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At the start of your Florida-based pursuit, you might want to get an attorney to help you with your discrimination lawsuit/charge.

0.0 | Intro

Good News: there are many civil rights attorneys in the state of Florida (who have experience with FCHR-DOAH cases).

Better News: TBD has listed all of them on this website (link).

Features of TBD's Listing:
✓ Free
✓ Detailed
✓ Statistical
✓ Objective
✓ Contains Contact Info
✓ No Ads
✓ No Contracts
✓ No User Accounts

Best News: By 1/1/2024, TBD will launch UniApp 1.0.

⇝ An online application that'll let prospective litigants apply for legal representation with just one-click (ie, without having to fill out multiple client-intake applications).


0.1 | Analysis of Case Outcomes: With vs Without Representation

Although many civil rights litigants have found success without an attorney, those that have secured legal representation have experienced [perceivably] more favorable results. To summarize it briefly, statistics [from FCHR-DOAH cases] show that having an attorney will:
  1. increase your chance at settlement (44% vs 18%); and
  2. decrease your chance of suffering a loss (22% vs 47%)
You can see these differences (and more) by flipping through the following graphs:

you'll score 1 point/flip

Deeper Analysis Available Of course, settlement might not be a goal of yours; and the prospects of losing might not be a deterrent. So, the above statistics might have little value to you.

Nevertheless, whether you obtain legal representation or not, you'll benefit from knowing more about the FCHR legal process...

0.2 | (Free) Pro Bono Legal Representation

Moreover, you might even be able to get free legal representation. Many attorneys offer this; it’s called Pro Bono Service. In fact, Florida attorneys are actually required to [annually] report whether or not they’ve provided pro bono legal service (and to what extent).

See Rule 4-6.1 RRTFB for more.

0.3 | Judicial Prejudice against Pro se Litigants

Also, take into consideration that Florida-based judges have shown a strong prejudice against pro se litigants.

In fact, USFLND has a local rule that prohibits pro se litigants (and only pro se litigants) from filing documents electronically. Although this may seem fairly innocuous, it has caused significant harm (read more here).

Plus, a DOAH Judge (ie, one of the judges you’ll likely encounter) has previously committed perjury (and evidence destruction) against a pro se civil rights litigant (read/watch here).

So, keep these anti-pro se prejudices in mind.

0.4 | Personal Resolve and Pro Se Success

Nevertheless, if you choose to proceed without an attorney then you are still in the right place. In fact, you might even take reassurance in the fact that self-represented litigants (ie, pro se litigants) have won their FCHR-DOAH cases at a higher rate than represented litigants (4% vs 2%)1.

Deeper Analysis Available.

0.5 | Sincere Justice

Plus – based on TBD’s experiences/vantage point – the pro se litigant is the legal participant who's best-suited to get sincere justice. In other words, he/she has the least incentive to perpetuate lawlessness.2

So, if you travel this road alone then please feel free to equip yourself with all of the skills/knowledge that this website has (and others have) to offer.

A key part of your journey will be knowing how to navigate through the FCHR legal process; and you can fortify that knowledge by learning about the next phase (ie, Phase 1: The Charge)...
TextBookDiscrimination.com® | © 2023. All Rights Reserved.
1 Note: legal losses are not [statistical] complements of legal victories. In other words, there are “ties/etc” in civil litigation (see the analysis' disclaimer).

2 Of the people who walk into the courthouse (ie, the judges/lawyers/clerks/bailiffs/etc) the pro se litigant is the only one who has zero financial incentive to see more of his/her similarly-injured peers walk in (beside/behind him/her). In other words, everyone else [in that courthouse] benefits from your injuries; and - even worse - your future injuries are their livelihood.

So, potentially, you are best suited to reduce/eliminate injuries altogether (while getting justice for yourself - along the way).
Congratulations! You're now booked up on Phase 0 (Representation) regarding the way the legal process operates within the State of Florida!

Keep this in mind while you litigate your civil rights case in the sunshine state. Also, keep in mind the FCHR's statutory ability to accept bribes.

Plus - at all times - keep the 7th Amendment of the US Constitution (your right to a trial-by-jury) in mind.

As always, please get the justice you deserve.


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