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0000All Pertinent Florida LawsAll-in-OnePDF containing all of the Florida laws pertinent to discrimination litigation.
0001DisclaimerDisclaimerDisclaimer regarding these reprinted statutes.


Chapter 14 | Governor
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A000§14 FSChapter 14PDF/Page containing the pertinent parts of Chapter 14 FS.
A001§14.202§14.202 FSAdministration Commission
Chapter 20 | Organizational Structure
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A100§20 FSChapter 20PDF/Page containing the pertinent parts of Chapter 20 FS.
A101§20.050§20.050 FSHeads of Departments; Powers and Duties
A102§20.055§20.055 FSAgency Inspectors General
A103§20.22§20.22 FSDepartment of Management Services


Chapter 25 | Supreme Court
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B000§25 FSChapter 25PDF/Page containing the pertinent parts of Chapter 25 FS.
B001§25.01§25.75 FSUniform Case Reporting System
Chapter 27 | State Attorneys; Public Defenders; Related Offices
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B100§27 FSChapter 27PDF/Page containing the pertinent parts of Chapter 27 FS.
B101§27.01§27.01 FSState Attorneys; Number, Election, Terms
B102§27.02§27.02 FSDuties Before Court
B103§27.14§27.14 FSAssigning State Attorneys to Other Circuits
B104§27.52§27.52 FSDetermination of Indigent Status
Chapter 30 | Sheriffs
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B200§35 FSChapter 35PDF/Page containing the pertinent parts of Chapter 35 FS.
B201§30.231§30.231 FSSheriffs’ Fees for Service of Summons, Subpoenas, and Executions
Chapter 35 | District Courts of Appeal
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B300§35 FSChapter 35PDF/Page containing the pertinent parts of Chapter 35 FS.
B301§35.22§35.22 FSClerk of District Court; Assistants; Filing Fees; Teleconferencing.
Chapter 38 | Judges: General Provisions
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B400§38 FSChapter 38PDF/Page containing the pertinent parts of Chapter 38 FS.
B401§38.10§38.10 FSDisqualification of Judge for Prejudice; Application; Affidavits; etc
Chapter 40 | Juries; Payment of Jurors and Due Process Costs
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B500§40 FSChapter 40PDF/Page containing the pertinent parts of Chapter 40 FS.
B501logoAdobe§40.011 FSJury Lists
B502logoAdobe§40.013 FSPersons Disqualified or Excused from Jury Service
B503logoAdobe§40.022 FSClerk to Purge Jury Selection Lists; Restoration
B504logoAdobe§40.225 FSJury Selection Plan
B505logoAdobe§40.23 FSSummoning Jurors
Chapter 43 | Judges: General Provisions
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B600§43 FSChapter 43PDF/Page containing the pertinent parts of Chapter 43 FS.
B601§43.26§43.26 FSChief Judge of Circuit; Selection; Powers


