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Item 6.4.4 Florida Courts Technology Standards
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A detailed system architecture should be defined that will meet the business requirements of judicial applications. The system architecture should describe the structure and organization of the information systems supporting specific circuit/county/judicial location functions and provide the technical system specifications based on the functional requirements. It should describe the complete set of system and network infrastructure components that are installed or planned for installation. It should also include an approach to information sharing (database connectivity) and workflow coordination between business functions, external sources, and users of business information. Also, the architecture should define recommended drivers/middleware once the database and application development software for the system is finalized.

The communication technologies (database drivers) needed to allow transmittal and sharing of access to and utilization of information for various databases in the circuits may include:

• Open Database Connectivity (“ODBC”).

• Object Linking and Embedding (“OLE DB”).

• Java Database Connectivity (“JDBC”).

• Database Native Drivers.

Figure 7. Conceptual Data Exchange Environment

Typical Web Environment
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