lake v. Arnold Truss Co.07-001128 | eee | race, retal
1202PDFLogo200711 TBD.P 001Myles v. Tom Thumb Food07-001255 | eee | race, retal
1203PDFLogo200711 TBD.P 002Myles v. Tom Thumb Food07-001256 | eee | race, retal
1204PDFLogo200712 TBD.P 001Porter v. AGR07-001334 | eee | age, dis
1205PDFLogo200713 TBD.P 001Stallworth v. Accustaff07-001525 | eee | sex
1206PDFLogo200714 TBD.P 001Mccoy v. Boston Market07-001526 | eee | race
1207PDFLogo200714 TBD.P 002Royster v. Pate Stevedore Co.07-001527 | eee | dis, race, retal
1208PDFLogo200714 TBD.P 003Stalder v. Orange County07-001595 | eee | age
1209PDFLogo200714 TBD.P 004Mcmillian v. Community-Based Options07-001616 | eee | race
1210PDFLogo200714 TBD.P 005Booth v. City of Gainesville07-001579 | eee | race
1211PDFLogo200714 TBD.P 006Moss v. Walmart07-001594 | eee | race
1212PDFLogo200715 TBD.P 001Young v. DOH07-001633 | eee | race, sex
1213PDFLogo200715 TBD.P 002Hughes v. Sam's Club07-001634 | eee | dis
1214PDFLogo200715 TBD.P 003Hawthorne v. Baptist Hospital07-001703 | eee | age, retal
1215PDFLogo200717 TBD.P 001Burke v. UF07-001939 | eee | age
1216PDFLogo200718 TBD.P 001Taylor v. Marriot07-001932 | eee | retal, sex
1217PDFLogo200718 TBD.P 002Anderson v. Valley Crest Golf07-001959 | hou | race
1218PDFLogo200718 TBD.P 003Wilkerson v. Duval County07-001960 | eee | retal, sex
1219PDFLogo200718 TBD.P 004Hosein v. Miami-Dade County07-001972 | eee | age
1220PDFLogo200718 TBD.P 005Pate v. Homes of Merit07-001973 | eee | race, retal, sex
1221PDFLogo200719 TBD.P 001Myers v. City of Fellsmere07-002222 | eee | retal
1222PDFLogo200720 TBD.P 001Simmons v. Hamilton Products07-002221 | eee | retal
1223PDFLogo200721 TBD.P 001Snipes v. City of Davenport07-002482 | eee | age, race
1224PDFLogo200721 TBD.P 002Hamilton v. The Talking Phone Book07-002417 | eee | nator, race
1225PDFLogo200721 TBD.P 003Meiselman v. Broward County07-002418 | eee | dis
1226PDFLogo200721 TBD.P 004Neagle v. Lauderdale Imports07-002481 | eee | marry, retal, sex
1227PDFLogo200722 TBD.P 001Hall v. Lake County07-002480 | eee | race, retal
1228PDFLogo200722 TBD.P 002Raphael v. Carnival Cruise Lines07-002526 | pub | race
1229PDFLogo200723 TBD.P 001Lane v. Aramark Correctional Services07-002537 | eee | age
1230PDFLogo200723 TBD.P 002Yoder v. Century Realty Funds07-002538 | hou | dis
1231PDFLogo200723 TBD.P 003Henderson v. Days Inn07-002847 | pub | race
1232PDFLogo200723 TBD.P 004Dickey v. Harbor Hills Country Club07-002611 | eee | race
1233PDFLogo200723 TBD.P 005Mattingly v. Dillards07-002654 | eee | age, sex
1234PDFLogo200724 TBD.P 001Tucker v. Chipola College07-002655 | eee | dis
1235PDFLogo200724 TBD.P 002Rolfe v. City of Palm Bay08-000308 | eee | marry, retal
1236PDFLogo200725 TBD.P 001Porter v. OIR07-002849 | eee | age, dis
1237PDFLogo200725 TBD.P 002Hutra v. K-Mart07-002850 | eee | sex
1238PDFLogo200726 TBD.P 001Thomas v. Progress Energy Florida07-002871 | eee | retal
1239PDFLogo200726 TBD.P 002Robinson v. Alliance Laundry Systems07-002848 | eee | race
1240PDFLogo200726 TBD.P 003Patterson v. Public Defender's Office, 2nd Circuit07-003032 | eee | dis, retal
1241PDFLogo200727 TBD.P 001Waelder v. Shands Hospital07-003028 | eee | nator
1242PDFLogo200727 TBD.P 002Soriano v. Walmart07-003029 | eee | nator
1243PDFLogo200727 TBD.P 003Latham v. Ameriquest Mortgage07-003031 | eee | retal
1244PDFLogo200727 TBD.P 004Wergeles v. Tregate East Condo07-003428 | hou | dis
1245PDFLogo200727 TBD.P 005Taylor v. Travelodge07-003507 | pub | race
1246PDFLogo200727 TBD.P 006Nicholas v. Escambia County07-002536 | eee | dis, retal, sex
1247PDFLogo200727 TBD.P 007Shook v. Riverside National Bank07-003087 | eee | age, dis, race, relig, sex
1248PDFLogo200727 TBD.P 008Brown v. HSMV07-003120 | eee | age, race
1249PDFLogo200728 TBD.P 001Merdanovic v. Omni Hotel Resort07-003118 | eee | nator
1250PDFLogo200728 TBD.P 002Oragui v. Avista Management07-003119 | eee | race
1251PDFLogo200728 TBD.P 003Russ v. Arc of Washington-Holmes Counties07-003086 | eee | race
1252PDFLogo200728 TBD.P 004Hamilton v. Florida State Hospital07-003369 | eee | race
1253PDFLogo200728 TBD.P 005Cook v. KB Home Loans07-003253 | eee | race, retal, sex
1254PDFLogo200728 TBD.P 006Hall v. Villages of West Oaks HOA07-003368 | hou | fam, sex
1255PDFLogo200729 TBD.P 001Boles v. Santa Rosa County07-003263 | eee | age
1256PDFLogo200729 TBD.P 002Cook v. Countrywide Home Loans07-003437 | eee | race, retal, sex
1257PDFLogo200729 TBD.P 003John v. City of Cape Coral07-003435 | eee | sex
1258PDFLogo200729 TBD.P 004Taylor-Dean v. Fresenius Medical Care07-003436 | eee | dis, race, retal, sex
1259PDFLogo200729 TBD.P 005Woodard v. Dollar General07-003409 | eee | age, race, sex
1260PDFLogo200730 TBD.P 001Taylor v. Travelodge07-003508 | pub | race
1261PDFLogo200730 TBD.P 002Smith v. Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company07-003509 | eee | age, sex
1262PDFLogo200730 TBD.P 003Teutsch v. City of Port St. Lucie07-003506 | eee | age
1263PDFLogo200734 TBD.P 001James v. Winter Park Memorial Hospital07-003738 | eee | race, retal
1264PDFLogo200734 TBD.P 002Shaked v. United Diversified Security07-003762 | eee | dis, retal, sex
1265PDFLogo200734 TBD.P 003Trevillion v. South Gate Towers07-003772 | hou | race, sex
1266PDFLogo200734 TBD.P 004Sharpe v. FCHR07-003763 | eee | age
1267PDFLogo200734 TBD.P 005Mohammed v. Richmond American Homes07-003806 | hou | nator, relig, sex
1268PDFLogo200734 TBD.P 006Kirby v. Appliance Direct07-003807 | eee | race, retal, sex
1269PDFLogo200734 TBD.P 007Reed v. Village of Palm Bay HOA07-003800 | hou | dis
1270PDFLogo200734 TBD.P 008Ruiz v. Village of Palm Bay HOA07-003801 | hou | dis
1271PDFLogo200734 TBD.P 009Weiss v. Village of Palm Bay HOA07-003802 | hou | dis
1272PDFLogo200734 TBD.P 010Leonard v. Village of Palm Bay HOA07-003803 | hou | dis
1273PDFLogo200735 TBD.P 001Hurtado v. North Florida Health07-003975 | eee | race, retal
1274PDFLogo200735 TBD.P 002Rodriguez v. Centre Pointe HRC07-003972 | eee | race, retal
1275PDFLogo200735 TBD.P 003Chambers v. Murphy Oil Usa07-004079 | eee | race
1276PDFLogo200735 TBD.P 004Rhode v. John Carlo, Inc.07-003973 | eee | dis
1277PDFLogo200735 TBD.P 005Bennett v. Putnam County07-003974 | eee | race
1278PDFLogo200736 TBD.P 001Alexander v. Solid Wall Systems07-004020 | eee | race
1279PDFLogo200736 TBD.P 002Daniels v. Solid Wall Systems07-004021 | eee | race
1280PDFLogo200736 TBD.P 003West v. Solid Wall Systems07-004022 | eee | race
1281PDFLogo200736 TBD.P 004Delta v. Macy's07-004019 | eee | nator
1282PDFLogo200736 TBD.P 005Gandia v. Walt Disney World07-004147 | pub | nator, race
1283PDFLogo200736 TBD.P 006Raven v. Brad-Cart Enterprises07-004158 | eee | age, marry
1284PDFLogo200737 TBD.P 001Rodriguez v. Out Island Properties07-004145 | eee | retal, sex
1285PDFLogo200737 TBD.P 002Porter v. DCFS07-004148 | eee | age, dis
1286PDFLogo200737 TBD.P 003Avendano v. Timber Restaurant07-004146 | eee | sex
1287PDFLogo200737 TBD.P 004Manzutto v. Lowe's07-004171 | eee | dis
1288PDFLogo200737 TBD.P 005King v. DEP07-004302 | eee | retal
1289PDFLogo200737 TBD.P 006Mccullough v. Winn Dixie07-004303 | eee | col, race, sex
1290PDFLogo200737 TBD.P 007Jackson v. Bermuda House Apartments07-004549 | hou | race
1291PDFLogo200738 TBD.P 001Hall v. Taylor County07-004304 | eee | race
1292PDFLogo200738 TBD.P 002Pierre v. Broward County07-004306 | eee | dis, nator, race
1293PDFLogo200738 TBD.P 003Smith v. Dollar General07-004305 | eee | race
1294PDFLogo200738 TBD.P 004Cole v. Solid Wall Systems07-004385 | eee | race
1295PDFLogo200738 TBD.P 005Kennedy v. Trawick Construction07-004366 | eee | relig, retal
1296PDFLogo200739 TBD.P 001Jean-Pierre v. Neiman Marcus07-004430 | eee | nator
1297PDFLogo200739 TBD.P 002Jay v. Gold Coaster Mobile Home Park07-004548 | hou | dis
1298PDFLogo200740 TBD.P 001Holloway v. Carmike Lake Walden Cinema07-004540 | pub | race, sex
1299PDFLogo200740 TBD.P 002Vazquez v. Sealy Mattress07-004550 | eee | dis
1300PDFLogo200740 TBD.P 003Slaughter v. Consulate Healthcare07-004587 | eee | dis
1301PDFLogo200740 TBD.P 004Plegue v. Save A Lot07-004588 | eee | race, retal, sex
1302PDFLogo200740 TBD.P 005Gathers v. Del-Jin07-004827 | eee | race, retal
1303PDFLogo200741 TBD.P 001Jones v. Gadsden Senior Services07-004706 | eee | race, retal
1304PDFLogo200741 TBD.P 002Conte v. CJ Food Marts07-004875 | eee | age, retal
1305PDFLogo200741 TBD.P 003Worthy v. Benton Village07-004751 | eee | dis
1306PDFLogo200742 TBD.P 001Bias-Gibbs v. Jupiter Medical Center07-004785 | eee | race
1307PDFLogo200742 TBD.P 002Godke v. City of Rockledge07-004825 | eee | dis
1308PDFLogo200742 TBD.P 003Mcmahon v. Fifth Third Bank08-002056 | hou | dis
1309PDFLogo200742 TBD.P 004Beddy v. FWC07-004769 | eee | age, race, sex
1310PDFLogo200742 TBD.P 005Lanman v. Agcert Services07-004795 | eee | dis
1311PDFLogo200744 TBD.P 001Bennett v. Beaty07-005028 | hou | relig
1312PDFLogo200744 TBD.P 002Mcmahon v. Naples HMA07-005031 | pub | dis, retal
1313PDFLogo200744 TBD.P 003Selezan v. UPS07-005094 | eee | age, dis