Chapter 47 | Venue
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C000§47 FSChapter 47PDF/Page containing the pertinent parts of Chapter 47 FS.
C001§47.011§47.011 FSWhere Actions May be Begun
C002§47.021§47.021 FSActions Against Defendants Residing in Different Countries
C003§47.051§47.051 FSActions Against Corporations
C004§47.081§47.081 FSMilitary, Naval, or Other Service as Residence
C005§47.091§47.091 FSChange of Venue; Power to Grant
C006§47.101§47.101 FSChange of Venue; Application
C007§47.111§47.111 FSChange of Venue; Denial of Motion
C008§47.121§47.121 FSChange of Venue; When Unable to Obtain Jury
C009§47.122§47.122 FSChange of Venue; Convenience of Parties or Witnesses or in the Interest...
C010§47.131§47.131 FSChange of Venue; Second Change, When Permitted
C011§47.141§47.141 FSChange of Venue; Same Jurisdiction
C012§47.151§47.151 FSChange of Venue; to Another County of Circuit
C013§47.172§47.172 FSChange of Venue; Transfer of Papers, etc.
C014§47.181§47.181 FSChange of Venue; Testimony of Witnesses
C015§47.191§47.191 FSChange of Venue; Payment of Costs
Chapter 48 | Process and Service of Process
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C100§48 FS§48 FSPDF/Page containing §48 FS in its entirety.
C101FCPSAFCPSAPDF/Page containing Florida's Certified Process Server Act in its entirety.
C102§48.011§48.011 FSProcess; How Directed
C103§48.021§48.021 FSProcess; by Whom Served
C104§48.031§48.031 FSService of Process Generally; Service of Witness Subpoenas
C105§48.041§48.041 FSService on Minor
C106§48.042§48.042 FSService on Incompetent
C107§48.051§48.051 FSService on State Prisoners
C108§48.061§48.061 FSService on Partnerships and Limited Partnerships
C109§48.062§48.062 FSService on a Limited Liability Company
C110§48.071§48.071 FSService on Agents of Nonresidents Doing Business in the State
C111§48.081§48.081 FSService on Corporation
C112§48.091§48.091 FSCorporations; Designation of Registered Agent and Registered Office
C113§48.092§48.092 FSService on Financial Institutions
C114§48.101§48.101 FSService on Dissolved Corporations
C115§48.111§48.111 FSService on Public Agencies and Officers
C116§48.121§48.121 FSService on the State
C117§48.131§48.131 FSService on Alien Property Custodian
C118§48.141§48.141 FSService on Labor Unions
C119§48.151§48.151 FSService on Statutory Agents for Certain Persons
C120§48.161§48.161 FSMethod of Substituted Service on Nonresident
C121§48.171§48.171 FSService on Nonresident Motor Vehicle Owners, etc
C122§48.181§48.181 FSService on Nonresident Engaging in Business in State
C123§48.183§48.183 FSService of Process in Action for Possession of Premises
C124§48.190§48.19 FSService on Nonresidents Operating Aircraft or Watercraft in the State
C125§48.193§48.193 FSActs Subjecting Person to Jurisdiction of Courts of State
C126§48.194§48.194 FSPersonal Service Outside State
C127§48.195§48.195 FSService of Foreign Process
C128§48.196§48.196 FSService of Process in Connection with Actions under the Florida...
C129§48.200§48.20 FSService of Process on Sunday
C130§48.210§48.21 FSReturn of Execution of Process
C131§48.220§48.22 FSCumulative to Other Laws
C132§48.230§48.23 FSLis Pendens
C133§48.250§48.25 FSShort Title
C134§48.270§48.27 FSCertified Process Servers
C135§48.290§48.29 FSCertification of Process Servers
C136§48.310§48.31 FSRemoval of Certified Process Servers; False Return of Service
Chapter 57 | Court Costs
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C200§57 FSChapter 57PDF/Page containing the pertinent parts of Chapter 57 FS.
C201§57.081§57.081 FSCosts; Rights to Proceed Where Prepayment of Costs and Payment of...
C202§57.082§57.082 FSDetermination of Civil Indigent Status
C203§57.085§57.085 FSDeferral of Prepayment of Court Costs and Fees for Indigent Status
C204§57.105§57.105 FSAttorney’s Fee; Sanctions for Raising Unsupported Claims or Defenses...
Chapter 68 | Miscellaneous Proceedings
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C300§68 FSChapter 68PDF/Page containing the pertinent parts of Chapter 68 FS.
C30AFCAFalse Claims ActPDF/Page containing Florida's False Claims Act (§68.081-§68.092).
C301§68.081§68.081 FSFlorida False Claims Act; Short Title
C302§68.082§68.082 FSFalse Claims Against the State; Definitions; Liability
C303§68.083§68.083 FSCivil Actions for False Claims
C304§68.0831§68.0831 FSSubpoena
C305§68.084§68.084 FSRights of the Parties in Civil Actions
C306§68.085§68.085 FSAwards to Plaintiffs Bringing Action
C307§68.086§68.086 FSExpenses; Attorney Fees and Costs
C308§68.087§68.087 FSExemptions to Civil Actions
C309§68.088§68.088 FSProtection for Participating Employees
C310§68.089§68.089 FSLimitation of Actions; Effect of interventions by Department
C311§68.09§68.09 FSBurden of Proof
C312§68.091§68.091 FSConstruction and Severability of Provisions
C313§68.092§68.092 FSDeposit of Recovered Moneys
C314§68.093§68.093 FSFlorida Vexatious Litigant Law
Chapter 86 | Declaratory Judgments
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C400§86 FSChapter 86PDF/Page containing the pertinent parts of Chapter 86 FS.
C401§86.011§86.011 FSLurisdiction of Trial Court
C402§86.021§86.021 FSPower to Construe
C403§86.031§86.031 FSBefore Breach
C404§86.041§86.041 FSActions by Executors, Administrators, Trustees, etc
C405§86.051§86.051 FSEnumeration not Exclusive
C406§86.061§86.061 FSSupplemental Relief
C407§86.071§86.071 FSLury Trials
C408§86.081§86.081 FSCosts
C409§86.091§86.091 FSParties
C410§86.101§86.101 FSConstruction of Law
C411§86.111§86.111 FSExistence of Another Adequate Remedy; Effect


