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1. Electronic Filing Requirements
a. CM/ECF requires documents to be in PDF format. When possible, it is best to convert a document to PDF directly from the word processing application, in contrast to scanning. An E-filer must verify the readability of a paper before filing electronically.
b. The use of a hyperlink in a paper is permitted. A hyperlink can link to other portions of the same document or to a website that contains a source document for a citation. Hyperlinks to a cited authority may not replace standard citation form. Neither a hyperlink nor a website to which it refers will be considered part of the record.

2. Notice of Electronic Filing (NEF)
a. A paper filed in CM/ECF generates a NEF, which is e-mailed to each E-filer of record in the case. A document is deemed filed as of the time and date listed on the NEF.
b. A document filed electronically can be viewed for the first time for free from the document link within the NEF. The hyperlink expires after the earlier of two events: the first use or fifteen (15) days after the NEF is emailed. An E-filer must access PACER to view a document after the hyperlink has expired.

US District Court - Middle District of Florida | CM/ECF Administrative Procedures
Revised effective 2/1/2021

Congratulations! You're now booked up on Procedure C from Florida's Middle Electronic Filing Handbook (ie, the "Administrative Procedures for Electronic Filing")!

Please get the justice you deserve.


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