(November 2020 version 9)
User Role (Subscribers)
Case Number Codes


Key | Privacy Codes

(P) Public

(VOR) Viewable on Request

(C) Confidential

(S) Sealed

(E) Expunged

Key | Access Codes

A. All but expunged, or sealed under Ch. 943

B. All but expunged, or sealed under Ch. 943 or sealed under rule 2.420

C. All but expunged, or sealed under Ch. 943 and sealed under rule 2.420; or confidential

D. All but expunged, sealed or confidential; record images viewable upon request

E. Case number, party names, dockets only

F. Case number & party names only

G. Case number only

H. No access

Case - Charge/Filing Description
PRIVACY 1. Judges and authorized court and clerk's office personnel (Internal access by authorization) 2. Florida State Attorney's Offices 3. Attorneys of Record 4. Parties 5. Public in Clerks' offices and registered users 6. General Gov't and Const Officers 7. General public (without registration agreement) 8. Certified law enforcement officers of federal and Florida state and local law enforcement agencies,
Florida Department of Corrections, and their authorized users
9. Florida Attorney General's Office and the Florida Department of Children and Families 10. Florida School Districts (Truancy) 11. Commercial purchasers of bulk records 12. Florida Office of the Public Defender (Institutional Access only) 13. Office of Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsel (Institutional Access only) 14. Statewide Guardian ad Litem Office UCN ***VOR Statute List (F.S.):
787, 794, 796, 800, 825, 827, 847, 921
VOR is at the case level

***Viewable on Request (VOR) - to ensure that information is properly removed prior to public access, some case types and document types have a special electronic security called viewable on request. Selecting an image of a court document in cases or documents coded viewable on request will not allow the user to view the record at that point. Instead, a request is generated to a clerk, who performs a second examination of the document to remove personal identification information and information about the victims of sexual or child abuse crimes. After the clerk has completed, the requestor then receives a notice that the document is available for viewing. Once a document has been requested and reviewed, it is available for all future access without requiring a request/review.