Chapter 90 | Evidence Code
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D000§90 FSChapter 90PDF/Page containing the pertinent parts of Chapter 90 FS.
D001§90.201§90.201 FSMatters Which Must be Judicially Noticed
D002§90.202§90.202 FSMatters Which May be Judicially Noticed
D003§90.203§90.203 FSCompulsory Judicial Notice Upon Request
D004§90.204§90.204 FSDetermination of Propriety of Judicial Notice and Nature of Matter Noticed
D005§90.205§90.205 FSDenial of a Request for Judicial Notice
D006§90.501§90.501 FSPrivileges Recognized Only as Provided
D007§90.5015§90.5015 FSJournalist’S Privilege
D008§90.502§90.502 FSMawyer-Client Privilege
D009§90.5021§90.5021 FSFiduciary Lawyer-Client Privilege
D010§90.503§90.503 FSPsychotherapist-Patient Privilege
D011§90.5035§90.5035 FSSexual Assault Counselor-Victim Privilege
D012§90.5036§90.5036 FSDomestic Violence Advocate-Victim Privilege
D013§90.504§90.504 FSHusband-Wife Privilege
D014§90.505§90.505 FSPrivilege With Respect to Communications to Clergy
D015§90.5055§90.5055 FSAccountant-Client Privilege
D016§90.506§90.506 FSPrivilege With Respect to Trade Secrets
D017§90.507§90.507 FSWaiver of Privilege by Voluntary Disclosure
D018§90.508§90.508 FSPrivileged Matter Disclosed Under Compulsion or Without Opportunity to...
D019§90.509§90.509 FSApplication of Privileged Communication
D020§90.510§90.510 FSPrivileged Communication Necessary to Adverse Party
D021§90.608§90.608 FSWho May Impeach
D022§90.702§90.702 FSTestimony by Experts
D023§90.703§90.703 FSOpinion on Ultimate Issue
D024§90.704§90.704 FSBasis of Opinion Testimony by Experts
D025§90.802§90.802 FSHearsay Rule
D026§90.803§90.803 FSHearsay Exceptions; Availability of Declarant Immaterial
D027§90.804§90.804 FSHearsay Exceptions; Declarant Unavailable
D028§90.901§90.901 FSRequirement of Authentication or Identification
D029§90.902§90.902 FSSelf-Authentication
Chapter 92 | Witnesses, Records, and Documents
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D100§92 FSChapter 92PDF/Page containing the pertinent parts of Chapter 92 FS.
D101§92.141§92.141 FSNaw Enforcement Employees; Travel Expenses; Compensation as Witness
D102§92.142§92.142 FSWitnesses; Pay
D103§92.50§92.50 FSOaths, Affidavits, and acknowledgments; who may take or administer; ...
D104§92.51§92.51 FSOaths, Affidavits, and acknowledgments, taken or administered by...
D105§92.52§92.52 FSAffirmation equivalent to oath
D106§92.525§92.525 FSVerification of documents; perjury by false written declaration, penalty


