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Original Source: FLCourts.org

Standards for Access to Electronic Court Records

Basics (All-in-One, Disclaimer)
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000FL-SC-SAECR-[official]SAECR (all-in-one)[official] PDF/Page containing FL's SAECR.
001FL-SC-SAECR-TBDDisclaimerTBD's PDF containing the SAECR.
Individual Sections
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100---SAECRSection --Preface
101I-SAECRSection IAccess Methods
102II-SAECRSection IIAccess Security Matrix
103III-SAECRSection IIIUser Agreements
104IV-SAECRSection IVGatekeeper
105V-SAECRSection VUser Roles
106VI-SAECRSection VIAccess Levels
107VII-SAECRSection VIILookup Table
108VIII-SAECRSection VIIIInstitutional Access
109IX-SAECRSection IXRedaction
110X-SAECRSection XQuality Assurance
111XI-SAECRSection XIClerk Security
112XII-SAECRSection XIIIntegrity of the Court Record
113XIII-SAECRSection XIIIPerformance
114XIV-SAECRSection XIVArchival Requirements
115XV-SAECRSection XVAuthentication Requirements
Get booked up on the Standards for Access to Electronic Court Records!

It can help you get your bearings on filing your federal documents.


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