1314PDFLogo200745 TBD.P 001Roush v. Home Depot07-005116 | eee | dis
1315PDFLogo200745 TBD.P 002Mann v. Nielsen Media Research07-005117 | eee | age
1316PDFLogo200745 TBD.P 003Welch v. Intuition Systems07-005093 | eee | sex
1317PDFLogo200747 TBD.P 001Harrison v. Copart07-005358 | eee | retal, sex
1318PDFLogo200747 TBD.P 002Hill v. West Florida Hospital07-005452 | eee | col, race
1319PDFLogo200747 TBD.P 003Hardy v. Florida A&M University07-005357 | eee | age
1320PDFLogo200747 TBD.P 004Ash v. Santa Fe Community College07-005453 | eee | age, retal
1321PDFLogo200748 TBD.P 001Lane v. Terry Laboratories07-005494 | eee | retal, sex
1322PDFLogo200749 TBD.P 001Goings v. Twin Oaks Juvenile Development08-000309 | eee | race
1323PDFLogo200750 TBD.P 001Price v. Flagler County07-005677 | eee | retal, sex
1324PDFLogo200751 TBD.P 001Purnell v. Swift Transportation07-005770 | eee | dis
1325PDFLogo200752 TBD.P 001Outley v. Big Bend Rebar07-005790 | eee | col, race
1326PDFLogo200752 TBD.P 002Williams v. Big Bend Rebar07-005791 | eee | col, race
1327PDFLogo200752 TBD.P 003Farmer v. Big Bend Rebar07-005792 | eee | col, race
1328PDFLogo200752 TBD.P 004Florestal v. Countrywide Home Loans08-000306 | hou | race
1329PDFLogo200752 TBD.P 005Grant v. Miami-Dade County08-000307 | hou | race, sex
#PDFReport No.CaptionDescription
1330PDFLogo200801 TBD.P 001Gentile v. Team Management of Pasco08-000008 | eee | race, sex
1331PDFLogo200801 TBD.P 002Discher v. Monroe County08-000603 | hou | dis
1332PDFLogo200802 TBD.P 001Vale v. Marbelle Club, et. al.08-000730 | hou | fam
1333PDFLogo200803 TBD.P 001Rubin v. United Financial Systems08-000351 | eee | dis, retal
1334PDFLogo200803 TBD.P 002Navarro v. The St. Augustine Record08-000310 | eee | age, dis, race, sex
1335PDFLogo200803 TBD.P 003Sampson v. Florida State University08-000539 | eee | race, sex
1336PDFLogo200804 TBD.P 001Stebbins v. Appliance Direct08-000394 | eee | race, retal, sex
1337PDFLogo200804 TBD.P 002Davis v. City of Lake City08-000462 | eee | race, retal
1338PDFLogo200805 TBD.P 001Fluellen v. Florida Crown08-000602 | eee | race
1339PDFLogo200806 TBD.P 001Wunderlich v. WCI Communities08-000684 | eee | relig
1340PDFLogo200806 TBD.P 002Byers v. Family Dollar08-000683 | eee | sex
1341PDFLogo200807 TBD.P 001Cinnante v. K-Mart08-000715 | eee | sex
1342PDFLogo200807 TBD.P 002Fogle v. Family Network on Disabilities08-000812 | eee | age, dis
1343PDFLogo200808 TBD.P 001Lawrence v. Tallahassee Democrat08-000838 | eee | age, race
1344PDFLogo200808 TBD.P 002Rubin v. DOH08-000839 | eee | retal
1345PDFLogo200808 TBD.P 003Lomax v. Walmart08-000931 | pub | race
1346PDFLogo200808 TBD.P 004Dennis v. Canton Chinese Restaurant08-000955 | pub | dis, race
1347PDFLogo200808 TBD.P 005Brown v. The Fresh Market08-000956 | eee | age, marry, race, retal
1348PDFLogo200808 TBD.P 006Couch v. APD08-002228 | eee | race
1349PDFLogo200808 TBD.P 007Gordon v. Duffield Home Improvements08-001077 | eee | nator, race
1350PDFLogo200808 TBD.P 008Ferri v. Personal Enrichment Mental Health Services08-001076 | eee | retal
1351PDFLogo200809 TBD.P 001Carroll v. Burger King08-001115 | eee | retal, sex
1352PDFLogo200809 TBD.P 002Modley v. The Fresh Market08-001118 | eee | race
1353PDFLogo200809 TBD.P 003Cox v. Gulf Breeze Resorts Realty08-001117 | eee | age, sex
1354PDFLogo200810 TBD.P 001Rodriguez v. City of Crescent City08-001116 | eee | age, nator, retal
1355PDFLogo200810 TBD.P 002Sorey v. Mastercorp08-001456 | eee | race, retal
1356PDFLogo200810 TBD.P 003Rodriguez v. City of Crescent City08-003372 | eee | age, nator, retal
1357PDFLogo200810 TBD.P 004Andela v. UM08-001154 | eee | nator, race
1358PDFLogo200810 TBD.P 005Bayley v. Interstate Management Company08-001214 | eee | sex
1359PDFLogo200811 TBD.P 001Oliva-Roberts v. Alpha Protective Services08-001226 | eee | retal
1360PDFLogo200811 TBD.P 002Enzor v. Florida Developers08-001228 | eee | sex
1361PDFLogo200811 TBD.P 003Enzor v. SandCo08-001229 | eee | sex
1362PDFLogo200811 TBD.P 004Dixon v. Live Tv08-001213 | eee | race, sex
1363PDFLogo200811 TBD.P 005Tucker v. Builders First Source08-001225 | eee | race, sex
1364PDFLogo200811 TBD.P 006Washington v. Bradenton Housing Authority08-001219 | hou | dis, race
1365PDFLogo200811 TBD.P 007Turner v. Florida Hospital Memorial System08-001287 | eee | race, retal
1366PDFLogo200812 TBD.P 001Lorenzo v. Miami-Dade County08-001433 | eee | nator
1367PDFLogo200812 TBD.P 002Mckeon v. Alutiiq-Mele08-001434 | eee | race
1368PDFLogo200812 TBD.P 003Salaza v. Alpha Protective Services08-001435 | eee | retal, sex
1369PDFLogo200812 TBD.P 004Nelson v. Alutiiq-Mele08-001436 | eee | race
1370PDFLogo200812 TBD.P 005Vixamar v. Burger King08-001330 | pub | nator, race
1371PDFLogo200812 TBD.P 006Enzor v. Tallahassee Contractors08-001227 | eee | sex
1372PDFLogo200812 TBD.P 007Jenkins-Adejumo v. Verizon08-001540 | eee | dis, retal
1373PDFLogo200812 TBD.P 008Mcclain v. Gulf Coast Physician Partners08-001749 | eee | race
1374PDFLogo200813 TBD.P 001Hurley v. Advance Auto Parts08-001515 | eee | age, retal
1375PDFLogo200813 TBD.P 002Hunt v. Sears08-001516 | eee | retal, sex
1376PDFLogo200813 TBD.P 003Collins v. DBPR08-001518 | eee | sex
1377PDFLogo200813 TBD.P 004Adhami v. County of Bradford08-001513 | eee | nator
1378PDFLogo200813 TBD.P 005Milton v. Ruby Tuesday Restaurant08-001514 | pub | race, relig
1379PDFLogo200813 TBD.P 006Dagle v. Mad Dogs on the River Restaurant08-001517 | pub | dis
1380PDFLogo200814 TBD.P 001Woodie v. Independent Group Home Living08-001750 | eee | age, race, retal, sex
1381PDFLogo200814 TBD.P 002Brown v. Apalachee Center for Human Services08-001605 | eee | dis
1382PDFLogo200814 TBD.P 003Walker v. Ruby Tuesday Restaurant08-002218 | pub | race, relig
1383PDFLogo200815 TBD.P 001Ringe v. Avis Budget Group08-001746 | eee | age, retal
1384PDFLogo200815 TBD.P 002Hooper v. Tepper Aviation08-001748 | eee | age, retal, unkn
1385PDFLogo200815 TBD.P 003Glagola v. DBPR08-001931 | eee | dis
1386PDFLogo200815 TBD.P 004Johnson v. Intown Companies08-001751 | pub | nator, race, relig
1387PDFLogo200815 TBD.P 005Deloach v. Country Hearth08-001752 | eee | race
1388PDFLogo200815 TBD.P 006Barron v. Bank of America08-001753 | eee | dis
1389PDFLogo200815 TBD.P 007Molina v. Gulf Coast Medical Center08-001754 | eee | race
1390PDFLogo200815 TBD.P 008Benedict v. Walmart08-001755 | pub | race
1391PDFLogo200816 TBD.P 001Smith v. Montgomery08-001955 | hou | race
1392PDFLogo200816 TBD.P 002Tripp v. Tindle Enterprises08-001969 | eee | age, race, retal
1393PDFLogo200816 TBD.P 003Davis v. Pensacola Junior College08-001970 | eee | age
1394PDFLogo200816 TBD.P 004Shamar v. City of Sanford08-001926 | eee | race, retal
1395PDFLogo200816 TBD.P 005Smith v. Cavalier Telephone and Tv08-001927 | eee | dis, race
1396PDFLogo200816 TBD.P 006Pappas v. Bay County08-001928 | eee | sex
1397PDFLogo200816 TBD.P 007Wilson v. Dewitt Excavating08-001930 | eee | sex
1398PDFLogo200816 TBD.P 008Johnson v. Albertson's08-002579 | eee | age, dis, race, sex
1399PDFLogo200816 TBD.P 009Boss v. Gannett Gulf Consolidated Sales08-001971 | eee | sex
1400PDFLogo200816 TBD.P 010Middleton v. CD's of Pensacola08-002055 | eee | race
1401PDFLogo200817 TBD.P 001Woods v. Properties of the Village08-002053 | hou | race
1402PDFLogo200817 TBD.P 002Woods v. Properties of the Village08-004174 | hou | race
1403PDFLogo200817 TBD.P 003Sutton v. Golden Corral08-002054 | pub | dis
1404PDFLogo200817 TBD.P 004Ran v. Infinite Energy08-002074 | eee | nator, race
1405PDFLogo200817 TBD.P 005Hannah v. Parkland Rehab08-002131 | eee | nator
1406PDFLogo200817 TBD.P 006King v. DBPR08-002129 | eee | race, retal
1407PDFLogo200817 TBD.P 007Mccabe v. Sprint08-002092 | eee | age
1408PDFLogo200817 TBD.P 008Bibbs v. Lone Wolf Investigation08-002571 | eee | retal
1409PDFLogo200818 TBD.P 001Barrio v. Exit Realty Producers08-002130 | eee | retal, sex
1410PDFLogo200818 TBD.P 002Buecker v. Central Florida Chrysler Jeep Dodge08-002132 | eee | sex
1411PDFLogo200818 TBD.P 003Green v. Miami-Dade County08-002168 | eee | retal, sex
1412PDFLogo200818 TBD.P 004Matthews v. AT&T08-002572 | eee | sex
1413PDFLogo200818 TBD.P 005Roulhac v. Family Dollar08-002159 | eee | race, retal, sex
1414PDFLogo200818 TBD.P 006Assante v. Windsor Place at Berkshire08-002220 | hou | dis, sex
1415PDFLogo200818 TBD.P 007Snellgrove v. Dixie County08-002527 | eee | dis, retal, sex
1416PDFLogo200819 TBD.P 001Rivers v. Waste Pro08-002169 | eee | age
1417PDFLogo200819 TBD.P 002Rivers v. True Blue08-002219 | eee | race
1418PDFLogo200820 TBD.P 001Knox v. Bay Center08-002595 | eee | age, col, sex
1419PDFLogo200820 TBD.P 002Thermitus v. Burger King08-002379 | pub | nator, race
1420PDFLogo200821 TBD.P 001Miller v. Hospice of Palm Beach County08-002576 | eee | age, dis
1421PDFLogo200821 TBD.P 002Deshotel v. Winn Dixie08-002577 | eee | age, dis
1422PDFLogo200821 TBD.P 003Kuchar v. Creditors Interchange08-002578 | eee | age, retal, sex
1423PDFLogo200821 TBD.P 004Oates v. Walmart08-002573 | eee | age, col, dis, race