Chapter 110 | State Employment
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E000§110 FSCh. 110PDF/Page containing the pertinent parts of Chapter 110 FS.
E001§110.117§110.117 FSPaid Holidays

Chapter 112 | Part I | Conditions of Employment; Retirement; Travel Expenses
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E100§112 Part I FSCh. 112-IPDF/Page containing the pertinent parts of Chapter 112 Part I FS.
E101§112.061§112.061 FSPer Diem and Travel Expenses of Public Officers, Employees, and Authorized...
Chapter 112 | Part III | Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees
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E200§112 Part III FSCh. 112-IIIPDF/Page containing the pertinent parts of Chapter 112 Part III FS.
E20AFlorida Whistleblower's ActWhistleblower's ActPDF/Page containing Florida's Whistleblower's Act in its entirety.
E201§112.3143§112.3143 FSVoting Conflicts
E202§112.3144§112.3144 FSFull and Public Disclosure of Financial Interests
E203§112.31445§112.31445 FSElectronic Filing System; Full and Public Disclosure of Financial Interests
E204§112.31446§112.31446 FSElectronic Filing System for Financial Disclosure
E205§112.3145§112.3145 FSDisclosure of Financial Interests and Clients Represented before Agencies
E206§112.31455§112.31455 FSCollection Methods for Unpaid Automatic Fines for Failure to Timely File...
E207§112.3146§112.3146 FSPublic Records
E208§112.3187§112.3187 FSAdverse Action Against Employee for Disclosing Information of Specified...
E209§112.3188§112.3188 FSConfidentiality of Information given to the Chief Inspector General...
E210§112.3189§112.3189 FSInvestigative Procedures Upon Receipt of Whistle-Blower Information From...
E211§112.31895§112.31895 FSInvestigative Procedures in Response to Prohibited Personnel Actions

