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(1) Process against any municipal corporation, agency, board, or commission, department, or subdivision of the state or any county which has a governing board, council, or commission or which is a body corporate shall be served:
(a) On the president, mayor, chair, or other head thereof; and in his or her absence;
(b) On the vice president, vice mayor, or vice chair, or in the absence of all of the above;
(c) On any member of the governing board, council, or commission.

(2) Process against any public agency, board, commission, or department not a body corporate or having a governing board or commission shall be served on the public officer being sued or the chief executive officer of the agency, board, commission, or department.
(3) In any suit in which the Department of Revenue or its successor is a party, process against the department shall be served on the executive director of the department. This procedure is to be in lieu of any other provision of general law, and shall designate said department to be the only state agency or department to be so served.
History - ss. 1, 2, ch. 3242, 1881; RS 581, 1021, 1022; GS 774, 1408, 1409; RGS 1494, 2606, 2607; CGL 2203, 4253, 4254; s. 4, ch. 67-254; s. 1, ch. 73-73; s. 8, ch. 83-216; s. 274, ch. 95-147.
Note - Former ss. 47.20, 47.21.

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