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User Guide

  1. Data Input: enter your data, as follows:
    1. Termination Date: enter the date you were terminated.
      • Note: more generally speaking, this is the date in which your financial injury began
      • Alternative: enter the date your salary was decreased/disparate/suppressed
    2. Judgment Date: enter the date that the judgment was entered.
      • Alternative: enter the settlement date of your case (ie, the date your agreed-settlement went/goes into effect).
    3. Annual Wages: enter your annual salary/wages
      • Note: if you didn't work an entire year then:
        1. determine the annual equivalent to your pay; and
        2. enter that number in the "Annual Wages" box
      • Note: if you're only calculating pay disparity then:
        1. determine the difference between:
          1. what you should've been paid; and
          2. what you actually were paid.
        2. annualize that number
        3. enter that number in the "Annual Wages" box
        4. example: $1,000 = $50,000 - $49,000 (should've been paid 50k, but was discriminatorily paid 49k).
  2. Recommended Usage: you'll probably get the best user-experience if you use Google Chrome.
  3. Salary Changes/Offsets: if your wages/salary changed (or were offset by subsequent employment income) then do the following:
    1. separate this calculation into multiple parts.
    2. give each part the following inputs:
      • (1) start date;
      • (2) end date; and
      • (3) annualized payout.
    3. enter each input into the calculator
    4. hit calculate
    5. record the outcome
    6. repeat steps 4b-4e for each wage/salary.
  4. Shortcuts: these keyboard shortcuts will run the calculation:
    • {ENTER} will run the calculation (if you're inside a user input field).
    • ALT+C will also run the calculation (from anywhere).

Calculation Info


TBD's Commentary

Congratulations! You're now booked up on how the FCHR calculates Back Pay!

You'll probably need to know this when calculating/making settlement offers for your civil rights case.

As always, please get the justice that you deserve


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