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FCHR 101: The Legal Process

How the Legal Process Operates for Discrimination Cases in Florida (via the Florida Commission on Human Relations (FCHR))

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000SummaryOverall explanation of how the legal process works via Florida's FCHR
001Crude ExplanationQuick, Brutish, High-Level explanation of how the legal process works via Florida's FCHR
002DisclaimerShortcomings & Limitations on this explanation.
003DefinitionsData glossary for the terms used in this explanation.
004Underlying DataThe underlying data that TBD tabulated for this research/explanation.
All-in-One Page
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100All-In-OneRead through all of the procedural phases (listed below) in one document
Step-by-Step Walkthrough of the FCHR-Based Legal Process
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2000: RepresentationExplanation on legal representation (applications, contacts, impact on outcome, etc.).
2011: The ChargeExplanation on what will happen when you file a charge.
2022: The LawsOutline of the laws that will govern your FCHR case.
2033: The RegulationsOutline of the regulations that will govern your FCHR case.
2044: The RulesOutline of the procedural rules that will govern your FCHR case.
2055: The InvestigationRundown on the FCHR's investigative process.
2066: The DeterminationRundown on the FCHR's investigative determination.
2077: The PFRBreakdown on filing an FCHR/DOAH Petition for Relief.
2088: DOAH ProceedingBreakdown of the DOAH proceeding.
2099: Recommended OrderBreakdown of the DOAH/FCHR Recommended Order.
21010: Final OrderBreakdown of the FCHR Final Order.
211A-1: SWRBreakdown on an EEOC/FCHR Substantial Weight Review (SWR).
212A-2: Federal CaseRundown on filing suit in federal court.
213B-1: AppealBreakdown on filing an appeal within Florida's state court system.
214B-2: State CaseBreakdown on filing suit in a state court of Florida.
Keep Going! You're about to get booked up on how the legal process works when handled by the FCHR!

This should help give you a bird's eye view of how your discrimination case will go in Florida.

As always, please get the justice you deserve.


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