1424PDFLogo200821 TBD.P 005Butler v. Krispy Kreme08-002574 | eee | race, retal
1425PDFLogo200821 TBD.P 006Columbus v. Mutual of Omaha08-002575 | eee | nator, retal, sex
1426PDFLogo200821 TBD.P 007Mims v. Beverly Lindsay and Michael S. Houser08-002597 | hou | race
1427PDFLogo200821 TBD.P 008Deschambault v. Town of Eatonville08-002596 | eee | age, col
1428PDFLogo200821 TBD.P 009Clark v. Homeq Servicing Corp.08-002669 | hou | race, relig
1429PDFLogo200822 TBD.P 001Jackson v. Dollar General08-002570 | eee | dis
1430PDFLogo200822 TBD.P 002Mclaughlin v. City of Crestview08-002621 | eee | race
1431PDFLogo200822 TBD.P 003Krell v. Dustin's Barbeque08-002668 | pub | dis
1432PDFLogo200823 TBD.P 001Canada v. FDN Communications08-002625 | eee | retal, sex
1433PDFLogo200823 TBD.P 002Laney v. Spencer Solomon08-002670 | hou | retal
1434PDFLogo200823 TBD.P 003Busto v. Walt Disney World08-002723 | eee | age, dis
1435PDFLogo200824 TBD.P 001Elfrard v. Albertson's08-002767 | eee | race, retal
1436PDFLogo200825 TBD.P 001Salazar v. Alutiiq-Mele08-002880 | eee | retal
1437PDFLogo200825 TBD.P 002Salazar v. Alutiiq-Mele08-002881 | eee | retal
1438PDFLogo200825 TBD.P 003Joseph v. DTM Corporation08-002882 | eee | age, col, nator, race, retal
1439PDFLogo200825 TBD.P 004Evans v. Sarasota Memorial Hospital08-002935 | eee | race
1440PDFLogo200825 TBD.P 005Mcdonald v. Walton County08-002936 | eee | race
1441PDFLogo200825 TBD.P 006Black v. Sapa Extrusion08-003028 | eee | dis
1442PDFLogo200826 TBD.P 001Williams v. AAA Tree Expert08-003098 | eee | race
1443PDFLogo200826 TBD.P 002Brandon v. DOC08-003099 | eee | dis, retal, sex
1444PDFLogo200826 TBD.P 003Pinckney v. Port Orange Nursing & Rehab08-003100 | eee | col, race
1445PDFLogo200826 TBD.P 004Pahl v. Bank Atlantic08-003101 | eee | age, dis
1446PDFLogo200826 TBD.P 005Russ v. City of Cottondale08-003114 | eee | race
1447PDFLogo200826 TBD.P 006Ferreros v. Florida State University08-003118 | eee | nator, race
1448PDFLogo200827 TBD.P 001Foss v. City of Pensacola08-003212 | eee | race, retal
1449PDFLogo200827 TBD.P 002Davis v. Robb & Stuckey Limited08-003284 | eee | race
1450PDFLogo200827 TBD.P 003Tucker v. Crane Aerospace and Electronics08-003313 | eee | race, sex
1451PDFLogo200828 TBD.P 001Jorgensen v. Seacabins HOA08-003346 | eee | dis
1452PDFLogo200828 TBD.P 002Price v. DOC08-003323 | eee | dis, retal
1453PDFLogo200828 TBD.P 003Lewis v. Community Outreach Services08-003324 | eee | race
1454PDFLogo200828 TBD.P 004Lindsey v. GSC Enterprises08-003381 | eee | race
1455PDFLogo200828 TBD.P 005Perissien v. Bank of America08-003382 | eee | col, dis, nator, race
1456PDFLogo200828 TBD.P 006Mory v. Northwest Lake Condo08-003966 | eee | col, nator
1457PDFLogo200829 TBD.P 001Angel v. Orion Medical Enterprises08-003522 | eee | age, dis, nator, retal
1458PDFLogo200829 TBD.P 002Blue v. The Point at Newport Place08-004493 | eee | race, relig, sex
1459PDFLogo200829 TBD.P 003Adonis v. Biomet 3I08-003612 | eee | nator, race
1460PDFLogo200830 TBD.P 001Tapper v. Publix08-003720 | eee | nator, race, retal
1461PDFLogo200830 TBD.P 002Jones v. Spherion Staffing08-003721 | eee | race, retal, sex
1462PDFLogo200831 TBD.P 001Thompkins v. Shands Hospital08-003824 | eee | race, retal
1463PDFLogo200831 TBD.P 002Pye v. CVS Pharmacy08-003825 | eee | race, sex
1464PDFLogo200832 TBD.P 001Mayes v. Corrections Corporation of America08-003935 | eee | dis, retal, sex
1465PDFLogo200833 TBD.P 001Francis v. Live Tv08-003936 | eee | race, retal
1466PDFLogo200833 TBD.P 002Chester v. Broward Outreach Center08-003934 | eee | race, retal
1467PDFLogo200833 TBD.P 003Conklin v. Irriscape of North Florida08-004173 | eee | dis, retal, sex
1468PDFLogo200833 TBD.P 004Nichols v. CSX Transportation08-004494 | eee | age, race
1469PDFLogo200833 TBD.P 005Zemba v. Phantom Fireworks08-004144 | eee | age
1470PDFLogo200834 TBD.P 001Falagan v. Americorps08-004150 | eee | age, dis, race, sex
1471PDFLogo200834 TBD.P 002Coonrod v. Baptist Hospital08-004556 | eee | dis
1472PDFLogo200834 TBD.P 003Cobb v. American Signature Furniture08-004557 | eee | age, race, retal, sex
1473PDFLogo200834 TBD.P 004Villarroel v. Granada Villas HOA08-004976 | hou | nator
1474PDFLogo200835 TBD.P 001Sexton v. St. Augustine Transfer08-004559 | eee | marry, sex
1475PDFLogo200835 TBD.P 002Sexton v. St. Augustine Transfer08-004560 | eee | marry, sex
1476PDFLogo200835 TBD.P 003Buchanan v. Key West Condo08-004498 | hou | dis
1477PDFLogo200835 TBD.P 004Llevado v. Sandestin Resort08-004553 | eee | dis, nator
1478PDFLogo200835 TBD.P 005Williams v. Consulate Healthcare08-004554 | eee | race
1479PDFLogo200835 TBD.P 006Moore v. AGR08-004555 | eee | retal, sex
1480PDFLogo200835 TBD.P 007Cleveland v. Westgate Home Sales08-004552 | eee | sex
1481PDFLogo200835 TBD.P 008Eccels v. Rainbow USA08-005782 | eee | race
1482PDFLogo200836 TBD.P 001Hamer v. Shoreline Transportation08-004550 | eee | age
1483PDFLogo200836 TBD.P 002Terry v. Oasis Outsourcing08-004551 | eee | marry, sex
1484PDFLogo200836 TBD.P 003Cowden v. George Steven Jarrett08-005369 | hou | retal
1485PDFLogo200836 TBD.P 004Woelfel v. Silver Springs Theme Park08-004548 | eee | age
1486PDFLogo200836 TBD.P 005Hall v. Miami-Dade County08-004497 | hou | dis
1487PDFLogo200836 TBD.P 006Long v. Chipola College08-004797 | eee | age, race, retal
1488PDFLogo200836 TBD.P 007Meikle v. Double Tree Hotel08-004495 | eee | age
1489PDFLogo200836 TBD.P 008Miller v. Electronic Data Systems08-004496 | eee | age, dis, sex
1490PDFLogo200836 TBD.P 009Steelman v. Liki Tiki Village08-004558 | pub | dis
1491PDFLogo200837 TBD.P 001Scott v. Two Men and a Truck08-004561 | eee | race, retal
1492PDFLogo200838 TBD.P 001Mccracken v. Life Care Center08-004562 | eee | col, race, sex
1493PDFLogo200838 TBD.P 002Bobo v. First Student08-004573 | eee | race
1494PDFLogo200838 TBD.P 003Hamer v. Shoreline Transportation08-004574 | eee | age
1495PDFLogo200838 TBD.P 004George v. 7-Eleven08-004617 | eee | age
1496PDFLogo200838 TBD.P 005King v. McCormick08-004728 | hou | dis
1497PDFLogo200838 TBD.P 006Cook v. Corrections Corporation of America08-004983 | eee | race, sex
1498PDFLogo200839 TBD.P 001Frazier v. Conboy08-004816 | hou | dis
1499PDFLogo200839 TBD.P 002Banks v. DOC08-004878 | eee | race
1500PDFLogo200839 TBD.P 003Thompson v. Pilgram's Pride08-004876 | eee | dis
1501PDFLogo200839 TBD.P 004Williams v. REV08-004877 | eee | race, sex
1502PDFLogo200839 TBD.P 005Banks v. Civigenics08-004875 | eee | race, sex
1503PDFLogo200840 TBD.P 001Dangervil v. Trump International08-004873 | eee | nator
1504PDFLogo200840 TBD.P 002Francois v. Miami-Dade County08-004874 | eee | nator, race
1505PDFLogo200840 TBD.P 003Prevatt v. Volusia County08-004911 | eee | race, retal
1506PDFLogo200840 TBD.P 004Allen v. Sarasota Housing Authority08-004914 | hou | race, sex
1507PDFLogo200840 TBD.P 005Monteiro v. Atria Windsor Woods08-004934 | eee | retal, sex
1508PDFLogo200840 TBD.P 006Ingram v. Columbia County08-004964 | eee | race
1509PDFLogo200841 TBD.P 001Adhami v. Marion County08-005050 | eee | retal
1510PDFLogo200841 TBD.P 002Carter v. Emperian Property Management08-005189 | hou | sex
1511PDFLogo200842 TBD.P 001Morales v. Winn Dixie08-005166 | pub | col, nator
1512PDFLogo200842 TBD.P 002Martinez v. Space Coast Credit Union08-005179 | eee | sex
1513PDFLogo200842 TBD.P 003Hall v. Abbott Laboratories08-005180 | eee | age, retal, sex
1514PDFLogo200842 TBD.P 004Christiansen v. America's Home Place08-005178 | eee | age
1515PDFLogo200842 TBD.P 005Gandy v. Accustaff08-005243 | eee | race, retal
1516PDFLogo200843 TBD.P 001Noonan v. Savanna Club Homeowners' Association08-005224 | hou | dis, fam
1517PDFLogo200843 TBD.P 002Heiblum v. Carlton Bay Condo08-005244 | hou | fam, nator
1518PDFLogo200843 TBD.P 003Humfeld v. Akam On-Site08-005353 | eee | retal, sex
1519PDFLogo200843 TBD.P 004Butler v. Cardinal Staffing Services08-005374 | eee | race, retal
1520PDFLogo200843 TBD.P 005Malter v. Orchard Ridge08-005371 | eee | age, dis
1521PDFLogo200844 TBD.P 001Carrion v. Energy Savings Systems08-005487 | eee | nator, retal
1522PDFLogo200844 TBD.P 002Cannan v. Villages of Lake Sumter08-005581 | eee | age
1523PDFLogo200845 TBD.P 001Jones v. REV08-005579 | eee | race, retal
1524PDFLogo200845 TBD.P 002Farnsworth v. St. Joe Co.08-005580 | eee | sex
1525PDFLogo200845 TBD.P 003Biggers v. Rooms To Go08-005607 | eee | age
1526PDFLogo200845 TBD.P 004Trinidad v. Guevara Management II08-005608 | hou | dis, relig
1527PDFLogo200846 TBD.P 001Willis v. Concord Management08-005672 | eee | col, race, sex
1528PDFLogo200846 TBD.P 002Price v. UF08-005673 | eee | dis, nator, sex
1529PDFLogo200846 TBD.P 003Hill v. Tallahassee Housing Authority08-006178 | hou | dis
1530PDFLogo200846 TBD.P 004Peterson v. Matheson Tri-Gas08-005757 | eee | age, dis
1531PDFLogo200846 TBD.P 005Baker v. Maycom Communications08-005809 | pub | race
1532PDFLogo200847 TBD.P 001Fabiano v. Target08-005858 | pub | dis
1533PDFLogo200847 TBD.P 002Neumann v. UF08-005859 | eee | age, col, retal, sex
