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Lyrical Breakdown of the Song 'Drop the Steal' (♫)

Background: TBD directed a new song to the FCHR
Problem: You’re unsure of what the song’s lyrics are communicating
Solution: You read through this lyrical breakdown to decipher the song

0 | Entire Lyrics

her name is Cheyanne Cost-steal; stealing is her occupation
she robs and steals federal funds (with little hesitation)

so, I ask her to drop the steal; stop robbing folks of their investigation
drop the steal; stop robbing people of their litigation

drop the steal; from her we need emancipation
drop the steal; and we will have a celebration

Altogether, this short song is highlighting the FCHR’s penchant for taking federal funds while obstructing people’s lawsuits. An obstruction that hampers the constitutional rights of civil rights litigants:

1st Amendmentpetition the government for redress;
7th Amendment – right to a trial-by-jury;
14th Amendmentdue process, equal protection.

Individually, though, each line conveys a different (yet cohesive) message...

1 | The Who

The first line introduces the listener to the song’s antagonist (“her name is Cheyanne Cost-steal”). That so-declared antagonist is Cheyanne Costilla, Executive Director of the FCHR. The lyric goes on to describe the type of antagonism that she’s perpetrating: Stealing (“stealing is her occupation”).

Pursuant to §760.03(7), the executive director serves at the pleasure (and appointment) of Florida's 12-person Commission. Those twelve commissioners, of course, are the Governor’s disciples. Who – themselves – were appointed.

Thus, this song’s audience includes the unelected agency head as well as the unelected 12-person Commission. So far, these lyrics haven’t elected to point that out, but maybe they will (or - perhaps - maybe you will)...?

2 | The What

The second line discloses what the antagonist is stealing: Federal Funds (“she robs and steals federal funds”). Apparently, her thievery is second nature to her, because she does it “with little hesitation”. These revelations are at the surface, though.

So, delving deeper reveals that Ms. Costilla – as the head of a state agency – is unlawfully taking federal funds. The FCHR, of course, receives federal funding via the EEOC (its federal parent). The two have an annually renewable contract. Therein, the FCHR is supposed to investigate complaints in a timely manner. A task that the state agency’s been failing at.

3 | The Request: Stop Stealing

The third line of the song asks the FCHR's agency head to drop her habit of stealing (“so, I ask her to drop the steal”). It goes on to ask her to – not only drop her habit, but to also – stop stealing altogether; thereby getting specific: “stop robbing folks of their investigation”. The song has now charged the FCHR of robbing Floridians of their statutory right to an investigation (see §760.01(2) FS).

4 | The Demand: Stop Stealing

Line number four reinforces the preceding request. This time, however, it’s no longer just a request. Instead, it’s a demand (“drop the steal” vs “so, I ask her to drop the steal”).

A demand, notably, that mirrors the standard jury trial demand that plaintiffs make in court. Judicial demands, importantly, that the public gets deprived of when the FCHR enters “no reasonable cause” determinations. Determinations that are often false and/or arbitrary (see here). So, this transformation [of the original request into a current demand] shows that the public has become more cognizant of the FCHR’s obstructions. Nevertheless, the fourth line continues by specifically seeking an agreement [from the FCHR] to “stop robbing people of their litigation”. This lyric is also ratcheting up the past call:

Before, the song only asked the FCHR to stop robbing people of their investigations.
Litigation, however, can still happen even if the FCHR fails to perform an investigation (see §760.11(4); see this explanation). Now, the song’s demanding that the FCHR stop robbing people of their outright litigations.

Thus, this lyric is hinting at a graver FCHR obstruction. An obstruction that involves the FCHR breaching its executive branch authority by hampering a judicial process.

In laymen's terms, this song is now indicating that the FCHR is trying to prevent litigants from litigating their cases in any forum (judicial or administrative).

Of course, stealing the people's rights [to petition the government for redress2] wreaks of tyranny.

5 | Freedom from Tyranny

The fifth line amplifies the demand (ie, “drop the steal”). Thereby announcing the people's desire to be freed from the agency head’s tyranny (“from her we need emancipation”). The public’s unwanted bindings are the aforementioned “no cause determinations”. Determinations, pertinently, which abridge the people’s constitutional rights to a trial-by-jury (7th Amendment). Determinations, unfortunately, that are false and arbitrary (see here).

In other words, this line is calling on the FCHR to end its unconstitutional practice [of entering litigation-hampering “no cause determinations”]. A practice that the EEOC, importantly, has long abandoned (see here).

6 | Celebration

Finally, the sixth line promises that – upon the eradication of the FCHR’s unconstitutional bad habits – the public (and the public’s agency) will be able to celebrate (“drop the steal; and we will have a celebration”).

A celebration of the people’s independence from state suppression (a lá July 4, 1776)3;

A celebration of the people’s emancipation from state-borne bondage (a lá January 1, 1863)4; and

A celebration of the people’s ability to cooperate rather than coerce.

X | Challenge: Add Your Own Lyrics!

TBD challenges you to add your own lyrics to this song.

Good News: The song structure is pretty easy to follow (each line has two parts)

Part One = the stealing part
Part Two = the informative/requesting/demanding part

Better News: there are a lot of words that you can use to rhyme along (eg, “determination”, etc.)

How: Simply drop a comment below (ie, you can add song lyrics to 'Drop the Steal (♫)' by using the comment box below).


This is a song about state-borne corruption; being sung directly to the state. Thereby asking it to change its ways.
1Prior Agency Head’ = Ms. Michelle Wilson (December 2011 through October 2020)

2 1st Amendment (US Constitution)

3 Independence Day

4 Emancipation Proclamation (effective date)
Congratulations! You're now booked up on how to decipher 'Drop the Steal'; a song asking the FCHR to stop its corrupt actions!

Please get the justice you deserve.


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