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1. Once a document is filed in CM/ECF, only the clerk may change or correct the document or docket entry.
a. If an E-filer discovers an error after completing the electronic process, the E-filer should immediately contact the appropriate divisional clerk’s office with the case number and document number of the erroneous filing.
b. If the clerk discovers an error with a document filed, the clerk may (i) alert the E-filer of the error and, if necessary, the manner in which to proceed (e.g., refile a document with a new document number or file a motion to strike); and (ii) note the error and any instructions provided to the E-filer in the docket entry.
c. An E-filer notified by the clerk to correct an error is responsible for doing so immediately.

2. If after filing, an E-filer determines a document or exhibit should have been filed under seal, that E-filer must comply with Local Rules and obtain a court order to seal the document or exhibit. Absent a court order, the document will not be sealed.
US District Court - Middle District of Florida | CM/ECF Administrative Procedures
Revised effective 2/1/2021

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