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Item 6.4.1 Florida Courts Technology Standards
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• Software applications must support the following standards when applicable:

1. Presentation (for web-based applications)

a. Standards compliant XHTML 1.0/HTML 4.01 and later
b. Standards compliant Cascading Style Sheets 2.1 and later

2. Application

a. Service-Oriented Architecture (“SOA”) should be applied to applications.
b. Development processes such as Model-View-Controller (“MVC”).
c. The presentation layer should access information via a web service.
d. Where possible, code should be executed on the server (server-sidecode), not the client.
e. eXtensible Markup Language (“XML”).
f. Simple Object Access Protocol (“SOAP”)
g. Web Services and/or Representational State Transfer (“REST”) web services.
h. JSON (“JavaScript Object Notation”).
i. American National Standards Institute Structured Query Language (“ANSI SQL”).
j. W3C ADA/508 compliance.
k. Open Database Connectivity (“ODBC”), Java Database Connectivity (“JDBC”), OLEDB, Database Native Clients.
l. Remote Procedure Call (“RPS”)

3. Storage

a. American National Standards Institute Structured Query Language (“ANSI SQL”).

4. Security

a. Security for all components of software applications should use industry-proven algorithms, techniques, platform-supplied infrastructure, and vendor-tested and supported technologies.

b. The Data Exchange Standards, adopted in May 2016, but the FCTC provide a Data Security Model standard to which applications should adhere when applicable.

Florida Courts Technology Commission (11/20)

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