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A "vexatious litigant" is someone who maliciously sues without probable cause.

The Supreme Court doesn't like them1;
State courts don't like them2;
and DOAH doesn't like them either3.

Important Note: If your Court deems you to be "Vexatious" then it will bar you from proceeding without an attorney.

Even the free legal aid office will shun you4.
For Instance: The Jacksonville Legal Aid says that it might "not provide help to someone found to be vexatious".

1 Source: A Typical Supreme Court Ban.
2 Source: May v Barthet, 886 So. 2d 324 (Fla. 4th DCa 2004) (external link).
3 Source: DOAH Final Order (see the End Note).
4 Source: Jacksonville Legal Aid Terms & Conditions (see Page 1).

Avoid becoming a vexatious litigant! Instead, get booked up on justice to help prevent the misgivings that lead to such a plight.

As always: please get the justice you deserve.


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