Chapter 119 | Public Records
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E300§119 FS§119 FSRDF/Page containing chapter 119 FS in its entirety.
E301§119.01§119.01 FSGeneral State Policy on Public Records
E302§119.011§119.011 FSDefinitions
E303§119.021§119.021 FSCustodial Requirements; Maintenance, Preservation, and Retention of Public...
E304§119.035§119.035 FSOfficers-Elect
E305§119.07§119.07 FSInspection and Copying of Records; Photographing Public Records; Fees; ...
E306§119.0701§119.0701 FSContracts; Public Records; Request for Contractor Records; Civil Action
E307§119.071§119.071 FSGeneral Exemptions from Inspection or Copying of Public Records
E308§119.0711§119.0711 FSExecutive Branch Agency Exemptions from Inspection or Copying of Public...
E309§119.0712§119.0712 FSExecutive Branch Agency-Specific Exemptions from Inspection or Copying...
E310§119.0713§119.0713 FSLocal Government Agency Exemptions from Inspection or Copying of...
E311§119.0714§119.0714 FSCourt Files; Court Records; Official Records
E312§119.0715§119.0715 FSReports Statutorily Required; Filing, Maintenance, Retrieval, and Provision of Copies
E313§119.0725§119.0725 FSNotices of Meetings and Hearings Must Advise That a Record is Required to Appeal
E314§119.084§119.084 FSCopyright of Data Processing Software Created by Governmental...
E315§119.092§119.092 FSRegistration by Federal Employer's Registration Number
E316§119.10§119.10 FSViolation of Chapter; Penalties
E317§119.105§119.105 FSRrotection of Victims of Crimes or Accidents
E318§119.11§119.11 FSAccelerated Hearing; Immediate Compliance
E319§119.12§119.12 FSAttorney Fees
E320§119.15§119.15 FSLegislative Review of Exemptions from Public Meeting and...
Chapter 120 | Administrative Procedures Act
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E400Florida Administrative Procedures ActAPAPDF/Page containing parts of Florida's Administrative Procedures Act.
E401§120.50§120.50 FSException to Application of Chapter
E402§120.51§120.51 FSShort Title
E403§120.515§120.515 FSDeclaration of Policy
E404§120.525§120.525 FSMeetings, Hearings, and Workshops
E405§120.52§120.52 FSDefinitions
E406§120.53§120.53 FSMaintenance of Agency Final Orders
E407§120.533§120.533 FSCoordination of the Transmittal, Indexing, and Listing of Agency Final...
E408§120.536§120.536 FSRulemaking Authority, Repeal; Challenge
E409§120.54§120.54 FSRulemaking
E410§120.541§120.541 FSStatement of Estimated Regulatory Costs
E411§120.542§120.542 FSVariances and Waivers
E412§120.545§120.545 FSCommittee Review of Agency Rules
E413§120.55§120.55 FSPublication
E414§120.555§120.555 FSSummary Removal of Published Rules No Longer in Force and Effect
E415§120.56§120.56 FSChallenges to Rules
E416§120.565§120.565 FSDeclaratory Statement by Agencies
E417§120.569§120.569 FSDecisions Which Affect Substantial Interest
E418§120.57§120.57 FSAdditional Procedures for Particular Cases
E419§120.573§120.573 FSMediation of Disputes
E420§120.574§120.574 FSSummary Hearing
E421§120.595§120.595 FSAttorney’s Fees
E422§120.60§120.60 FSLicensing
E423§120.62§120.62 FSAgency Investigations
E424§120.63§120.63 FSExemption From Act
E425§120.65§120.65 FSAdministrative Law Judges
E426§120.651§120.651 FSDesignation of Two Administrative Law Judges to Preside Over Actions...
E427§120.655§120.655 FSWithholding Funds to Pay for Administrative Law Judge Services to School...
E428§120.66§120.66 FSEx Parte Communications
E429§120.665§120.665 FSDisqualification of Agency Personnel
E430§120.68§120.68 FSJudicial Review
E431§120.69§120.69 FSEnforcement of Agency Action
E432§120.695§120.695 FSNotice of Noncompliance; Designation of Minor Violation of Rules
E433§120.72§120.72 FSLegislative Intent; References to Chapter 120 or Portions Thereof
E434§120.73§120.73 FSCircuit Court Proceedings; Declaratory Judgments
E435§120.74§120.74 FSAgency Annual Rulemaking and Regulatory Plans; Reports
E436§120.80§120.80 FSExceptions and Special Requirements; Agencies
E437§120.81§120.81 FSExceptions and Special Requirements; General Areas
E438§120.82§120.82 FSKeep Our Graduates Working Act


Chapter 192 | General Provisions
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F000§192 FSChapter 192PDF/Page containing the pertinent parts of Chapter 192 FS.
F001§192.105§192.105 FSUnlawful Disclosure of Federal Tax Information; Penalty
Chapter 216 | Planning and Budgeting
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F100§216 FSChapter 216PDF/Page containing the pertinent parts of Chapter 216 FS.
F101§216.011§216.011 FSDefinitions


Chapter 257 | Public Libraries and State Archives
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G000§257 FSChapter 257PDF/Page containing the pertinent parts of Chapter 257 FS.
G001§257.36§257.36 FSRecords and Information Management


