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Miscellaneous Information
Pertinent to Civil Rights Litigation

001FCHR BriberyQuestions and actions regarding FCHR Bribery
002FCHR ObstructionCommunications which reveal the way in which the FCHR obstructs discrimination cases
Florida Whistleblowers
101FCHR WhistleblowerThe saga that befell a Florida Whistleblower in 2019
102Rebekah D. JonesThe saga that befell a Florida Whistleblower in 2020
Judicial Misconduct
201ALJ PerjuryThe saga surrounding a perjurous Administrative Law Judge
202Crooked CourtThe lawsuit about USFLND's (a) discriminatory rules; and (b) judicial coverups
203Early PerjuryThe saga surrounding the Honorable E. Gary Early, ALJ
204Rudy GiulianiThe saga surrounding famous lawyer/mayor Rudy Giuliani
301Florida PerjurerCriminal case against Floridian Shellie Zimmerman
302Jeff FortenberryCriminal case against US Congressman Jeff Fortenberry
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