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1. “Case Management/Electronic Filing System” (CM/ECF) means the court’s automated system that receives paper filed in electronic form. See Local Rule 1.01(d) for the definition of “paper.”
2. “Electronic Filing” means a paper uploaded to the court’s CM/ECF system, to file that paper in the court’s case file. Emailing a paper to the Middle District does not constitute an “electronic filing.”
3. “Notice of Electronic Filing” (NEF) means the e-mail confirmation of the electronic filing automatically generated from CM/ECF at the time of the entry. The NEF lists the time and date of filing, the name of the party and attorney filing the document, the type of document, the text of the docket entry, the name of the party and/or attorney receiving the notice, and a hyperlink(s) to any filed document.
4. “Public Access to Court Electronic Records” (PACER) means the online service that provides electronic public access to federal court records. PACER allows an individual to view, print, and download court docket information and remotely access case records.
5. “Portable Document Format” (PDF) means a document format which allows a document to be transmitted electronically without changing the document’s appearance or layout.
6. “Technical Failure” means a malfunction of the Court’s hardware, software, and/or telecommunications facility which results in the inability of a filer to submit a document electronically. Technical failure does not include the malfunctioning of a filer’s equipment or internet connection.
US District Court - Middle District of Florida | CM/ECF Administrative Procedures
Revised effective 2/1/2021

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