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External Links to Useful Resources

Pertinent to Civil Rights Litigation

001Administrative AgenciesLinks for useful administrative agencies (eg, DOAH, EEOC, etc.)
002Appellate WebsitesLinks for various useful appellate websites (eg, 1DCA, etc.)
003Clerk Websites (FL)Links for county clerk websites in Florida (eg, Alachua, etc.)
004Dockets (US)Links for trial court dockets in the Federal System (eg, CA11, etc.)
005Dockets (FL)Links for trial court dockets in Florida (eg, Duval, etc.)
006Federal Court WebsitesLinks for useful federal court websites (eg, USFLMD, etc.)
007Florida Court WebsitesLinks for useful Florida court websites (eg, 2nd Judicial Circuit, etc.)
XXXMiscellaneousLinks to various useful resources (eg, PACER, etc.)
Congratulations! You're getting booked up on links to useful content on external websites!

Feel free to use them in order to get the justice you deserve.


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