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Administrative Orders from Florida's First District Court of Appeal

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000All Administrative Orders1DCAPDF/Webpage containing administrative orders from Florida's First DCA.
001DisclaimerDisclaimerDisclaimer regarding these reprinted rules.
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101AO 9-3AO 9-3Electronic Filing of Documents via eDCA Portal
102AO 10-1AO 10-1Electronic Filing of the Docketing Statement/Notice of Appearance of Counsel
103AO 10-3AO 10-3Electronic Filing of Pleadings in the First District Court of Appeal
104AO 10-4AO 10-4Electronic Filing of Records on Appeal, Registration and Filing of Court...
105AO 12-1AO 12-1Electronic Transmission of Court Orders to Registered eDCA Users
106AO 12-2AO 12-2Electronic Transmission of Court Opinions to Registered eDCA Users
107AO 12-3AO 12-3Electronic Transmission of Court Mandates to Registered eDCA Users
108AO 18-1AO 18-1Electronic Filing of Records on Appeal Through eDCA
109AO 19-1AO 19-1Electronic Filing and Electronic Service in the First District
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