1534PDFLogo200847 TBD.P 003Bunkley v. Leon Arms Apartment08-006138 | hou | fam
1535PDFLogo200848 TBD.P 001Stone v. Gentiva Care Centrix08-006408 | eee | dis, retal
1536PDFLogo200848 TBD.P 002Nadiak v. Tranquil Court Mobile Home08-006140 | hou | dis, race, sex
1537PDFLogo200848 TBD.P 003Ojeda v. WHM, LLC08-005972 | eee | dis, sex
1538PDFLogo200848 TBD.P 004Davis v. Oceaneering International08-005973 | eee | race, retal
1539PDFLogo200848 TBD.P 005Neubauer v. Miami-Dade County08-005974 | eee | race, sex
1540PDFLogo200849 TBD.P 001Holloway v. Circle K08-005998 | pub | col, race
1541PDFLogo200849 TBD.P 002Tegan v. Burger King08-005999 | pub | dis
1542PDFLogo200849 TBD.P 003Bryant v. Burger King08-006000 | pub | dis
1543PDFLogo200849 TBD.P 004Matthews v. Burger King08-006001 | pub | dis
1544PDFLogo200849 TBD.P 005Kelly v. Burger King08-006002 | pub | dis
1545PDFLogo200849 TBD.P 006Clark v. Burger King08-006004 | pub | dis
1546PDFLogo200849 TBD.P 007Mcallister v. Burger King08-006006 | pub | dis
1547PDFLogo200849 TBD.P 008Henderson v. Burger King08-006007 | pub | dis
1548PDFLogo200849 TBD.P 009Heath v. Burger King08-006008 | pub | dis
1549PDFLogo200849 TBD.P 010Miranda v. Grove City Manor Apartments08-006139 | hou | dis
1550PDFLogo200849 TBD.P 011Mcintosh v. Dollar General08-006258 | eee | dis
1551PDFLogo200849 TBD.P 012Porter v. Doctor's Memorial Hospital08-006113 | eee | dis
1552PDFLogo200849 TBD.P 013Vega v. Club Dev08-006141 | hou | nator
1553PDFLogo200849 TBD.P 014Taylor v. Fort Walton Beach Housing Authority08-006177 | hou | dis
1554PDFLogo200851 TBD.P 001Sellow v. Picerne Development Associates08-006352 | hou | race
1555PDFLogo200851 TBD.P 002Joseph v. Joe's Stone Crab08-006391 | eee | col, nator, race
1556PDFLogo200851 TBD.P 003Formes v. Sandestin Resort08-006392 | eee | age
1557PDFLogo200851 TBD.P 004Wood-Whittington v. REV08-006407 | eee | dis
1558PDFLogo200852 TBD.P 001Merceron v. The Partnership08-006415 | hou | fam, sex
1559PDFLogo200852 TBD.P 002Gibby v. Tallahassee Community College08-006414 | eee | dis
1560PDFLogo200852 TBD.P 003Green v. Richman Property Service09-000035 | hou | dis
1561PDFLogo200853 TBD.P 001Belizaire v. Creditors Interchange09-000031 | eee | retal
1562PDFLogo200853 TBD.P 002Bacon v. Summer Breeze Apartments09-000036 | hou | dis, race
1563PDFLogo200853 TBD.P 003Cronk v. Broadview Mobile Home Park09-000037 | hou | dis
1564PDFLogo200853 TBD.P 004Duda v. Costco09-000032 | eee | dis, race, retal
1565PDFLogo200853 TBD.P 005Sullivan v. Clay County09-000033 | eee | dis
#PDFReport No.CaptionDescription
1566PDFLogo200902 TBD.P 001Annatone v. Volusia County09-000091 | eee | age
1567PDFLogo200902 TBD.P 002Thulin v. City of Flagler Beach09-000092 | eee | retal, sex
1568PDFLogo200902 TBD.P 003Mollick v. Unitech09-000093 | eee | retal
1569PDFLogo200902 TBD.P 004Meadows v. Baptist Health Care09-000094 | eee | dis, retal
1570PDFLogo200902 TBD.P 005Chavez v. Lowe's09-000095 | eee | nator, retal, sex
1571PDFLogo200902 TBD.P 006Tidwell v. Lowe's10-000064 | eee | dis
1572PDFLogo200902 TBD.P 007Campbell v. Mesaba Airlines10-000117 | eee | sex
1573PDFLogo200902 TBD.P 008Martindale v. Westgate Vacation Villas09-000116 | hou | race, sex
1574PDFLogo200902 TBD.P 009Wynn v. DOE10-000116 | eee | retal
1575PDFLogo200903 TBD.P 001Johnson v. Circle K09-000205 | eee | sex
1576PDFLogo200903 TBD.P 002Russell v. Sears09-000206 | eee | race, retal
1577PDFLogo200903 TBD.P 003Santillana v. 18th Judicial Circuit09-000344 | eee | race, retal
1578PDFLogo200904 TBD.P 001Mcleroy v. Cintas09-002401 | eee | race
1579PDFLogo200904 TBD.P 002Bovea v. Mercantile Commerce Bank09-000394 | eee | marry, retal
1580PDFLogo200904 TBD.P 003Hurtado v. North Florida Health09-000463 | eee | retal
1581PDFLogo200904 TBD.P 004Brooks v. CSX Transportation09-000464 | eee | age, race
1582PDFLogo200904 TBD.P 005Gauthier v. Pasco County09-000513 | eee | age, marry, sex
1583PDFLogo200905 TBD.P 001Owens v. Longboat Harbour Owners Association09-000396 | hou | dis
1584PDFLogo200905 TBD.P 002Nelsen v. South Florida WMD09-000514 | eee | age, nator, retal
1585PDFLogo200905 TBD.P 003Alexandre v. JP Morgan09-000517 | eee | sex
1586PDFLogo200905 TBD.P 004Core v. Embassy House Association09-000567 | hou | dis
1587PDFLogo200905 TBD.P 005Barnett v. Lifestream09-000615 | eee | dis
1588PDFLogo200906 TBD.P 001Hammacher v. IPS Worldwide09-000613 | eee | sex
1589PDFLogo200906 TBD.P 002Landrum v. Italian American Social Club09-000682 | eee | retal, sex
1590PDFLogo200906 TBD.P 003Phillips v. GNC09-000692 | eee | age, dis
1591PDFLogo200906 TBD.P 004Fritz v. City of Pembroke Pines09-000681 | eee | marry
1592PDFLogo200906 TBD.P 005Capece v. Surrey Place Health & Rehab09-001237 | eee | sex
1593PDFLogo200907 TBD.P 001Dangervil v. Miami-Dade County09-000691 | eee | nator, race
1594PDFLogo200907 TBD.P 002Withers v. Alachua County09-000710 | eee | dis
1595PDFLogo200907 TBD.P 003Philippe v. Countrywide Home Loans09-000979 | hou | race
1596PDFLogo200907 TBD.P 004Deleo v. Properties of the Villages09-000714 | eee | age, dis
1597PDFLogo200907 TBD.P 005Liquori v. Washington Rehab09-000830 | eee | race
1598PDFLogo200907 TBD.P 006Robbins v. DOH09-000980 | eee | col, dis, race, retal
1599PDFLogo200907 TBD.P 007Cruz v. Sunstate Carriers09-000982 | eee | age, col, nator, race, retal
1600PDFLogo200908 TBD.P 001Coyle v. Sarasota County09-000981 | eee | age, dis
1601PDFLogo200908 TBD.P 002Nye v. Summer Trees South HOA09-000997 | hou | dis
1602PDFLogo200908 TBD.P 003Maher v. Jacaranda of Naples Condo09-000996 | hou | dis
1603PDFLogo200908 TBD.P 004Suttles v. New China Buffet09-000998 | pub | race, relig
1604PDFLogo200908 TBD.P 005Burgholzer v. Costco09-000999 | eee | dis, retal
1605PDFLogo200908 TBD.P 006Burnette v. Oak Gardens Mobile Home Park09-001020 | hou | dis, race
1606PDFLogo200908 TBD.P 007Macmillan v. Golf Crest of Naples Condo09-001046 | hou | fam
1607PDFLogo200909 TBD.P 001Sommers v. Integra Resort Management09-001145 | eee | age, retal, sex
1608PDFLogo200910 TBD.P 001Burnham v. Denny's Restaurant09-001211 | eee | sex
1609PDFLogo200910 TBD.P 002Rossi v. Wells Fargo09-001239 | hou | dis
1610PDFLogo200910 TBD.P 003Jackson v. Rose Printing09-001147 | eee | dis
1611PDFLogo200910 TBD.P 004Gonzalez v. Miami-Dade County09-001210 | eee | age
1612PDFLogo200910 TBD.P 005Blount v. Cemex/Rinker Materials09-001212 | eee | age, dis
1613PDFLogo200910 TBD.P 006Scott v. Monroe County09-001240 | hou | race
1614PDFLogo200910 TBD.P 007Quintero v. Publix09-001238 | eee | age, nator, retal, sex
1615PDFLogo200911 TBD.P 001Francis v. Walmart09-001337 | eee | dis
1616PDFLogo200912 TBD.P 001White v. Embarq09-001528 | eee | race
1617PDFLogo200912 TBD.P 002Beckett v. Turning Wheel RV Center09-001561 | eee | sex
1618PDFLogo200912 TBD.P 003Dumo v. Turning Wheel RV Center09-001590 | eee | sex
1619PDFLogo200913 TBD.P 001Johnson v. Daytona Inn Beach Resort09-001592 | eee | race
1620PDFLogo200913 TBD.P 002Mcleroy v. Cintas09-001591 | eee | dis
1621PDFLogo200914 TBD.P 001Barnum v. Tampa General Hospital09-001742 | eee | race, retal
1622PDFLogo200914 TBD.P 002Cohen v. Four Winds Condo09-002068 | hou | dis
1623PDFLogo200914 TBD.P 003Solana v. Northrop Grumman09-001748 | eee | age
1624PDFLogo200914 TBD.P 004Morris v. Monte Carlo Condominiums09-001784 | hou | dis
1625PDFLogo200914 TBD.P 005Taylor v. Lake City Community College09-002385 | eee | race, retal
1626PDFLogo200914 TBD.P 006Mabe v. Pendleton Club Association09-001789 | hou | dis
1627PDFLogo200914 TBD.P 007Dubose v. Escambia County09-001794 | eee | dis, race
1628PDFLogo200915 TBD.P 001Sosa v. Miami-Dade County09-001788 | hou | dis, nator, relig
1629PDFLogo200915 TBD.P 002Kearns v. Florida Blood Centers09-001792 | eee | age
1630PDFLogo200915 TBD.P 003Adams v. Green09-001838 | hou | dis, race, sex
1631PDFLogo200916 TBD.P 001Butler v. BR Williams Trucking09-001967 | eee | race, retal
1632PDFLogo200916 TBD.P 002Westbrooks v. City of North Miami09-001968 | eee | race
1633PDFLogo200916 TBD.P 003Akers v. DOC09-001969 | eee | retal, sex
1634PDFLogo200916 TBD.P 004Hartwell v. Gator Development Corp.09-001970 | eee | dis
1635PDFLogo200916 TBD.P 005Mease v. Bright House Networks09-002067 | eee | age, retal
1636PDFLogo200917 TBD.P 001Jefferson v. City of Tallahassee09-001783 | eee | age, race
1637PDFLogo200917 TBD.P 002Sweeting v. Walgreens09-002389 | eee | race
1638PDFLogo200917 TBD.P 003Galarretta-Pedroso v. Visa International Service Assoc.09-002391 | eee | col, retal, sex
1639PDFLogo200917 TBD.P 004Harris v. AT&T10-000229 | eee | race, retal
1640PDFLogo200918 TBD.P 001Dotson v. DFS09-002386 | eee | retal
1641PDFLogo200918 TBD.P 002Edward v. Capital Health Plan09-002387 | eee | race
1642PDFLogo200918 TBD.P 003Rosier v. Wakulla Springs State Park and Lodge09-002388 | eee | col, race
1643PDFLogo200918 TBD.P 004Betts v. Seminole County09-002392 | eee | dis
1644PDFLogo200918 TBD.P 005Walters v. The Pines at Warrington09-002393 | hou | dis, sex
