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User Guide

  1. Executing:
    1. Step 1: Hit the "RUN" Button
    2. Step 2: Wait for Results (≈ 7 seconds)
  2. Recommended Usage: you'll probably get the best user-experience if you use Google Chrome.
  3. Troubleshooting: if something goes awry then please try to refresh the page (otherwise Contact TBD).
  4. JavaScript: this tool will only work if you have JavaScript enabled (which you probably do - it's the default for most modern browsers).
  5. Shortcuts: these keyboard shortcuts will run the creator:
    • {ENTER} will run the creator (if you're inside a user input field).
    • ALT+R will also run the calculation (from anywhere).

Legal Notes

  • Governing Statute: §760.03(5) FS is the controlling authority for creating 3-Commissioner Panels "(5) Six members shall constitute a quorum for the conduct of business; however, the commission may establish panels of not less than three of its members to exercise its powers under the Florida Civil Rights Act of 1992, subject to such procedures and limitations as the commission may provide by rule. Notwithstanding this subsection, three appointed members serving on panels shall constitute a quorum for the conduct of official business of the panel."
    - see §760.03(5) FS

  • Null & Void Meetings: 28-102.001 FAC Sets Requirements for Publicly Held Meetings "(1) Except where otherwise provided, the agency shall give at least seven days notice of any public meeting, hearing, or workshop by publication in the Florida Administrative Register and on agency’s website. Provisions regarding notices of hearings in proceedings for determining substantial interests are found in Rules 28-106.208 and 28-106.302, F.A.C.""
    - see 28-102.001 FAC

TBD's Commentary

  • Vigilance: Statistics show that the FCHR hasn't been creating panels naturally/fairly. There are grave disparities in who they choose to vote on case dispositions.
    • So, you should remain vigilant when recovering damages inflicted upon you by civil rights violations.
      • vigilance against your civil opponent; and
      • vigilance against the agencies/actors who've sworn to [supposedly] uphold your rights. (also see 42 USC §1983)


Congratulations! You're now booked up on the different FCHR panels that can be formed!

Please keep this in mind when you're wrapping your head around (a) FCHR impropriety; (b) Exceptions to DOAH Orders; and (c) Appealling FCHR Final Orders

As always, please get the justice that you deserve


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