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Miscellaneous Information
Pertinent to Civil Rights Litigation

1FCHR BriberyQuestions and actions regarding FCHR Bribery
Florida Whistleblowers
1FCHR WhistleblowerThe saga that befell a Florida Whistleblower in 2019
2Rebekah D. JonesThe saga that befell a Florida Whistleblower in 2020
Judicial Misconduct
1ALJ PerjuryThe saga surrounding a perjurous Administrative Law Judge
2Crooked CourtThe lawsuit about USFLND's (a) discriminatory rules; and (b) judicial coverups
3Early PerjuryThe saga surrounding the Honorable E. Gary Early, ALJ
4Rudy GiulianiThe saga surrounding famous lawyer/mayor Rudy Giuliani
1Florida PerjurerCriminal case against Floridian Shellie Zimmerman
2Jeff FortenberryCriminal case against US Congressman Jeff Fortenberry
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