Chapter 286 | Public Business: Miscellaneous Provisions
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H000§286 FSChapter 286PDF/Page containing the pertinent parts of Chapter 286 FS.
H001§286.001§286.001 FSReports Statutorily Required; Filing, Maintenance, Retrieval, and Provision of Copies
H002§286.0105§286.0105 FSNotices of Meetings and Hearings Must Advise That a Record is Required to Appeal
H003§286.011§286.011 FSPublic Meetings and Records; Public Inspection; Criminal and Civil Penalties
H004§286.0111§286.0111 FSLegislative Review of Certain Exemptions from Requirements for Public Meetings...
H005§286.0113§286.0113 FSGeneral Exemptions from Public Meetings
H006§286.0114§286.0114 FSPublic Meetings; Reasonable Opportunity to be Heard; Attorney Fees
H007§286.01141§286.01141 FSCriminal Justice Commissions; Public Meetings Exemption
H008§286.0115§286.0115 FSAccess to Local Public Officials; Quasi-Judicial Proceedings on Local Government...
H009§286.012§286.012 FSVoting Requirement at Meetings of Governmental Bodies
H010§286.021§286.021 FSDepartment of State to Hold Title to Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, etc
H011§286.031§286.031 FSAuthority of Department of State in Connection with Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, etc
H012§286.035§286.035 FSConstitution Revision Commission; Powers of Chair; Assistance by State and...
H013§286.036§286.036 FSTaxation and Budget Reform Commission; Powers
H014§286.041§286.041 FSProhibited Requirements of Bidders on Contracts for Public Works Relative to Income...
H015§286.043§286.043 FSLimitation on Use of Funds for Discriminatory Contract or Bid Specifications Relating...
H016§286.101§286.101 FSForeign Gifts and Contracts
H017§286.23§286.23 FSReal Property Conveyed to Public Agency; Disclosure of Beneficial Interests...
H018§286.25§286.25 FSPublication or Statement of State Sponsorship
H019§286.26§286.26 FSAccessibility of Public Meetings to the Physically Handicapped
H020§286.27§286.27 FSUse of State Funds for Greeting Cards Prohibited
H021§286.29§286.29 FSClimate-Friendly Public Business
H022§286.31§286.31 FSProhibited Use of State Funds; Travel to Another State for Purpose of Abortion Services
H023§286.3110§286.311 FSProhibited Use of State Funds; Sex-Reassignment Prescriptions or Procedures


Chapter 393 | Developmental Disabilities
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I000§393 FSChapter 393PDF/Page containing the pertinent parts of Chapter 393 FS.
I001§393.063§393.063 FSDefinitions


Chapter 448 | Part I | Terms & Conditions of Employment
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J000§448 FSChapter 448PDF/Page containing the pertinent parts of Chapter 448 FS.
J001§448.01§448.01 FSLegal Day’s Work; Extra Pay
J002logoAdobe§448.03 FSLegal Day’s Work; Extra Pay
J003logoAdobe§448.04 FSThreat of Discharge to Compel Employee to Trade with any...
J004logoAdobe§448.045 FSPenalty for Officer or Agent Violating s. 448.03
J005logoAdobe§448.05 FSWrongful Combinations against Workers
J006logoAdobe§448.07 FSSeats to be Furnished for Employees in Stores; Penalty
J007logoAdobe§448.075 FSWage Rate Discrimination based on Sex Prohibited
J008logoAdobe§448.076 FSEmployment Discrimination on Basis of Sickle-Cell Trait Prohibited
J009logoAdobe§448.08 FSMandatory Screening or Testing for Sickle-Cell Trait Prohibited
J010logoAdobe§448.09 FSAttorney’s Fees for Successful Litigants in Actions for Unpaid Wages
J011logoAdobe§448.095 FSUnauthorized Aliens; Employment Prohibited
J012logoAdobe§448.101 FSEmployment Eligibility
J013logoAdobe§448.102 FSDefinitions
J014logoAdobe§448.103 FSProhibitions
J015logoAdobe§448.104 FSEmployee’s Remedy; Relief
J016logoAdobe§448.105 FSAttorney’s Fees and Costs
J017logoAdobe§448.109 FSExisting Rights
J018logoAdobe§448.110 FSNotification of the State Minimum Wage
J019logoAdobe§448.111 FSState Minimum Wage; Annual Wage Adjustment; Enforcement
J020logoAdobe§448.20 FSEvidentiary Standards for Actions of a Business During an Emergency
J021logoAdobe§448.21 FSShort Title
J022logoAdobe§448.22 FSLegislative Intent
J023logoAdobe§448.23 FSDefinitions
J024logoAdobe§448.24 FSExclusions
J025logoAdobe§448.25 FSDuties and Rights
J026logoAdobe§448.26 FSRemedies; Damages; Costs


Chapter 509 | Lodging and Food Service Establishments; Membership Campgrounds
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K000§509 FSChapter 509PDF/Page containing the pertinent parts of Chapter 509 FS.
K001§509.013§509.013 FSDefinitions
K002§509.092§509.092 FSPublic Lodging Establishments and Public Food Service Establishments...


