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Administrative Orders from Florida's Supreme Court

Basics (All-In-One, Disclaimer, etc.)
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000All Administrative OrdersAll-in-OnePDF/Webpage containing administrative orders from Florida's Supreme Court.
001DisclaimerDisclaimerDisclaimer regarding these reprinted rules.
002TableMatrixMost recent Access Security Matrix.
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101AO 3-16AO 3-16Adoption of Functional Requirements, Technical Standards and Strategic Plan
102AO 3-49AO 3-49Committee on Privacy and Court Records
103AO 4-4AO 4-4Committee on Privacy and Court Records
104AO 4-11AO 4-11Electronic Transmission and Filing of Documents – Updated Electronic...
105AO 4-84AO 4-84Mandatory Submission of Electronic Copies of Documents
106AO 6-20AO 6-20Implementation of Report and Recommendations of the Committee on Privacy...
107AO 6-21AO 6-21Interim Policy on Electronic Release of Court Records
108AO 6-27AO 6-27Committee on Access to Court Records
109AO 7-49AO 7-49Revised Interim Policy on Electronic Release of Court Records
110AO 7-59AO 7-59Florida Courts Technology Commission
111AO 9-23AO 9-23Florida Courts Technology Commission
112AO 9-30AO 9-30Statewide Standards for Electronic Access to the Courts
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201AO 13-7AO 13-7Electronic Filing in the Supreme Court of Florida via the Florida Courts...
202AO 14-19AO 14-19Standards for Access to Electronic Court Records
203AO 18-16AO 18-16Access to Electronic Court Records
204AO 18-74AO 18-74Electronic Filing and Electronic Service inthe District Courts of Appeal
205AO 19-20AO 19-20Access to Electronic Court Records
206AO 19-74AO 19-74Judicial Electronic Filing
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301AO 20-16AO 20-16Administering Oaths Remotely
302AO 20-23AO 20-23Comprehensive Covid-19 Emergency Measures
303AO 20-23 (1)AO 20-23 (1)Comprehensive Covid-19 Emergency Measures - First Amendment
304AO 20-23 (2)AO 20-23 (2)Comprehensive Covid-19 Emergency Measures - Second Amendment
305AO 20-23 (3)AO 20-23 (3)Comprehensive Covid-19 Emergency Measures - Third Amendment
306AO 20-23 (4)AO 20-23 (4)Comprehensive Covid-19 Emergency Measures - Fourth Amendment
307AO 20-23 (5)AO 20-23 (5)Comprehensive Covid-19 Emergency Measures - Fifth Amendment
308AO 20-23 (6)AO 20-23 (6)Comprehensive Covid-19 Emergency Measures - Sixth Amendment
309AO 20-23 (7)AO 20-23 (7)Comprehensive Covid-19 Emergency Measures - Seventh Amendment
310AO 20-23 (8)AO 20-23 (8)Comprehensive Covid-19 Emergency Measures - Eighth Amendment
311AO 20-108AO 20-108Access to Electronic Court Records
312AO 21-45AO 21-45Access to Electronic Court Records
313AO 22-7AO 22-7Access to Electronic Court Records
314AO 22-18AO 22-18Workgroup on the Implementation of an Additional District Court of Appeal
315AO 22-81AO 22-81Implementation of a Sixth District Court of Appeal and Realignment of...
Get booked up on the Supreme Court administrative orders that are pertinent to your discrimination case!

You'll need to reference them during your pursuit of justice in state court and/or DOAH.


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