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Appendix D Florida Courts Technology Standards
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Data exchange content models describe the information components used in all of the messages defined (See the term Message in Appendix C). The data exchange content models will be the result of a detailed analysis of the data requirements to support the particular data exchange. During the modeling process, common items of data will be identified by a process of normalization to identify aggregates based on functional dependency. Where appropriate, these will be generalized so that they can be re-used to support the various messages. The data exchange content models will be used for the following purposes:

• Facilitate the identification of the reusable components, i.e., the data structures that are common across the Data Exchange messages (See Appendix E).

• Aid in understanding the information requirements of the total scenario.

• The source from which the object classes are derived and documented in the Data Exchange XML Schemas (See the normative references for Schema Part 1 and Schema Part 2 in Appendix B).

To facilitate comprehension, several particular data exchange content model diagrams will be developed. Each diagram will represent a logical grouping of components and display both the attributes and object classes belonging to the components in the grouping. The scope of each diagram will be arbitrary and will not hold any significance beyond the diagrams. Florida Courts Technology Commission (11/20)

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