1645PDFLogo200918 TBD.P 006Tennie v. Hialeah Housing Authority09-002402 | hou | dis
1646PDFLogo200919 TBD.P 001Grinnell v. Wrico Stamping09-002400 | eee | race, retal
1647PDFLogo200919 TBD.P 002Burgholzer v. Costco09-002441 | eee | dis, retal
1648PDFLogo200919 TBD.P 003Papageorgiou v. Professional Baseball Umpire Corp.09-002440 | eee | sex
1649PDFLogo200919 TBD.P 004Zudor v. Domino's Pizza09-002549 | eee | age, dis, retal
1650PDFLogo200919 TBD.P 005Allen v. Gold's Gym09-002551 | eee | race
1651PDFLogo200919 TBD.P 006Hill v. Rent-A-Center09-002552 | eee | race, sex
1652PDFLogo200919 TBD.P 007Kelley v. OIR09-002553 | eee | age
1653PDFLogo200919 TBD.P 008Boyce v. Vista BMW09-002550 | eee | retal, sex
1654PDFLogo200920 TBD.P 001Ramaley v. Beach Club South Condo09-002442 | hou | dis
1655PDFLogo200920 TBD.P 002Tyler v. Walt Disney World09-002547 | eee | dis, retal
1656PDFLogo200920 TBD.P 003Washington v. City of Gainesville09-002548 | eee | dis, race
1657PDFLogo200920 TBD.P 004Lane v. Yellow Brick Road09-003224 | eee | sex
1658PDFLogo200920 TBD.P 005Richardson v. Trinity Food Services Group09-002546 | eee | race
1659PDFLogo200920 TBD.P 006Cruz v. Elite Textiles09-002742 | eee | nator
1660PDFLogo200920 TBD.P 007Walters v. Blackwater Housing, et al09-002805 | hou | col, dis, race, sex
1661PDFLogo200921 TBD.P 001Heistermann v. Surf Dweller Owners Association09-002804 | hou | dis
1662PDFLogo200921 TBD.P 002Alexander v. Walmart09-002849 | eee | col, race
1663PDFLogo200922 TBD.P 001Walton-Jones v. Orange County09-002887 | eee | age
1664PDFLogo200922 TBD.P 002Thomas v. A&E Machine09-002964 | eee | sex
1665PDFLogo200922 TBD.P 003Tyler v. A&E Machine09-002965 | eee | sex
1666PDFLogo200922 TBD.P 004Olaciregui v. Florida Highway Patrol09-002963 | eee | dis
1667PDFLogo200922 TBD.P 005Perez v. JEA09-002993 | eee | dis, nator, retal, unkn
1668PDFLogo200923 TBD.P 001Cooper v. Okaloosa County09-003021 | eee | race
1669PDFLogo200923 TBD.P 002Greenwade v. DCFS09-003037 | eee | age, race
1670PDFLogo200923 TBD.P 003Baker v. Santa Rosa Golf09-003096 | eee | age
1671PDFLogo200924 TBD.P 001Orsino v. Florida Highway Patrol09-003097 | eee | retal
1672PDFLogo200924 TBD.P 002Boody v. Florida Highway Patrol09-003098 | eee | dis, retal
1673PDFLogo200924 TBD.P 003Reinoso v. Florida Highway Patrol09-003099 | eee | dis
1674PDFLogo200924 TBD.P 004Jeffries v. Florida Highway Patrol09-003100 | eee | dis
1675PDFLogo200924 TBD.P 005Garcia v. Harbour Point09-003164 | hou | nator
1676PDFLogo200925 TBD.P 001Lombardi v. Dade County09-003225 | eee | age
1677PDFLogo200925 TBD.P 002Perez v. Market Salamander09-003478 | eee | retal, sex
1678PDFLogo200926 TBD.P 001Donaldson v. Pilot Travel Centers09-003479 | eee | retal, sex
1679PDFLogo200926 TBD.P 002Rochelle v. Bay County09-003495 | eee | race
1680PDFLogo200926 TBD.P 003Mcrath v. One Stop Food Market09-004055 | pub | race, sex
1681PDFLogo200926 TBD.P 004Kander v. Travelodge09-003537 | pub | dis
1682PDFLogo200926 TBD.P 005Johnson v. Riviera Terrace Apartments09-003538 | hou | race
1683PDFLogo200926 TBD.P 006Sabatini v. Osprey Cove Yacht Club HOA09-003539 | hou | nator
1684PDFLogo200927 TBD.P 001Knight v. DBPR09-003536 | eee | race, retal, sex
1685PDFLogo200927 TBD.P 002Richardson v. Taylor County09-003569 | eee | race, retal
1686PDFLogo200927 TBD.P 003Lyons v. Rooms To Go09-003570 | eee | age, col, nator, race
1687PDFLogo200927 TBD.P 004Harrell v. Anne and John Cutler09-003577 | hou | race
1688PDFLogo200928 TBD.P 001Hatfield v. Macy's09-003095 | eee | age, dis
1689PDFLogo200929 TBD.P 001Phillippe v. KB Homes of Orlando09-003831 | hou | nator, race
1690PDFLogo200929 TBD.P 002Cowden v. Difiglio and Perry09-003832 | hou | dis
1691PDFLogo200929 TBD.P 003Coley v. Bay County09-003830 | eee | dis
1692PDFLogo200929 TBD.P 004Bierman v. Brunswick Boat Group09-003950 | eee | age, dis
1693PDFLogo200930 TBD.P 001Caiminti v. Lane Home Furniture09-003961 | eee | nator, retal, sex
1694PDFLogo200930 TBD.P 002Ellis v. DFS09-003951 | eee | age
1695PDFLogo200930 TBD.P 003Kramer v. Sunrise Senior Living09-003962 | eee | age
1696PDFLogo200930 TBD.P 004Mask-Brockman v. Florida State University09-004005 | eee | dis
1697PDFLogo200930 TBD.P 005Friedman v. Starbucks09-006615 | pub | dis
1698PDFLogo200930 TBD.P 006Fernandez v. Sprint09-004009 | eee | nator
1699PDFLogo200931 TBD.P 001Roberts v. City of Apopka09-004131 | eee | dis
1700PDFLogo200931 TBD.P 002Jones v. AT&T09-004130 | eee | race
1701PDFLogo200931 TBD.P 003Fernandez v. Emerald Waste Service09-004190 | eee | nator
1702PDFLogo200932 TBD.P 001Wergeles v. Tregate East Condo09-004204 | hou | dis, relig, retal
1703PDFLogo200934 TBD.P 001Godwin v. Pilot Travel Centers09-004333 | eee | retal, sex
1704PDFLogo200939 TBD.P 001Young v. Saks Fifth Avenue09-006614 | eee | race, retal
1705PDFLogo200940 TBD.P 001Cooper v. Donald C., et al09-005359 | hou | dis, sex
1706PDFLogo200942 TBD.P 001Gliniecki v. Escambia County09-006617 | eee | age
1707PDFLogo200943 TBD.P 001Cox v. McClosky09-003494 | eee | age, retal, sex
1708PDFLogo200943 TBD.P 002Ramos v. Orlando Housing Authority09-005809 | hou | dis, nator, sex
1709PDFLogo200943 TBD.P 003Bookman v. The Preserve at San Luis09-005810 | hou | race
1710PDFLogo200943 TBD.P 004Supergan v. Chep Usa09-005970 | eee | dis
1711PDFLogo200944 TBD.P 001Bass v. Lake City Medical Center09-005887 | eee | age, race
1712PDFLogo200944 TBD.P 002Garcia v. Heart of Florida Medical09-005888 | eee | dis
1713PDFLogo200944 TBD.P 003Arias v. Bank of America09-005982 | hou | nator, race
1714PDFLogo200945 TBD.P 001Keaton v. Council on Aging of West Florida09-006129 | eee | age
1715PDFLogo200945 TBD.P 002Mcclaran v. Lee Memorial Health System09-006962 | eee | age
1716PDFLogo200945 TBD.P 003Mills v. Bay St. Joseph Care and Rehabilitation Center09-000516 | eee | sex
1717PDFLogo200946 TBD.P 001Kleinschmidt v. Three Horizons North Condo09-006167 | hou | dis
1718PDFLogo200946 TBD.P 002Langley v. 815 Lenox Condo09-006225 | hou | fam
1719PDFLogo200947 TBD.P 001Robinson v. Gulf Coast Community College09-006377 | eee | race, retal
1720PDFLogo200947 TBD.P 002Reed v. The Health Center of Lake City09-006378 | eee | race
1721PDFLogo200947 TBD.P 003Webb v. Community Mercy Center09-006379 | hou | race
1722PDFLogo200947 TBD.P 004Chapman v. Burger King09-006423 | eee | retal
1723PDFLogo200947 TBD.P 005Giraldo v. Hialeah Housing Authority09-006425 | hou | dis
1724PDFLogo200947 TBD.P 006Meyer v. Hideaway I, II, III09-006420 | hou | fam
1725PDFLogo200947 TBD.P 007Kavalaskia v. Westminster Services09-006421 | hou | dis
1726PDFLogo200947 TBD.P 008Boudreau v. Lakeland Props. & Mgmt.09-006422 | hou | dis
1727PDFLogo200947 TBD.P 009Watson v. Christina Viering09-006424 | hou | race
1728PDFLogo200947 TBD.P 010Davis v. Starlight Ranch09-006426 | hou | dis
1729PDFLogo200947 TBD.P 011Plett v. 50, LLC09-006430 | hou | dis
1730PDFLogo200947 TBD.P 012Watson v. Christina Viering10-001535 | hou | race
1731PDFLogo200947 TBD.P 013Watson v. Christina Viering10-009371 | hou | race, relig
1732PDFLogo200948 TBD.P 001Weinberg v. Woodhaven Condo09-006514 | hou | relig
1733PDFLogo200948 TBD.P 002Pagano v. Fourth Bayshore Condo09-006515 | hou | dis
1734PDFLogo200948 TBD.P 003Agbara v. Orchid Springs Village09-006516 | hou | col, nator
1735PDFLogo200948 TBD.P 004Bright v. Alachua County09-006517 | hou | dis
1736PDFLogo200948 TBD.P 005Harger v. Sterling Crest Apartment09-006518 | hou | dis
1737PDFLogo200948 TBD.P 006Weinberg v. Woodhaven Condo10-001827 | hou | relig
1738PDFLogo200949 TBD.P 001Cabrera v. Costa Del Sol09-006597 | hou | nator
1739PDFLogo200949 TBD.P 002Weiss v. Rolling Green Condo09-006593 | hou | dis
1740PDFLogo200949 TBD.P 003Guseman v. Ivy House Restaurant09-006605 | eee | age, dis
1741PDFLogo200949 TBD.P 004Weiss v. Rolling Green Condo10-001828 | hou | dis
1742PDFLogo200949 TBD.P 005Holt v. Synergy Solutions,09-006598 | eee | race
1743PDFLogo200949 TBD.P 006Scriver v. Dunkin Donuts09-006737 | pub | dis
1744PDFLogo200949 TBD.P 007Williams v. Crown Wine and Spirits09-007035 | eee | sex
1745PDFLogo200950 TBD.P 001Pompey-Long v. Talecris Biotherapeutics09-006870 | eee | race
1746PDFLogo200950 TBD.P 002Viteri v. Princetonian by the Parks Condo09-006732 | hou | sex
1747PDFLogo200951 TBD.P 001Harris v. AT&T10-000228 | eee | race
1748PDFLogo200951 TBD.P 002Mcnamara v. Walt Disney World09-006825 | pub | dis
1749PDFLogo200951 TBD.P 003Miguel v. Southeast-Atlantic Beverage Company09-006954 | eee | nator
1750PDFLogo200952 TBD.P 001Bryant v. Wekiva Hunt Club Condo09-006988 | hou | dis
1751PDFLogo200952 TBD.P 002Fleming-Brickous v. Brevard County09-007036 | eee | race
1752PDFLogo200952 TBD.P 003Humbles v. Media Com Cable09-007037 | eee | age, race, sex
1753PDFLogo200952 TBD.P 004Henry v. Popeye's Chicken09-007038 | pub | nator
1754PDFLogo200952 TBD.P 005Purple v. Combined Insurance09-007039 | eee | age, dis, retal, sex
1755PDFLogo200952 TBD.P 006Brown v. SSA Security10-000065 | eee | age, dis
#PDFReport No.CaptionDescription
