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100AllInOneAll-in-OnePDF/Webpage containing every important part of the inquiry into FCHR Bribery
101ConstitutionArt. I. §21 FL Const.The passage in the Florida constitution that forbids the sale of justice
102Statute§760.06(4) FSThe statute that permits "gifts" and "bequests" to the FCHR
103CanonCanon 5DThe relevant Canon from Florida Supreme Court's Code of Judicial Conduct
104PetitionPetitionThe Petition for Declaratory Statement regarding FCHR Bribery
105FinalOrderFinal OrderThe 'Final Order' declining to declare whether the FCHR permits bribery
106InitialBriefInitial Appellate BriefBrief which asks the Appellate Court to force the FCHR to declare whether it accepts bribes
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