Applicable rules and statutes
County Criminal AppealsPABBCDCDBCCDBCDAPRule 2.420(d) & (f)
County Criminal Appeals Sexual AbuseVORABBDDDDBDDDBDDAPRule 2.420(d) & (f), §119.071(2)(h), F.S., Chs. 794, 796, 800, 827 & 847, F.S.
County Civil AppealsPABBBDCDBCCDCCDAPRule 2.420(d)
Circuit CivilPABBBDCDBCCDCCCCARule 2.420(d) & Rule 1.210
Jimmy Ryce ActVORABBDDDDBDDDBDDCARule 2.420(d), Chapter 119, F.S.& § 394.921(1)&(2), F.S.
Mortgage ForeclosurePABBBDCDBCCDCCDCARule 2.420(d) & Rule 1.210
Circuit Civil Private (Sexual Abuse & Medical Malpractice)VORABBDDDDBDDDDDDCARule 2.420(d)(1)(B)(xiii), §§119.071(2)(h), 119.0714(1)(h), & 28.2221(5)(a), F.S.
Circuit Civil - Trusts (Pre 2010)PABBBDCEBCCECCCCARule 2.420(d)(1)(B); Chapter 119, F.S. & §28.2221(5)(a), F.S.
County CivilPABBBDCDBCCDCCCCCRule 2.420(d) & Rule 1.210
FelonyPABBCDCDBCCDBCCCFRule 2.420(d) & Chapter 119, F.S.
Felony - sexual casesVORABBCDDDBDDDBDDCFRule 2.420(d)(1), §119.071(2)(h)1.b or c, F.S., Chs. 794, 796, 800, 827, & 847, F.S.
Juvenile DelinquencyPABBBGGGBGGGBGGCJ§§985.04(1) & (2), 985.045(2), 985.036(1) & 985.11(3), F.S.
County Ordinance InfractionsPABBBDCDBCCDCCCCORule 2.420
County Ordinance - ArrestsPABBCDCDBCCDBCCCORule 2.420
Probate Formal AdministrationPADDDDDEDDDEDDDCPRule 2.420; §§28.2221(5)(a) & 733.604 (b), F.S.
Probate OtherPADBDDDEDDDEDDDCPRule 2.420; §§28.2221(5)(a) & 735.201-302, F.S.
Criminal TrafficPABBCDCDBCCDBCCCTRule 2.420(d) & (f)
Juvenile DependencyPABBCGGGBBGGGBBDPRule 2.420(d), §§39.0132(3)&(4)(a), 39.822(3) & 27.511(6)(a), F.S.
Juvenile TruancyPABBBGGGBBBGGBBDP§984.06(3) & §27.511(6)(a), F.S.
Domestic RelationsPABBBDCEBCCECCCDRRule 2.420(d), §§28.2221(5)(a), 61.043(1), 68.07, 382.025(1), 382.0195(1), 409.2563(2)(d) & 742.011, F.S.
Domestic Relations Adoption (FINAL)PAGDDGGGGGGGGGGDR§§63.162(1)(2) & 63.022(4)(i), F.S.
DR Adoption (while open and pending)PAGBDGGGGGGGGBGDR§§63.162(1)(2), 63.022(4)(i), & 27.511(6)(a), F.S.
Domestic Relations - Paternity - sealedPAFFFFFFFFFFFFFDR§§742.011, 742.091, 742.16(9), 742.031(1), & 28.2221(5)(a), F.S.
DR Violence Injunctions (all) Before ServiceCABBGGGGDGGGGGGDRRule 2.420(d)(1)(B)(xxiii), §§119.0714(1)(k)3 & 28.2221(5)(a), F.S.
DR Violence Injunctions (all but sexual) After ServicePABBDDCEBCCEBCCDRRule 2.420(d)(1)(B)(xxiii), §§119.0714(1)(k)3 & 28.2221(5)(a), F.S.
Parental Notice of AbortionVORAGBBGGGGGGGGGGDRRule 8.805(b), Rule 8.835, Rule 2.420(d)(1)(B)(vii), §§390.01114(4)(e) & 390.01116, F.S.
Sexual Violence After ServiceVORABBDDDEBDDECDDDRRule 2.420(d)(1)(B)(xiii) & (f), §119.071(2)(h)1 (b) or (c), F.S.
Termination of Parental RightsPABBGGGGBBGGGBBDR§§39.814(3) & (4), 39.822(3) & 27.511(6)(a), F.S.
ExtraditionVORABBCDDDBDDDCDDCFRule 2.420(d) & (f)
Guardianship/Guardian Advocate (Developmental Disabilities)PABBBDCECCCECBCGA§§744.1076, 744.3701, 393.12 & 27.511(6)(a), F.S.
Guardianship Miscellaneous/Professional GuardianPABBCDCECCCECBCGA§§744.1076, 744.3701, 744.2003 & 27.511(6)(a), F.S.
Non-Criminal InfractionsPABBBDCDBCCDCCCINRule 2.420(d)
Juvenile MiscellaneousPABBGGGGGGGGGBGDP§§985.04(1) & (2), 985.045(2) & 27.511(6)(a), F.S.
Miscellaneous FirearmsPABBBDCDBCCDBCDMMRule 2.420(d), §§119 & 790.065(4), F.S.
Mental Health MiscellaneousPABBBDDECDDEBDDMHRule 5.900, §§393.11, 765.105, 916.107(3)(a), & 415.1051, F.S.
Baker ActCABBBGGGBBGGBGBMHRule 2.420(d), §§394.459(8) & 394.4615, F.S.
Substance Abuse - Assessment/TreatmentCABBBGGGBBGGGBBMHRule 2.420(d), §§397.501(7), 397.6760 & 27.511(6)(a), F.S.
Tuberculosis/STD Treatment/Other ConfidentialPABBBGGGBBGGGBBMH§§392.55, 384.27 & 27.511(6)(a), F.S.
IncapacityPABBBDCECCCECBCMHRule 2.420(d), §§744.3701, & 27.511(6)(a), F.S.
MisdemeanorPABBDDCDBCCDBCCMMRule 2.420(d)
Misdemeanor - sexual casesVORABBDDDDBDDDBDDMMRule 2.420(d) & §119.071(2)(h), F.S.
Municipal Ordinance InfractionPABBBDCDBCCDCCCMORule 2.420(d)
Municipal Ordinance ArrestPABBBDCDBCCDBCCMORule 2.420(d)
Misdemeanor-MiscVORABBBDDDBDDDBDDMMRule 2.420(d)
Small ClaimsPABBBDDDDDDDCDDSCRule 2.420(d)
Traffic InfractionsPABBBDCDBCCDBCCTRRule 2.420(d)
Any case marked sealedSAGGGGGGGGGGGGGAnyAny case that has a SEALED Privacy at the case level
Any expunged caseEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAnyAny case that has an EXPUNGED Privacy at the case level
Sealed Family Law CaseSAGBBGGGGGGGGGGCaseCase by case basis giving Party/Attorney access