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Important Material from the Civil Case
Involving the Discrimination and Unconstitutionality
of the US District Court for the Northern District of Florida

Pertinent Docket
###PDFLink to PageDescription
101ComplaintCivil ComplaintCivil Complaint charging USFLND with discrimination and constitutional violations
102ResponseDismiss#1Response to MTD (#1)Plaintiff's Response in Opposition to Defendant Schreiber's Motion to Dismiss
103ResponseDismiss#2Response to MTD (#2)Plaintiff's Response in Opposition to Defendant Fitzpatrick's Motion to Dismiss
104ObjectionsObjectionsObjections that a Floridian filed against the report & recommendation
Get booked up on holding public officials accountable for their unconstitutional (and discriminatory) acts.

You should take this into account when you litigate your civil rights case; especially if you're in the Northern District of Florida.


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