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FCHR 101: Crude Explanation of How the Legal Process Works

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Background: You are contemplating a Florida-based employment discrimination case
Problem: You are unfamiliar with the legal process
Solution: You read this quick explanation to get a rough idea of how the process works


Crudely speaking, the FCHR process will: (1) chew you up; (2) spit you out; and (3) make you think that you didn’t pass through the belly of the beast [before departure].0

Moreover, you probably won’t notice the walls closing in – or the serpent constricting your limbs – until your time has run thin. And along the way, your [astute] cries for fairness/constitutionality (ie, due process, jury trials, equal protection) will be muted by the State beast’s overlapping scales. As grim as this may sound, please take solace in the fact that dozens of Floridians have still managed to tip the scales in their favor; and you can be one of them.

So, feel free to equip yourself with the knowledge/skills/resources that can help you (1) keep your heel from being snake-bitten; and (2) heal from discrimination.


Less poetic/harsh: the FCHR’s legal process will last roughly two years before giving you the chance to go to Court.1 And – unfortunately – if you don’t exercise your rights on time,2 then the State of Florida will close those courthouse doors on you altogether.3 Therefore, knowing how the legal process works will be quite valuable. It’ll help you:
(1) avoid pitfalls;
(2) prevent treachery; and
(3) wield/articulate your rights more effectively.


'Explanation A' was a very crude explanation; while 'Explanation B' was very brief.

Therefore – as you pursue justice – please keep those words at the back of your mind (ie, please do not dwell on them; especially since you’ve got the power to instill integrity into Florida’s legal system).

This link, on the other hand, will give you a more refined explanation (link):
✔ Fact-Based
✔ Statistical
✔ Citations
✔ Templates
✔ How-To Guides
✔ Analyses
✔ Free

Refined Explanation/Summary

Plus, this walkthrough will give you a more detailed explanation of the FCHR process:

Step-by-Step Walkthrough:
Phase 0Contemplating/Getting Representation
Phase 1Charge
Phase 2Laws
Phase 3Regulations
Phase 4Rules
Phase 5Investigation
Phase 6Determination
Phase 7Petition for Relief
Phase 8Recommended Order
Phase 9Final Order
Phase A-10Substantial Weight Review
Phase A-11Federal Case
Phase B-10Appeal
Phase B-11State Case
0 this metaphor is alluding to the FCHR’s state-borne agenda to protect civil rights defendants – at the expense of civil rights plaintiffs. In other words, the FCHR aims to save defendants “millions” of dollars by entering “no cause” determinations (source: the FCHR's 2019 Annual Report; see page 8); determinations which hamper/block your constitutional right to a trial-by-jury. The FCHR, importantly, has pursued this agenda with illegitimate methods – including but not limited to –

(a) permissible bribery;
(b) ratification of judicial perjury;
(c) intentional delays; and
(d) more

1 administrative hearings are not “Court”

• Administrative Hearing = Executive Branch (no jury trials (ie, they’re prohibited))

• Court = Judicial Branch (jury trials guaranteed (see the 7th Amendment of the US Constitution))

Although the FCHR has the power to open the courthouse doors to you within 6 months, it only does so 14% of the time.

2 this refers to the 300-day deadline for clinching Dual-File status (a crucial characteristic of a COD).

3 in this instance, “courthouse doors” is referring to trial court doors. Technically, you’ll have a chance to appeal the FCHR’s final decision, but – of course – appellate courts are not trial courts.

• Trial Courts = Judicial Branch (jury trials guaranteed (see the 7th Amendment of the US Constitution))

• Appellate Courts = Judicial Branch (no jury trials whatsoever – by definition)

Congratulations! You're now booked up on this crude explanation of how the FCHR's Legal Process Works!

It should help you as you contemplate your Florida-based discrimination case.

Also, please keep in mind the FCHR's statutory ability to accept bribes (as well as its documented self-discrimination).

Lastly, keep your constitutional right to a trial-by-jury in mind (the 7th Amendment of the US Constitution).

As always, please get the justice you deserve.


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