Chapter 760 | Part I | Florida Civil Rights Act
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L000Florida Civil Rights ActCivil Rights ActPDF/Page containing Florida's Civil Rights Act in its entirety.
L001§760.01§760.01 FSPurpose; Construction; Title
L002§760.02§760.02 FSDefinitions
L003§760.021§760.021 FSEnforcement
L004§760.03§760.03 FSCommission on Human Relations; Staff
L005§760.04§760.04 FSCommission on Human Relations; Assigned to Department of Management Services
L006§760.05§760.05 FSFunctions of the Commission
L007§760.06§760.06 FSPowers of the Commission
L008§760.065§760.065 FSFlorida Civil Rights Hall of Fame
L009§760.07§760.07 FSRemedies for Unlawful Discrimination
L010§760.08§760.08 FSDiscrimination in Places of Public Accommodation
L011§760.10§760.10 FSUnlawful Employment Practices
L012§760.11§760.11 FSAdministrative and Civil Remedies; Construction
Chapter 760 | Part II | Florida Fair Housing Act
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L100Florida Fair Housing ActFair Housing ActPDF/Page containing Florida's Fair Housing Act in its entirety.
L101§760.20§760.20 FSFair Housing Act; short title
L102§760.21§760.21 FSState Policy on Fair Housing
L103§760.22§760.22 FSDefinitions
L104§760.23§760.23 FSDiscrimination in the sale or rental of housing and other prohibited...
L105§760.24§760.24 FSDiscrimination in the provision of brokerage services
L106§760.25§760.25 FSDiscrimination in the financing of housing or in residential real estate...
L107§760.26§760.26 FSProhibited discrimination in land use decisions and in permitting of...
L108§760.27§760.27 FSProhibited discrimination in housing provided to persons with a disability...
L109§760.29§760.29 FSExemptions
L110§760.30§760.30 FSAdministration of ss. 760.20-760.37
L111§760.31§760.31 FSPowers and duties of commission
L112§760.32§760.32 FSInvestigations; subpoenas; oaths
L113§760.34§760.34 FSEnforcement
L114§760.35§760.35 FSCivil actions and relief; administrative procedures
L115§760.36§760.36 FSConciliation agreements
L116§760.37§760.37 FSInterference, coercion, or intimidation; enforcement by administrative...
Chapter 760 | Part III | Miscellaneous Provisions
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L200C0760P03§760 Part IIIPDF/Page containing Chapter 760 Part III in its entirety.
L201§760.40§760.40 FSGenetic Testing; Definitions; Express Consent Required; Confidentiality...
L202§760.50§760.50 FSDiscrimination on the Basis of AIDS, AIDS-Related Complex, And HIV Prohibited
L203§760.51§760.51 FSViolations of Constitutional Rights, Civil Action by the Attorney General...
L204§760.60§760.60 FSDiscriminatory Practices of Certain Clubs Prohibited; Remedies.
Chapter 760 | Part IV | Minority Representation in Certain Bodies
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L300C0760P04§760 Part IVPDF/Page containing Chapter 760 Part IV in its entirety.
L301§760.80§760.80 FSMinority Representation on Boards, Commissions, Councils, and Committees
Chapter 760 | Part V | Environmental Equity and Justice
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L400C0760P05§760 Part VPDF/Page containing Chapter 760 Part V in its entirety.
L401§760.854§760.854 FSCenter for Environmental Equity and Justice


