TBD | 2020 Florida Whistleblower Jacquelyn Steele
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Source #1: CVWeb.LeonClerk.com
Source #2: FLCourts.org


###PDFLink to PageDescription
100AllInOneAll-in-OnePDF/Webpage containing all of the pivotal parts of the Steele v FCHR saga
101IRInterview ReportThe Investigative Report from Florida's Office of the Inspector General
102CODCharge of DiscriminationThe 'Charge of Discrimination' that Jacquelyn Steele filed against the FCHR
103IM-OAGInvestigative MemorandumThe investigative memorandum from Florida's Office of the Attorney General
104ComplaintCivil ComplaintCivil Complaint between Florida Whistleblower Jacquelyn Steele and the FCHR
Get booked up on the scenarios that could befall you if you file a whistleblower complaint.

You should take this into account when you blow the whistle on unlawful conduct (especially in Florida).


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