1756PDFLogo201003 TBD.P 001Cohen v. Isola Condo10-000066 | hou | dis
1757PDFLogo201003 TBD.P 002Johnson v. Workforce Escarosa10-000955 | eee | race, retal
1758PDFLogo201003 TBD.P 003Mcmahon v. Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union10-000327 | hou | dis
1759PDFLogo201006 TBD.P 001Middleton v. Fedex10-000518 | eee | dis, race
1760PDFLogo201006 TBD.P 002Pinckney v. Burger King10-000533 | eee | sex
1761PDFLogo201007 TBD.P 001Wolfe v. Frito-Lay10-000638 | eee | race
1762PDFLogo201007 TBD.P 002Wheelock v. Mortgage Now10-001528 | eee | sex
1763PDFLogo201007 TBD.P 003Pons v. City of Miami10-000956 | eee | dis
1764PDFLogo201007 TBD.P 004Fuller v. Back Yard Burger10-000957 | eee | age, sex
1765PDFLogo201008 TBD.P 001Baravilala v. Terminix10-000952 | eee | sex
1766PDFLogo201008 TBD.P 002Jennings v. Superior Optical Shop10-000958 | eee | retal
1767PDFLogo201009 TBD.P 001Ostrum v. A Unique Floor of the Gulf Coast I10-001180 | eee | sex
1768PDFLogo201009 TBD.P 002Hand v. DEP10-001174 | eee | sex
1769PDFLogo201009 TBD.P 003Berrieum v. DOC10-001176 | eee | dis, retal
1770PDFLogo201010 TBD.P 001El-Ansary v. UNF10-001177 | eee | race
1771PDFLogo201010 TBD.P 002Rappaport v. City of Gainesville10-001178 | eee | race
1772PDFLogo201010 TBD.P 003Mctaggart v. Pensacola Bay Transportation10-001182 | eee | race
1773PDFLogo201011 TBD.P 001Mcquagge v. Bay County School Board10-001197 | eee | age, retal, sex
1774PDFLogo201011 TBD.P 002Arnold v. JCP Logistics10-001175 | eee | age, retal, unkn
1775PDFLogo201013 TBD.P 001Cohen v. Carnival Cruise Lines10-001665 | pub | dis
1776PDFLogo201013 TBD.P 002Gala v. Miami-Dade County10-001658 | hou | dis
1777PDFLogo201013 TBD.P 003Arcia v. DTG Operations10-002884 | eee | nator, retal
1778PDFLogo201013 TBD.P 004Beaulieu v. Sun Key Village10-001696 | hou | retal
1779PDFLogo201013 TBD.P 005Johnson v. Circle K10-001697 | eee | dis, race, relig, sex
1780PDFLogo201014 TBD.P 001Kennedy v. Emerald Coast Center for Neurological Disorders10-001718 | eee | race, retal
1781PDFLogo201014 TBD.P 002Joubert v. Wildwood Golf Operations10-001793 | eee | dis, retal
1782PDFLogo201014 TBD.P 003Alexander v. Sonny's Real Pit BBQ10-001818 | eee | dis, race
1783PDFLogo201014 TBD.P 004Winsor v. Pathway Technologies10-001830 | eee | relig
1784PDFLogo201015 TBD.P 001Castellio v. Alachua County10-001848 | hou | col, dis, nator, race
1785PDFLogo201015 TBD.P 002Crump v. Majestic Tower at Bal Harbour10-001849 | hou | dis
1786PDFLogo201015 TBD.P 003Bailey v. Wade Raulerson Pontiac10-001855 | eee | race, retal
1787PDFLogo201015 TBD.P 004Davidowitz v. Miller's Ale House10-001857 | eee | retal, sex
1788PDFLogo201015 TBD.P 005Nieves-Day v. Seminole County10-001856 | eee | dis, retal
1789PDFLogo201015 TBD.P 006Bell v. Rhino Marketing Group10-001870 | eee | sex
1790PDFLogo201015 TBD.P 007Gray v. City of Daytona Beach10-001873 | eee | retal, sex
1791PDFLogo201015 TBD.P 008King v. Chesterbrook of Leesburg Condo10-001881 | hou | dis
1792PDFLogo201016 TBD.P 001Kirkland-Brown v. Amelia Island Care Center10-002103 | eee | race
1793PDFLogo201016 TBD.P 002Roundtree v. Keller Williams Cornerstone Realty10-002186 | hou | race, retal
1794PDFLogo201017 TBD.P 001Kirkland v. TJ Maxx10-002201 | eee | dis
1795PDFLogo201017 TBD.P 002Malezi v. REV10-002327 | eee | retal, sex
1796PDFLogo201017 TBD.P 003Rozier v. Southgate Campus Center10-002328 | eee | sex
1797PDFLogo201018 TBD.P 001Wergeles v. Tregate East Condo10-002422 | hou | dis
1798PDFLogo201018 TBD.P 002Ramirez v. Village of Kings Condo10-002421 | hou | dis, nator, sex
1799PDFLogo201018 TBD.P 003Sims v. Pensacola Junior College10-002423 | eee | dis, retal, sex
1800PDFLogo201019 TBD.P 001Shaw v. Aramark Correctional Services10-002487 | eee | race, retal
1801PDFLogo201019 TBD.P 002Powell v. Spanish Trail Lumber10-002488 | eee | race
1802PDFLogo201020 TBD.P 001Nelson v. Uni-Health Post Acute Care10-002545 | eee | sex
1803PDFLogo201020 TBD.P 002Browne v. Avaya10-002546 | eee | race
1804PDFLogo201020 TBD.P 003Griffin v. Wyndham10-002586 | eee | dis, retal
1805PDFLogo201020 TBD.P 004Jones v. Walt Disney World10-002591 | eee | age, race, retal
1806PDFLogo201020 TBD.P 005Brown v. Nuvox10-002592 | eee | age, race, sex
1807PDFLogo201020 TBD.P 006Bracamonte v. Commercial Interior Contractor10-002593 | eee | age, nator, retal
1808PDFLogo201020 TBD.P 007Fantauzzi v. Agora Marketing Solutions10-002660 | eee | retal, sex
1809PDFLogo201021 TBD.P 001Rogers v. Calder Race Course10-002803 | eee | race, retal
1810PDFLogo201022 TBD.P 001Lamarre v. The Richman Group10-002904 | eee | race
1811PDFLogo201022 TBD.P 002Calderon v. Sunset Villas Phase III10-002976 | hou | fam
1812PDFLogo201023 TBD.P 001Webb v. Salamander Innisbrook10-003064 | eee | age
1813PDFLogo201023 TBD.P 002Genie v. West Marine10-003097 | eee | nator, retal, sex
1814PDFLogo201023 TBD.P 003Chislum v. Winter Haven Housing Authority10-003098 | hou | race
1815PDFLogo201023 TBD.P 004Minardo v. Fort Walton Beach Development Center10-003096 | eee | sex
1816PDFLogo201023 TBD.P 005Diaz v. Panama City Housing Authority10-003164 | hou | dis
1817PDFLogo201024 TBD.P 001Brizzi v. Raytheon Technical Services10-003165 | eee | age, retal, sex
1818PDFLogo201024 TBD.P 002Guerrero v. Centerstate Banks10-003182 | hou | nator
1819PDFLogo201024 TBD.P 003Eaves v. IMT-LB Central Florida10-003324 | hou | race
1820PDFLogo201025 TBD.P 001Sama v. Miami-Dade County10-003333 | hou | dis
1821PDFLogo201025 TBD.P 002Duran v. Miami-Dade County10-003335 | hou | nator
1822PDFLogo201025 TBD.P 003Herrera v. Walt Disney World10-003330 | eee | nator, retal
1823PDFLogo201026 TBD.P 001Symons v. Grandeville on Saxon10-003393 | hou | dis
1824PDFLogo201026 TBD.P 002Butler v. Burger King10-003691 | eee | race
1825PDFLogo201026 TBD.P 003Robinson v. Elite Line Services10-003880 | eee | age, dis, retal
1826PDFLogo201026 TBD.P 004Lawrence v. City of Melbourne10-004442 | eee | dis
1827PDFLogo201026 TBD.P 005Wilcoxson v. Family Preservation Services10-004443 | eee | race
1828PDFLogo201026 TBD.P 006Faison v. Flea World10-004444 | eee | race
1829PDFLogo201026 TBD.P 007Fraizer v. Handi Houses of Starke10-006053 | eee | race
1830PDFLogo201027 TBD.P 001Johnson v. Whataburger10-004445 | eee | dis, sex
1831PDFLogo201027 TBD.P 002Ortiz v. Miller's Pines Ale House10-007064 | pub | sex
1832PDFLogo201027 TBD.P 003Tory v. Castle10-004817 | eee | dis
1833PDFLogo201027 TBD.P 004Fuentes v. Miami-Dade County10-004819 | hou | dis, nator
1834PDFLogo201027 TBD.P 005King v. DOC10-004818 | eee | age, col, marry, race, relig, sex
1835PDFLogo201028 TBD.P 001Sole v. ADT Security Services10-004985 | eee | sex
1836PDFLogo201028 TBD.P 002Johnson v. Canongate Condo10-005015 | hou | race
1837PDFLogo201028 TBD.P 003Charlot v. County of Miami-Dade10-009727 | eee | nator
1838PDFLogo201029 TBD.P 001Cravey v. Lakeside Behavioral Health Care10-005016 | eee | age
1839PDFLogo201029 TBD.P 002Kirwan v. Bermuda Walk HOA10-005860 | hou | race, sex
1840PDFLogo201029 TBD.P 003Soto v. Marathon Housing Associates10-006430 | hou | dis, nator
1841PDFLogo201029 TBD.P 004Allred v. Lockheed Martin10-005921 | eee | age, retal
1842PDFLogo201029 TBD.P 005Lee v. Ocean Terrace Condominium10-006433 | hou | dis
1843PDFLogo201030 TBD.P 001Santana v. Town of Davie10-006137 | eee | retal, sex
1844PDFLogo201030 TBD.P 002Quinones v. Town of Davie10-006138 | eee | retal, sex
1845PDFLogo201030 TBD.P 003Rusell v. Walt Disney World10-006052 | eee | race
1846PDFLogo201030 TBD.P 004Alexander v. Health Central Hospital10-006215 | eee | age, dis
1847PDFLogo201031 TBD.P 001Martinez v. Magic City Casino10-006431 | eee | sex
1848PDFLogo201031 TBD.P 002Dixon v. Customer Care10-006757 | eee | nator, race, retal
1849PDFLogo201031 TBD.P 003Rollock v. Silver Lake Resorts10-006755 | eee | relig
1850PDFLogo201031 TBD.P 004Gleason v. Ricoh Americas10-006756 | eee | sex
1851PDFLogo201031 TBD.P 005Fencher v. Brinker International10-006918 | eee | race
1852PDFLogo201031 TBD.P 006Chouloute v. Correctional Medical Services10-006945 | eee | nator
1853PDFLogo201032 TBD.P 001Julien v. Concession International Miami10-007057 | eee | nator
1854PDFLogo201032 TBD.P 002Mallard v. DOC10-007060 | eee | race
1855PDFLogo201032 TBD.P 003Coleman v. West Constructions10-007061 | eee | age
1856PDFLogo201032 TBD.P 004Allen v. Leon County10-007467 | eee | age
1857PDFLogo201032 TBD.P 005Clark v. Palm Coast Data10-007146 | eee | age, race
1858PDFLogo201032 TBD.P 006Chery v. Polk County09-004233 | eee | nator, race
1859PDFLogo201032 TBD.P 007Morris v. Pitney Bowes09-004234 | eee | race
1860PDFLogo201032 TBD.P 008Capps v. AWI10-007208 | eee | age, dis, retal
1861PDFLogo201032 TBD.P 009Signo v. Sugar Cane Growers10-007210 | eee | age, marry, sex
1862PDFLogo201032 TBD.P 010Tomasini v. KFC09-004232 | eee | sex
1863PDFLogo201032 TBD.P 011Aponte v. Watson Pharmaceuticals10-007920 | eee | sex
1864PDFLogo201032 TBD.P 012Vilbrun v. Osceola County10-007209 | eee | race