Chapter 768 | Negligence | General Provisions
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M000§768 FS§768 FSPDF/Page containing Chapter 768 FS in its entirety.
M001§768.041§768.041 FSRelease or Covenant Not to Sue
M002§768.042§768.042 FSDamages
M003§768.0705§768.0705 FSLimitation on Premises Liability
M004§768.08§768.08 FSLiability of Corporations Having Relief Department for Injury to Employees...
M005§768.0895§768.0895 FSLimitation of Liability for Employers of Persons with Disabilities
M006§768.095§768.095 FSEmployer Immunity from Liability; Disclosure of Information Regarding...
M007§768.096§768.096 FSEmployer Presumption Against Negligent Hiring
M008§768.098§768.098 FSLimitation of Liability for Employee Leasing
M009§768.14§768.14 FSSuit by State; Waiver of Sovereign Immunity
M010§768.28§768.28 FSWaiver of Sovereign Immunity in Tort Actions; Recovery Limits; Limitation...
M011§768.295§768.295 FSStrategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPP) Prohibited
M012§768.31§768.31 FSContribution Among Tortfeasors
Chapter 768 | Negligence | Damages
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M101§768.71§768.71 FSApplicability; Conflicts
M102§768.72§768.72 FSPleading in Civil Actions; Claim for Punitive Damages
M103§768.725§768.725 FSPunitive Damages; Burden of Proof
M104§768.73§768.73 FSPunitive Damages; Limitation
M105§768.733§768.733 FSBonds in Class Actions; Limitations
M106§768.734§768.734 FSCapacity to Sue
M107§768.735§768.735 FSPunitive Damages; Exceptions; Limitation
M108§768.736§768.736 FSPunitive Damages; Exceptions for Intoxication
M109§768.737§768.737 FSPunitive Damages; Application in Arbitration
M110§768.74§768.74 FSRemittitur and Additur
M111§768.76§768.76 FSCollateral Sources of Indemnity
M112§768.77§768.77 FSItemized Verdict
M113§768.78§768.78 FSAlternative Methods of Payment of Damage Awards
M114§768.79§768.79 FSOffer of Judgment and Demand for Judgment
M115§768.81§768.81 FSComparative Fault


Chapter 775 | General Penalties; Registration of Criminals
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N000§775 FSChapter 775PDF/Page containing the pertinent parts of Chapter 775 FS.
N001§775.08§775.08 FSClasses and Definitions of Offenses
N002§775.082§775.082 FSPenalties; Applicability of Sentencing Structures; Mandatory...
N003§775.083§775.083 FSFines
N004§775.084§775.084 FSViolent Career Criminals; Habitual Felony Offenders and Habitual...
N005§775.15§775.15 FSTime Limitations; General Time Limitations; Exceptions
Chapter 815 | Computer-Related Crimes
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N100§815 FSChapter 815PDF/Page containing the pertinent parts of Chapter 815 FS.
N101§815.06§815.06 FSOffenses Against Users of Computers, Computer Systems, Computer Networks...
Chapter 837 | Perjury
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N200§837 FS§837 FSPDF/Page containing Chapter 837 FS in its entirety.
N201§837.011§837.011 FSDefinitions
N202§837.012§837.012 FSPerjury When Not in an Official Proceeding
N203§837.02§837.02 FSPerjury in Official Proceedings
N204§837.021§837.021 FSPerjury by Contradictory Statements
N205§837.05§837.05 FSFalse Reports to Law Enforcement Authorities
N206§837.055§837.055 FSFalse Information to Law Enforcement During Investigation
N207§837.06§837.06 FSFalse Official Statements
N208§837.07§837.07 FSRecantation as a Defense
Chapter 838 | Bribery; Misuse of Public Office
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N300§838 FS§838 FSPDF/Page containing Chapter 838 FS in its entirety.
N301§838.014§838.014 FSDefinitions
N302§838.015§838.015 FSBribery
N303§838.016§838.016 FSUnlawful Compensation or Reward for Official Behavior
N304§838.021§838.021 FSCorruption by Threat against Public Servant
N305§838.022§838.022 FSOfficial Misconduct
N306§838.12§838.12 FSBribery in Athletic Contests
N307§838.15§838.15 FSCommercial Bribe Receiving
N308§838.16§838.16 FSCommercial Bribery
N309§838.21§838.21 FSDisclosure or Use of Confidential Criminal Justice Information
N310§838.22§838.22 FSBid Tampering
N311§838.23§838.23 FSRestitution and Community Service
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