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'Book Points'



  1. To give TBD's visitors a way to track their progress (knowledge, resource accumulation, etc.) throughout their civil rights journey.


  1. Value
    1. Current
    2. Increase
      • your point totals increase by user activity (eg, commenting, liking, etc.) (see Table A)
    3. Decrease
      • as of now, there is no way to lose points on TextBookDiscrimination.com (see Table A)
    4. Real-World Value = 0
      • these points do not have any real-world value (in terms of government currency).
      • thus, these 'Book Points' are akin to points in a video/arcade game
    5. Cost = 0
      • these points cannot be purchased.
  2. Data
    1. Browser-Specific
      • These points are tied to your web browser (see lightgray box at the top)
    2. Shortcomings
      • If you visit TBD with different browsers then you will have different point totals
      • If you visit TBD with different devices then you will have different point totals
    3. Control
      • You have control over your points data
        • Example: you can delete your points via your Browser's Cache/History
    4. Durability (very low)
      • Since your browser stores your points, some of your software updates could wipe them out.
    5. Lightweight
      • As you can probably tell, your Points Data has a very small data footprint (ie, it is very lightweight)
  3. Technology
    1. Cookies (no)
      • These Book Points are not stored in Browser Cookies (ie, tiny data files stored on client devices)
      • Instead, they are stored in your browser's Session Storage
    2. JavaScript (yes)
      • These Book Points are accessed/increased with the use of JavaScript™
    3. Recommended Usage: Google Chrome
      • you'll probably get the best user-experience if you use Google Chrome


  • Initiation
    • 3/22/2023 marks the first day in which these Book Points were released
    • note: available only on certain pages/directories
  • Sitewide Implementation
    • TBD intends to apply Book Points throughout the entire website by June 1, 2023 (ie, within 2 months of initiation)
  • Missing Activity
    • Therefore, activity that preceded 3/22/23 will not boost your Book Points
    • Plus, activity that preceded 6/1/23 might not boost your Book Points
    • Feel Free to Contact TBD to recover past points (free, but time-consuming)


  • Automatic
    • increases/updates are performed automatically
  • Fast
    • Calculations are performed without any noticeable impact to page load speeds
  • Free
    • Book Points do not cost any money to acquire
  • Leaderboard
    • Analyze how you've progressed throughout time
    • Compare your progress with the progress of other visitors
  • Numerical
    • Book Points are strictly numerical; and - therefore - are easy to track
  • Refresh Guard
    • refreshing a page (ie, with [F5]) will not increase the point totals (re-visiting a page will, though)
  • Uninvasive
    • Does not require user accounts
  • Visual Notification
    • a simple animation runs [on the top bar] in order to signal a change in your Book Points

TBD's Commentary

  • This is just an easy/simple/uninvasive way to track how much progress (knowledge, resources, etc.) you've made in your civil rights journey
  • Initial Rollout: this initial rollout has some limitations; and those limitations exist due to:
    1. restrictions on development time; and
    2. unknown popularity (ie, TBD does not yet know how much users/visitors will like the 'Book Points')
  • TBD's Founder uses this website everyday, and he's looking forward to this point system (read more about TBD here)
  • In the future, TBD will make these Book Point's more robust
1Hitting the 'like/dislike' button (on a page)
5Reading a page
5Using one of TBD's calculators (see sample)*
10Submitting a comment (on a page)
10Downloading one of TBD's sample court document *
15Reading something from TBD's Reading List*
15Downloading one of TBD's homegrown Templates*
20Submitting a quiz question (for a page)
100Creating a webpage for TBD Visitors (such as Constitutions, Handbooks, Rules, etc)*
* not yet implemented (as of 3/22/23)
Congratulations! You're now booked up on how many points you've accumulated on TextBookDiscrimination.com!

You can use this information to gauge how much progress you've made in your civil rights quest.

As always, please get the justice you deserve.


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