1865PDFLogo201032 TBD.P 013Pasko v. Town of Davie10-008306 | eee | sex
1866PDFLogo201033 TBD.P 001Harris v. Advance America10-007922 | eee | sex
1867PDFLogo201033 TBD.P 002Stone v. Pasco County10-007921 | eee | age
1868PDFLogo201033 TBD.P 003Khan v. Gold Coast Linen Services10-007916 | eee | dis
1869PDFLogo201033 TBD.P 004Mack v. APD10-007914 | eee | race
1870PDFLogo201033 TBD.P 005Coll v. Vina and Sons Food Distributor10-007917 | eee | nator
1871PDFLogo201033 TBD.P 006Mann v. American Airlines09-004392 | eee | dis, retal
1872PDFLogo201034 TBD.P 001Pashnyak v. Agent 24 Asset Management09-004609 | hou | nator
1873PDFLogo201034 TBD.P 002Normandin v. Fresenius Medical Care09-004943 | eee | dis
1874PDFLogo201034 TBD.P 003Reggins v. Rose Printing09-004604 | eee | race
1875PDFLogo201034 TBD.P 004Harris v. Pelican Bay Foundation09-004605 | eee | col, race
1876PDFLogo201034 TBD.P 005Adames v. DHL Global Forwarding10-008307 | eee | relig
1877PDFLogo201034 TBD.P 006Miles v. MacFarlane, Ferguson, and McMullen10-008308 | eee | sex
1878PDFLogo201034 TBD.P 007Van Parys v. MacFarlane, Ferguson, and McMullen10-008309 | eee | sex
1879PDFLogo201034 TBD.P 008Gaddis v. Creative Hair Dressers09-005042 | eee | nator
1880PDFLogo201035 TBD.P 001Thornhill v. Admiral Farragut Condo09-004715 | hou | retal
1881PDFLogo201035 TBD.P 002Baer v. WHM, LLC10-001500 | eee | col, nator, race, retal
1882PDFLogo201035 TBD.P 003Hammalian v. Ginn Reunion Resort09-004733 | eee | retal, sex
1883PDFLogo201035 TBD.P 004Marreno v. Eastwood Community Association10-008569 | hou | dis
1884PDFLogo201035 TBD.P 005Jones v. Gadsden County10-008570 | eee | sex
1885PDFLogo201036 TBD.P 001Breedlove v. Operation Par10-008859 | eee | dis
1886PDFLogo201036 TBD.P 002Patterson v. Panama City Housing Authority10-008861 | hou | dis, sex
1887PDFLogo201036 TBD.P 003Morros v. Airtran Airways09-004764 | eee | race, retal
1888PDFLogo201036 TBD.P 004Morris v. Airtran Airways09-005255 | eee | race, retal
1889PDFLogo201036 TBD.P 005Morris v. Airtran Airways10-001797 | eee | race, retal
1890PDFLogo201036 TBD.P 006Black v. JS Paluch Company10-008860 | eee | dis, retal
1891PDFLogo201036 TBD.P 007Lubin v. American Citadel Guard10-008899 | eee | nator, race
1892PDFLogo201036 TBD.P 008Mclendon v. Board of County Commissioners09-004806 | hou | race
1893PDFLogo201036 TBD.P 009Foreman v. IHOP09-004807 | eee | race
1894PDFLogo201036 TBD.P 010Lalla v. Miami-Dade County09-004857 | eee | nator, relig, retal
1895PDFLogo201036 TBD.P 011Forsett v. Tower Point Apartments09-004872 | hou | retal
1896PDFLogo201036 TBD.P 012Belgarde v. Oceania Club09-004912 | eee | race
1897PDFLogo201037 TBD.P 001Lebron v. Cypress Waterford Associates, et al10-009040 | hou | dis
1898PDFLogo201037 TBD.P 002Zeigler v. Southern Sun RV10-009041 | hou | dis, sex
1899PDFLogo201037 TBD.P 003Hernandez v. Wellington Woods09-004946 | hou | dis
1900PDFLogo201037 TBD.P 004Jackson v. DOC10-009035 | eee | race
1901PDFLogo201037 TBD.P 005Fontanez v. Continental Airlines10-009036 | eee | nator, race
1902PDFLogo201037 TBD.P 006Kay v. Universal American10-009037 | eee | dis
1903PDFLogo201037 TBD.P 007Coker v. County of Marion Senior Services10-009038 | eee | age
1904PDFLogo201037 TBD.P 008Jackson v. DOC11-000054 | eee | race
1905PDFLogo201037 TBD.P 009Williams v. Krystal Restaurant09-004944 | pub | race
1906PDFLogo201037 TBD.P 010Krason v. Community Housing Initiative09-005222 | hou | dis, race
1907PDFLogo201037 TBD.P 011Montgomery v. Osceola County10-009034 | hou | dis
1908PDFLogo201038 TBD.P 001Rhoades v. Werner Enterprises10-009220 | eee | dis
1909PDFLogo201038 TBD.P 002Gantz v. Zion's Hope10-010472 | pub | dis
1910PDFLogo201038 TBD.P 003Louis v. Florida Physician Medical Group10-009141 | eee | nator, race
1911PDFLogo201038 TBD.P 004Louis-Charles v. Miami Science Museum10-009206 | eee | age, retal
1912PDFLogo201038 TBD.P 005Howard v. Associated Grocers of Florida10-009207 | eee | nator, retal
1913PDFLogo201038 TBD.P 006Watson v. Emeritus Senior Living of Altamonte Springs10-009219 | eee | age
1914PDFLogo201039 TBD.P 001Gallagher v. Manheim of Orlando10-009218 | eee | race
1915PDFLogo201039 TBD.P 002King v. AAA Professional Cleaning10-009409 | eee | race
1916PDFLogo201039 TBD.P 003Mccreary v. Century Care Center10-009410 | eee | age, race
1917PDFLogo201039 TBD.P 004Ford v. Citizens Property Insurance10-009411 | eee | race
1918PDFLogo201039 TBD.P 005Williams v. Allegiance Security Group10-009413 | eee | race, sex
1919PDFLogo201039 TBD.P 006Hogg v. Arena Sports Cafe09-005221 | eee | race, retal
1920PDFLogo201039 TBD.P 007Gaskin v. Seminole County09-005281 | eee | sex
1921PDFLogo201039 TBD.P 008Owens v. Allstates Employer Services09-005256 | eee | retal
1922PDFLogo201039 TBD.P 009Pitra v. Remington at Ponte Vedra Lakes10-009501 | hou | dis
1923PDFLogo201039 TBD.P 010Chavez v. Lowe's09-005280 | eee | nator, retal, sex
1924PDFLogo201039 TBD.P 011Robinson v. High-Tech Institute09-005357 | eee | nator, race, retal
1925PDFLogo201040 TBD.P 001Jacobs v. Laurel Oaks Apartments10-009502 | hou | race
1926PDFLogo201040 TBD.P 002Bordeaux v. Gypsy Cab09-005358 | eee | age, sex
1927PDFLogo201040 TBD.P 003Lowery v. Sunshine Manor09-005607 | eee | col, race, relig, retal
1928PDFLogo201040 TBD.P 004Ginegaw v. Diamond Tours09-005608 | eee | retal, sex
1929PDFLogo201040 TBD.P 005Lowery v. Escambia County10-009412 | eee | race
1930PDFLogo201041 TBD.P 001Covington v. Popeye's Chicken10-009937 | eee | race
1931PDFLogo201041 TBD.P 002Kronenberger v. Ritz Camera Center09-005609 | eee | age
1932PDFLogo201041 TBD.P 003Tyler-Shuford v. Avmed09-005610 | eee | race, retal
1933PDFLogo201041 TBD.P 004Ziolkowski v. Park Shore Landing Condo10-009509 | hou | dis
1934PDFLogo201041 TBD.P 005Barrington v. Litton Loan Servicing10-009510 | hou | dis, race, sex
1935PDFLogo201041 TBD.P 006Lamarre v. The Richman Group10-009511 | eee | race
1936PDFLogo201042 TBD.P 001Archer v. Sonic10-009653 | eee | race
1937PDFLogo201043 TBD.P 001Griffin v. A&L Investment of Central Florida09-005851 | hou | dis
1938PDFLogo201043 TBD.P 002Bailey v. Kash N' Karry10-009932 | eee | dis, retal, sex
1939PDFLogo201043 TBD.P 003Stafford v. Fontainebleau Hotel10-009918 | pub | race
1940PDFLogo201043 TBD.P 004Spencer v. Fontainebleau Hotel10-009920 | pub | race
1941PDFLogo201043 TBD.P 005Rakes v. Fontainebleau Hotel10-009922 | pub | race
1942PDFLogo201043 TBD.P 006Gordon-Hall v. Fontainebleau Hotel10-009923 | pub | race
1943PDFLogo201043 TBD.P 007Parent v. Fontainebleau Hotel10-009925 | pub | race, sex
1944PDFLogo201043 TBD.P 008Gibbons v. Fontainebleau Hotel10-009929 | pub | race
1945PDFLogo201043 TBD.P 009Robinson v. Fontainebleau Hotel10-009930 | pub | race
1946PDFLogo201043 TBD.P 010Stafford v. Fontainebleau Hotel10-009931 | pub | race
1947PDFLogo201043 TBD.P 011Gaszak v. South Eastern Florida Holdings11-000867 | eee | sex
1948PDFLogo201043 TBD.P 012Mcintire v. Daytona Beach Riverhouse10-009933 | hou | dis
1949PDFLogo201043 TBD.P 013Reed v. Master Halco09-005886 | eee | race
1950PDFLogo201044 TBD.P 001Buwule v. Laurel Ridge Community Association, et al10-009941 | hou | col, nator, race
1951PDFLogo201044 TBD.P 002Brown v. Flagler County10-010016 | eee | dis
1952PDFLogo201044 TBD.P 003Dotson v. DFS10-010017 | eee | retal
1953PDFLogo201044 TBD.P 004Pamphile v. Fedex10-010018 | eee | race
1954PDFLogo201045 TBD.P 001Tappeiner v. Ocala Health & Rehab10-010090 | eee | sex
1955PDFLogo201045 TBD.P 002Norris v. University Hospital09-006130 | eee | age, dis, retal
1956PDFLogo201045 TBD.P 003Sherlock v. Wedgewood, et al10-009940 | hou | fam, sex
1957PDFLogo201045 TBD.P 004Innis v. REV10-010091 | eee | sex
1958PDFLogo201045 TBD.P 005Bermudez v. Fraguz Corp.09-006223 | hou | dis
1959PDFLogo201045 TBD.P 006Bermudez v. Lake County09-006224 | hou | dis
1960PDFLogo201046 TBD.P 001Burkavage v. Parrish Medical Center09-006221 | eee | retal, sex
1961PDFLogo201046 TBD.P 002Schweim v. Center Lake Owners Association10-010219 | hou | dis
1962PDFLogo201046 TBD.P 003Mcrae v. Kash N' Karry09-006222 | eee | age, dis, marry, retal
1963PDFLogo201046 TBD.P 004Billingsley v. City of Winter Park10-010304 | hou | race
1964PDFLogo201046 TBD.P 005Lebron v. Polo's East Apartment, et al10-010305 | hou | retal
1965PDFLogo201047 TBD.P 001Thomas v. IHOP10-010307 | eee | relig, retal
1966PDFLogo201047 TBD.P 002Minnie v. Walmart10-010316 | eee | age
1967PDFLogo201047 TBD.P 003Nichols v. Marcus Pointe Learning Center10-010317 | eee | sex
1968PDFLogo201048 TBD.P 001Clark v. Palm Beach County10-010424 | eee | dis
1969PDFLogo201048 TBD.P 002Daniels v. Kiser and Soltesz10-010425 | hou | dis, sex
1970PDFLogo201048 TBD.P 003Ralph v. Brevard County10-010442 | eee | dis, retal
1971PDFLogo201049 TBD.P 001Baptiste v. Sears10-010455 | eee | col, nator, race
1972PDFLogo201049 TBD.P 002Herring v. Brehon Institute For Family Service10-010456 | eee | dis
1973PDFLogo201049 TBD.P 003Bryant v. Florida A&M University10-010457 | eee | dis, retal, sex
1974PDFLogo201049 TBD.P 004Randle v. Lake Kissimmee Mobile Home10-010479 | hou | fam
1975PDFLogo201049 TBD.P 005Milstead v. City of Key West10-010480 | eee | age
1976PDFLogo201049 TBD.P 006Vengoechea v. Coral Arms Condo10-010482 | hou | dis
1977PDFLogo201049 TBD.P 007Gantz v. Zion's Hope10-010473 | pub | dis
1978PDFLogo201049 TBD.P 008Lawton v. IHOP10-010489 | eee | relig, retal
1979PDFLogo201049 TBD.P 009Brunette v. Grand Court Tavares10-010490 | eee | age
1980PDFLogo201050 TBD.P 001Carter v. City of Pompano10-010513 | eee | race
1981PDFLogo201050 TBD.P 002Gissendanner v. Popeye's Chicken11-000047 | eee | dis
1982PDFLogo201050 TBD.P 003Willis v. Leesburg Health & Rehab10-010512 | eee | race
1983PDFLogo201050 TBD.P 004Brown v. Madison County10-010592 | eee | age, race, retal
1984PDFLogo201051 TBD.P 001Craig v. St. Joseph Garden Courts10-010700 | hou | race
1985PDFLogo201051 TBD.P 002Goss v. KFC10-010699 | eee | age, dis, nator
1986PDFLogo201051 TBD.P 003Goss v. KFC14-002809 | eee | age, dis, nator
1987PDFLogo201052 TBD.P 001Acceus v. IHOP11-000043 | eee | relig
1988PDFLogo201053 TBD.P 001Falk v. Florida State University11-000042 | eee | sex
1989PDFLogo201053 TBD.P 002Morris v. Merritt Hospitality LLC/Sheraton Hotel11-000046 | eee | age
1990PDFLogo201053 TBD.P 003Wilburn v. City of Pensacola11-000041 | hou | dis
1991PDFLogo201053 TBD.P 004Boroda v. Regatta Pointe Condo11-000040 | hou | dis
#PDFReport No.CaptionDescription
1992PDFLogo201102 TBD.P 001Kynast v. City of Marathon11-000035 | hou | dis
1993PDFLogo201104 TBD.P 001Littles v. City of Ormond Beach11-000274 | eee | race, retal
1994PDFLogo201105 TBD.P 001Applebaum v. Suntrust Mortgage11-000462 | hou | relig
1995PDFLogo201105 TBD.P 002Duran v. Artis Tree11-000461 | eee | sex
1996PDFLogo201105 TBD.P 003Barbagallo v. Ocean Park Condo11-000469 | hou | dis
1997PDFLogo201106 TBD.P 001Rowland v. Winn Dixie11-000562 | eee | dis
1998PDFLogo201106 TBD.P 002Evans v. Gulf Landings Association11-000586 | hou | race
1999PDFLogo201107 TBD.P 001Denson v. Coltin Electric11-000733 | eee | race, relig, retal
2000PDFLogo201108 TBD.P 001Nunziata v. Angley College11-000744 | eee | age, retal, sex
2001PDFLogo201108 TBD.P 002Medina v. DCFS11-000870 | eee | nator, race
2002PDFLogo201109 TBD.P 001Bailey v. City of Daytona Beach Shores11-000972 | eee | dis
2003PDFLogo201110 TBD.P 001Masters v. Southway Villa Mobile Home11-001082 | hou | dis, nator
2004PDFLogo201110 TBD.P 002Roundtree v. Advenir at Stonelake11-001087 | hou | race
2005PDFLogo201110 TBD.P 003Cosme v. Lakeshore Club of Polk County11-001115 | hou | race, sex
2006PDFLogo201110 TBD.P 004Martinez v. Haynes11-001116 | hou | dis
2007PDFLogo201110 TBD.P 005Terry v. Bert Fish Medical Center11-001117 | eee | age, dis, retal
2008PDFLogo201110 TBD.P 006Amadiz v. SunBeach Apartments11-001139 | hou | age, dis, nator
2009PDFLogo201110 TBD.P 007Amadiz v. SunBeach Apartments11-003975 | hou | dis, nator
2010PDFLogo201111 TBD.P 001Newby v. American Association of Physician Specialist11-001220 | eee | sex
2011PDFLogo201113 TBD.P 001Aboudaya v. Everest University11-001496 | eee | nator, race, relig
2012PDFLogo201113 TBD.P 002Krajza v. FPL11-001530 | eee | age
2013PDFLogo201114 TBD.P 001Velaquez v. Publix11-001616 | eee | age, retal, sex
2014PDFLogo201114 TBD.P 002Turner v. City of Crestview11-001617 | eee | race
2015PDFLogo201114 TBD.P 003Gerstein v. FPL11-001618 | eee | age
2016PDFLogo201114 TBD.P 004Smith v. Sarasota Housing Authority11-001619 | hou | dis
2017PDFLogo201115 TBD.P 001Linney v. FPL11-001695 | eee | age
2018PDFLogo201115 TBD.P 002Tapia v. Hialeah Housing Authority11-001696 | hou | dis
2019PDFLogo201116 TBD.P 001Mathews v. Sumter County11-001726 | eee | sex
2020PDFLogo201116 TBD.P 002Bridges v. Delta Air Lines11-001727 | eee | race, sex
2021PDFLogo201116 TBD.P 003Harris v. Bonnier Corporation11-001731 | eee | age
2022PDFLogo201117 TBD.P 001Santiago v. Andrews and Company11-001920 | eee | nator, race
2023PDFLogo201117 TBD.P 002Davidson v. Avmed11-002023 | eee | age
2024PDFLogo201117 TBD.P 003Bullard v. Lowry Group Properties11-002035 | eee | retal, sex
2025PDFLogo201119 TBD.P 001Gottdenker v. Seminole Towne Center11-002220 | eee | dis
2026PDFLogo201119 TBD.P 002Smith v. Just 1 More Bar & Grill11-002269 | pub | race
2027PDFLogo201119 TBD.P 003Terry v. Florida Coastal Jacksonville Realty11-002270 | hou | dis, fam, retal
2028PDFLogo201120 TBD.P 001Pearce v. Osceola Regional Hospital11-002452 | eee | dis, retal
2029PDFLogo201122 TBD.P 001Hanna v. DOE11-002654 | eee | retal
2030PDFLogo201122 TBD.P 002Amos v. American Express11-002733 | eee | age, dis, retal
2031PDFLogo201122 TBD.P 003Sehic v. Del-Air HVAC11-002756 | eee | dis
2032PDFLogo201123 TBD.P 001Arias v. McGowans Heating & Air11-002767 | eee | age
2033PDFLogo201123 TBD.P 002Cannon v. DOC11-002768 | eee | age, race, sex
2034PDFLogo201125 TBD.P 001Bratcher v. City of High Springs11-002999 | eee | age, retal, sex
2035PDFLogo201125 TBD.P 002Greene v. Halifax Staffing11-003010 | eee | sex
2036PDFLogo201125 TBD.P 003Odom v. LM Rentals II11-003060 | hou | race
2037PDFLogo201126 TBD.P 001Breville v. Florida Management Solutions11-003130 | eee | age, nator
2038PDFLogo201126 TBD.P 002Huerta v. Highland County11-003145 | eee | dis, retal, sex
2039PDFLogo201126 TBD.P 003Parisho v. Harley Davidson11-003154 | eee | age, retal
2040PDFLogo201127 TBD.P 001Nelson v. Bealls Outlet11-003275 | eee | dis, retal
2041PDFLogo201127 TBD.P 002Karcher v. Walt Disney World11-003299 | eee | age, col, sex
2042PDFLogo201127 TBD.P 003Shaw-Perez v. City of Holly Hill11-003319 | hou | race, sex
2043PDFLogo201127 TBD.P 004Davis v. Paul Tinsley11-003320 | hou | race
2044PDFLogo201127 TBD.P 005Foster v. Walmart11-003321 | eee | retal, sex
2045PDFLogo201127 TBD.P 006Henderson v. Hiller Systems11-003322 | eee | age
2046PDFLogo201127 TBD.P 007Pursell-Galan v. Beachview Golf and Restaurant11-003323 | eee | age, race
2047PDFLogo201128 TBD.P 001Louis v. Prison Health Services11-003337 | eee | nator, race, retal
2048PDFLogo201128 TBD.P 002Nelson v. UWF11-003340 | eee | race, retal
2049PDFLogo201129 TBD.P 001Cardwell v. Charleston Cay11-003387 | hou | race
2050PDFLogo201129 TBD.P 002Firmin v. Operation Par11-003404 | eee | age, race
2051PDFLogo201129 TBD.P 003Scotton v. Mobile Estates HOA11-003411 | hou | dis
2052PDFLogo201129 TBD.P 004Tagliaferri v. Cambridge Management Services11-003424 | hou | sex
2053PDFLogo201132 TBD.P 001Mahallaty v. Cracker Barrel11-003849 | eee | nator, race
2054PDFLogo201132 TBD.P 002Glassford v. Lake Deer Mobile Hamlet11-003880 | hou | dis
2055PDFLogo201132 TBD.P 003Cawley v. Primrose Center11-003947 | eee | sex
2056PDFLogo201133 TBD.P 001Goodwin v. Florida State University11-003974 | eee | dis
2057PDFLogo201133 TBD.P 002Estrada v. Florida Hospital Fish Memorial11-003992 | eee | age, nator
2058PDFLogo201134 TBD.P 001Overly v. Eaton Corp.11-004167 | eee | dis
2059PDFLogo201135 TBD.P 001Lewis v. Tom Thumb Food11-004374 | eee | sex
2060PDFLogo201135 TBD.P 002Mitchell v. Twin Oaks Vocational Academy11-004385 | eee | retal, sex
2061PDFLogo201136 TBD.P 001Hansen v. River Oaks Animal Hospital11-004401 | eee | retal, unkn
2062PDFLogo201136 TBD.P 002Geigert v. City of Palm Coast11-004408 | eee | col, sex
2063PDFLogo201136 TBD.P 003Cohen v. Advancetech Solutions11-004465 | eee | col, race, sex
2064PDFLogo201136 TBD.P 004Herring v. DOC11-004466 | eee | sex
2065PDFLogo201136 TBD.P 005Cardreon v. Lakeview Center11-004467 | eee | race
2066PDFLogo201136 TBD.P 006Meadors v. Wachovia11-004470 | eee | age, sex
2067PDFLogo201137 TBD.P 001Baker v. State Attorney's Office11-004527 | eee | dis
2068PDFLogo201137 TBD.P 002Bivins v. West Florida Hospital11-004540 | eee | race
2069PDFLogo201138 TBD.P 001Hopp v. Archer Market11-004557 | eee | sex
2070PDFLogo201138 TBD.P 002Galloway v. Wackenhut11-004558 | eee | dis
2071PDFLogo201138 TBD.P 003Cottrell v. Concord Custom Cleaners11-004572 | eee | race
2072PDFLogo201138 TBD.P 004Hunt v. Wachovia11-004574 | eee | age, dis, retal
2073PDFLogo201138 TBD.P 005Layton v. Windstream11-004633 | eee | race, retal
2074PDFLogo201138 TBD.P 006Bryson v. Winn Dixie11-004668 | eee | age, dis, race, retal
2075PDFLogo201138 TBD.P 007Fleming v. Waterstone Apartment11-004669 | eee | race
2076PDFLogo201138 TBD.P 008Mcneil v. Healthport Technologies11-004670 | eee | race
2077PDFLogo201139 TBD.P 001Porter v. Imperial Embassy11-004830 | hou | dis
2078PDFLogo201139 TBD.P 002Williams v. Andrews Paving11-004894 | eee | dis, retal
2079PDFLogo201139 TBD.P 003Nolte v. Usis, Inc.11-004896 | eee | age, dis, retal
2080PDFLogo201140 TBD.P 001Janes v. UWF11-004975 | eee | dis
2081PDFLogo201140 TBD.P 002Sessions v. Motel 611-005072 | pub | race
2082PDFLogo201141 TBD.P 001Hixson v. Rasmussen College11-005101 | eee | age, retal, sex
2083PDFLogo201141 TBD.P 002Shaw v. EPI Townsend11-005105 | hou | race
2084PDFLogo201141 TBD.P 003Florence v. Novo Nordisk11-005113 | eee | age, retal
2085PDFLogo201141 TBD.P 004Ruby v. H2O Daytona Corporation11-005141 | eee | age